Sunday, April 28, 2013

13.1 Memo

There's a memo going around to my friends and family lately.  It's the 13.1 memo.  At first I didn't see the memo, but I could see that others had.  They started signing up for half marathons.  My husband must have gotten his sometime last fall.  He did his first half in February of this year.  In March I watched 16 people I know run the Rock-n-Roll half. sister, mother of 3, ran in the OKC Memorial half marathon.  And when I say mother of 3, I really mean the youngest isn't even 1 year old yet.  Wow!

I haven't officially gotten the memo, but I think it's coming.  I want to run a half too!! ::stomps foot::  As most of you know, I'm working on a 10k right now.  My problem is I get so bored running!  Yes, I'm tired and yes my right foot will sometimes hurt.  My left knee with the 2 screws in them doesn't bother me anymore since I had surgery again last January.  So please, don't take my comment of "I'm bored" as I'm just trucking along without a problem.  I'm breathing hard and all that jazz.

It is around mile 4 that the thoughts pop in my head.  It literally goes like this:

"ok...this isn't fun anymore.  What am I doing? I'm not running to get somewhere.  Is this normal? What am I going to make for dinner? I wonder what I look like right now.  Stand up straighter.  Aww, look at that dog!! Ugh...get out of the way walker, no need to take up the whole trail.  I'm bored. If this was the 10k I would have to do this for 2 more miles!! Okay...I'm ready for this to be over."

The only thing that seems to help is if I come up with a new plan/idea that I've never thought of before and play the whole thing out in my head.  Like this past run, I thought about what if I was able to be at the finish line as a surprise to my sister when she finished her half marathon.  I planned out the drive, where I would go, the poster I would make, etc.  I even got teary eyed as I was running thinking of the look on her face when she saw me standing there!  That took at least 10mins of my thoughts away.  Still really wish I could have been able to be there for her, but my idea was too late in the game.  I had no where to stay in OKC and although I can sleep in the back of my Jeep, I didn't think that was a smart idea to do with all the recent events.  Security would be tight and I didn't want to be near the finish line sleeping in my Jeep.  I would get questioned and ask to leave for sure.  Then where would I go? point of this rambling blog post is that I'm very proud of all my friends and family that have changed their lifestyle this past year and started running long races.  Running was a passion of mine in my early 20's and being surrounded by people that also like to run has started to bring that back to the surface.  So who knows!  Maybe before 2013 is over with I too will have gotten then 13.1 memo and be writing about experience.   

Sunday, April 21, 2013

North Texas Taco Fest & CAH

Yesterday was the North Texas Taco Festival! We had been planning this weekend for almost a month with some of our friends.  Who doesn't love some tacos!  It must have been the first festival they have done for the beloved tacos as it was very poorly set up and planned. Whomp, whomp.  The lines were ridiculous and 2 places ran out of tacos...while we were in line.  I say "we" but I really mean while Kyle and Preston stood in line.  Alysia and I held down the table so we would have somewhere to sit once we had our tacos.

We finally got our tacos!  They really were tasty.  The funny thing about the tacos we got, they weren't from a restaurant that makes tacos.  It was from a company that makes salsa!  They just tried their hands at tacos.    I would say they did a  good job.  Their salsa is good and will have to look for it at the store.  Here are some action shots of the eating.  Mmmmmmmmm.....

Kacie and Derek met back up with us and we walked around a little to check out the attractions.  We then walked back to our house to begin movies and game night!


Alysia with the dressed up donkey!  You can't see it all, but he has on a little poncho.

This is the cutest little railroad crossing.  It just for the sidewalk!

The rest of these pictures give you a pretty good idea of how we spent our evening.  We made pizza and played the highly anticipated game Cards Against Humanity.  It is like Apples to Apples, but...well...different.  If you like Apples to Apples and you have friends that enjoy crazy/silly games, then you need to look into this game.  If you are easily offended, then don't.  And don't judge us for liking it.  Have a good day!  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Keeping Austin Weird

Wednesday Morning I left Dallas and went to Austin for work.  I had our semi-annual Construction Benefits Group conference.  It actually is something I really look forward to as I really get a good idea of what our peers are doing for benefits and I like the people!  The conference started at 2:30 that afternoon and went until 1pm on that Friday.  Preston and I wanted to make a weekend out of it so he drove down Friday afternoon.  This left me some free time on Friday so my friend Erin joined me on 6th street for some old time fun.  By early evening her husband Mike had joined us and Preston and made it into town.  We eventually went to dinner together at a super yummy Mexican joint.  

I wish I had taken more pictures but this was the only one I got.  It is Erin and myself on the rooftop patio at Shakespeare's Pub.  

Saturday we slept in and then took our time getting the day started.  Prior to going to Austin, Preston had found a run that Sunday!  It was called the 10/20.  It was 10 miles with 20 bands!  Kind of like a Rock-n-Roll Half...only it was 10 miles.  AND we found a hotel that had rooms right by the start/finish.  Yeah!!  We went to lunch, did some light shopping, then found a place to watch the Master's for awhile.  The night before we had purchased iPic tickets to the movie Evil Deal.  The show was at 3:30pm so we had some time to kill.  

Fast forward to the exciting parts.  Movie was good, dinner was yummy, drive home was silly as a train broke down on the tracks and we were blocked in, but we found our way back to the hotel.  We had to get up early for the race so bedtime was early.  Which brings us to the race!

I hadn't done my own 10k training since Wednesday because I was doing the conference so I got up with Preston and went with him to the starting line.  I then ran around the area to get my time in, glad I did it.  I felt so good afterwards.  The course went right by our hotel so I posted up on the corner with my camera I had won at the company Christmas party.  I still haven't used it much so this was my time to try it out.  You can tell that I got more comfortable with it as the pictures progress.  Hopefully I can find more time to use it in the future.  Here are the pictures!

The 1st place winner at the start of the race.  

Strangers running
More strangers, but I like this tree
There was an estimated 8,000 runners!

The starting line

The finish line
There's 1st Place!  He did it in record time.  47:13 mins! (think about it people, 10 miles in 47 mins)
1st place crossing the finish line. Officially.
Here is 3rd place.  This guy made me happy as he was so excited!  Smiling, pumping his arms and cheering.  Really got the crowd excited for his finish.  I wanted to high five the guy!

1st place women's runner.  Didn't even act like it was anything.  Just a little jog. 

Here is my FAVORITE runner.  It's Preston!!

Finishing strong at his personal record for 10 miles.

Unofficial time was 1:28.  

Finishers Medal

TaDa! Race complete

crowd at the post race party

Camera settings fun!  

Finishers Medal

All the winners and their awards. (1st - 3rd place)

My favorite picture of the weekend. 
 Nothing was really weird about this trip to Austin, but I have had NUMEROUS other trips there that were flat out weird.  It's the slogan for the city for a reason.  See you in July Austin.  GPhi reunion!