Sunday, June 8, 2014

George Strait: The Cowboy Rides Away Tour

Last night was the last stop on George Strait's The Cowboy Rides Away tour.  It started January 9th, 2014 in Bossier City, LA and ended in Arlington, TX on June 7th.  This was the second time I have seen King George.  The first time was June 6th, 2009 also in Arlington, TX.  The concert was held at AT&T Stadium.  For anyone that is a football fan, especially a Dallas Cowboy fan, you may know this stadium as Cowboy's Stadium.  Although everyone seems to just call it Jerry's World.  One of the fun parts about this concert was that in 2009 when George came through he was the inaugural concert for this stadium. Here is a picture of us back then and a view from our seats.

2009 George Strait Concert: Karen, Cindy, Jennifer, and me.
Our seats in 2009
When we heard that George was making once last big tour and ending it back at Cowboy's Stadium, there was no question that we were going. Then when we found out that he was bringing other artist with him...well...we were going.  HUGE thank you to my friend Karen who got us the tickets with her pre-sale access.  There is no way we would have gotten tickets on our own.  Greatest thing ever.  Enough about me talking about the concerts.  Here are some pictures.  In all fairness and truth, pretty much all of these pictures were taken of the JumboTron.  As you can imagine, we were far enough away that my zoom couldn't quite make it there.  The only single shot I don't have is of Vince Gill.  He fell walking out and it was funny and I just got distracted.

We got there around 4:15'ish.  It was a mad house inside.  Over 100,000 people!!
2014 group: Cindy, Mandy, Karen, Stacy, and Jennifer.  Not pictured are Connie, Preston, and me.
Thank you to the lady behind us for taking this! We will have to add it to our Sports/Event section of frames.
There he is! He is walking up. Ahhhhhh!
George! The stage rotated so everyone could see him.  Very thoughtful.
He opened up with Check Yes or No

I loved anytime he looked into the camera because well....just look at that! He is looking directly at me, right?!

After he did his opening song, it quickly turned to the program of the show which was awesome.  A powerhouse line up of other country stars would come out, sing 2 of George's songs with him then leave.  George would sing about 2 songs by himself, then out walked another star!  1st up was Vince Gill, but like I said earlier, he fell and the whole thing made me forget I had a camera.  The rotating stage was tricky! They then stopped it when a new artist came out to prevent any more stumbles.  2nd up! Jason Aldean.

George and Jason
Fun Surprise! George's son Bubba came out and they sang a song that Bubba wrote.  So cute. 
Eric Church
Sheryl Crow
Martina McBride
Faith Hill
Alan Jackson
Miranda Lambert
Kenny Chesney
 I think I got them all.  The whole thing was so much fun.  I loved being able to see all those stars and hear some old George Strait.  He didn't sing my favorite song, but that's ok.  He sang it in 2009 so I still got to hear it at some point.  At the very end everyone came out and they all sang together.  I tried to get a shot of everyone, but they were spread out and I didn't want to focus my time on pictures at that point.  I just wanted to listen and enjoy.  They did a balloon drop and ticker tape was blown into the air.  All in all a wonderful concert!  I love you George Strait!

Animal Day

Several weeks ago was Preston's company picnic at the Ft. Worth Zoo.  I have only been there once and it was back in 2000/2001'ish.  I didn't even remember it that much.  The one thing I do remember is that I got sick and we had to leave pretty quickly.  This was a good time to use my pocket camera Preston got me for my birthday.  I really love taking pictures, but I have just gotten out of the habit.  Hopefully I will start using it again soon.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.

After the zoo we went to Lone Star Park for some horse racing.  Had to throw in a picture of those pretty animals too.