Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Colorado Vaca!

My only experience with the state of Colorado has been on church youth ski trips back in the 90's.  We would leave the church parking lot at 5am and drive the whole way until we got to Wolf Creek late, late that night.  I loved it.  Had a wonderful time and great memories.  Someday I hope Dexter gets to do the same, or whatever is the "thang" to do with his youth group.

Fast forward to 2015 and I'm going back to Colorado!  One of my good friends from college lives in Denver with his wife and we have talked several times about visiting.  Finally we just picked a weekend, booked the tickets and a trip was made!  We were very excited and slightly nervous as it was Dexter's first flight.  And boy was it a flight!

For the first time in my life, we watched a lady get escorted off the plane.  Not just any lady...the lady sitting right next to us.  In a row of 3 with Dexter on my lap, yes...the lady. right. next. to. us.  Where do I even begin?!?  All the way down the aisle she was talking to everyone and making a dramatic entrance.  As she was walking towards us I learned to Preston and said, "you know she will sit with us, right?" and he responded with a, "of course, yes."  Sure enough, she did.  ::sigh::  I can't even begin to write out everything she said as none of it was going together.  It was random statements and phrases.  It wasn't until she started speaking politics that another passenger chimed it.  I about lost it.  This was not going to happen, not on our first flight!  Preston just leaned over to me, played with Dexter and said, "stay in our bubble".  It made me laugh.  Within a minute of her sitting down and her saying the words Iran, she was being escorted off.  Whew! It was fast and furious AND something I never want to experience again.  Now back to our vacation!

Normally on vacations I'm taking a ton of pictures.  I'm disappointed that I barely got any.  I got zero with all 4 of us!  But of the ones I did get, I love.  I was sick on Friday which was no fun!  I like to think it was a combination of the altitude and some vino.  Opps! I missed the Brewery tour, but Preston and Dexter went and said it was Awesome.  The next morning we went on a walk and the weather was perfect! I wish it was like that here already.  I'm ready for Fall.  Saturday we spent going to Red Rocks then enjoying lunch on a rooftop patio with views of the mountains.  Back to the house to watch some Football and be lazy.  It was prefect.   

A huge thank you to our friends Clayton and Kelly.  We had so much fun and can't wait for them to come visit us!  Here are the pictures I did get.  Red Rocks is pretty cool! I would love to go to a concert there some day.