Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Cat Ashe

This is my cat Ashe.
The letter e is silent, pronounced Ash. I didnt name him, my ex-boyfriend from college did. I'm a single parent with a dead beat dad. Ashe is 6 years old and hasn't seen/heard from his dad since he was 2. It is for the better. Anyway, Ashe is my baby. He greets me when I come home with his little face in the window as soon as the garage door opens. When I leave in the morning its hard sometimes to drive off and watch the garage door close with his little face in the window again. It even makes it worse when you can see he is meowing, but of course I can't hear him. This may sound silly to some. It's just a CAT! An animal, not a human. But to me...he is all I got. Until I have a child of my own, Ashe is my child.

So I'm going out of town for 2 and half weeks and can't leave him all alone. The only people I trust to watch him both have cats of their own and Ashe doesn't play well with others. That only leaves me 1 option. He has to go to the country with his grandparents. parents. Ashe LOVES it there. A big house with a long hallway that he can pick up speed and actually run through the house. Plenty of large wooden pieces of furniture that he can crawl under. My mom likes it b/c he cleans. He comes out with cobwebs on his wiskers. It really is funny. And then he sneezes.

This brings me to my choices. I mentioned to my manager that I have to take my cat to my parents this weekend and I wasn't looking forward to driving to Oklahoma and back all in one day. I already have plans Sunday and Monday so Saturday is my only option. Well, this morning my manager said that if I wanted to leave at 2pm on Friday to get a head start on my drive to Oklahoma, maybe I could go, stay the night, see my niece and drive back Saturday instead of the same day. Not a bad idea!

I accepted her 2pm leave time, but the more I think about it...I don't want to drive tomorrow night after a day of work. Ugh. I have one of the worst cars for long distance driving. So do I leave at 2pm and actually drive? or do leave at the normal holiday time of 3:30pm and drive early Saturday morning and back Saturday afternoon.

I guess I will have to wait to see how I feel tomorrow.

Here are a couple pictures of Ashe. I think he could be a cat model....seriously. He takes good pictures for a cat!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm starting this whole blog world thing for a couple of reasons.

  1. I like to write.
  2. Sharing stories is something I don't keep from others.
  3. I can't get on MySpace anymore and I need something fun to do as a break.
  4. I want to.

So, with that being said, let the blogging begin.

Today has started off ok. I was slightly late for work, but only if you are counting the fact that I was asked to come in early to blow up balloons. I really did forget. Then I was just told to avoid a certain section of the floor because everyone is getting sick. I appreicate the heads up, but it only makes me want to go just because I can go where I want to go, right? I leave for Italy in 10 days and the last thing I want is to be sick. I'm hoping I will be able to write about my trip as I am there, but thinking no. I will have so much to write about when I get back. Last time I went to Europe I kept a Journel. I might do that again and then just type it all out when I get back. I think it would be worth it.

I have a confession to make. I can't get internet at home anymore. That kind of is my motivation for starting a blog. It makes me sad, but is not the end of the world. I can always go to a bookstore or something. Free WiFi!! I can sometimes get it at home, but it is very spotty. I was trying to watch The Hills online last night, which I know is silly, but is like a bad have to look. It kept cutting in and out. I plan on watching it today on my lunch break. If I get one! Work has been pretty busy. I will be gone from the 5th to the 22nd. That is the longest I have ever been gone from work. I really do think it will be hard for me to come back!!!

My sister has decieded that I will not come back. I will meet some handsome guy who is wonderful and swoop! I'm gone. Sounds theory.

Well, the plan for this blog is of course to write my stories, thoughts, ideas, and vent I'm sure. We'll see what happens.....