Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blazin Field Goal

I don't even know where to start.

Technically it is Sunday, however on Saturday I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with my boyfriend, his roommate, and her girlfriend for lunch/football. This was my first time at BW3 but not my first time to hear about the place. My friend Jason has told me many stories. Preston and I order 24 wings with 4 flavors. If you know the spice level the highest we got was Mango Habenero (sp?). It was NOT hot. I told the waitress and she brought out Wild. Which is the second to the hottest flavor. Again....not hot. So, the game started. Bring me the Blazins.

Blazins is the hottest at the place. It comes with a warning sticker. That Hot.

My wings come out with our waitress being followed by my wings. Being escorted by someone else. It was a production. You could smell the hotness. I was sweating before I even ate them. Preston and I made a rule. No blue cheese. No ranch. Just straight eat them. We dove in. I curled up my lips and avoided any touching of the sauce besides my teeth, fingers, and mouth. Not bad. Spicy? yes. Hot? yes. Death? no. Adam on Man vs. Food would be proud. I was happy, I could do this. Oh' I sweated, my eyes swelt, but I pushed on. We both ate our wings and liked them. It was only afterwards that I learned about the Blazin Challenge. 12 wings in 6 mins. Shawwww, I will do it!!! Just not tonight.

Jackie-O, our waitress, gave me the wings for free as the staff came out to see who was eating them and they thought I did a good job on eating them. When I go back for the challenge I will call ahead to make sure she is working.

If Leach would have taken the field goal Tech would have beat Houston and Preston wouldn't be throwing his Tech hat and playing Guitar Hero like it went out of style. I feel for you Tech. OSU felt the same way 2 weeks ago when Houston got 2 lucky touchdowns. Whatever...I Love College Football. I get anger, I pout, I yell, and I sit in silence. There is something about 60 degree weather and football. I just love it. Preston and I get in this little world and we both talk football Friday-Monday.

I'm worried about the Tech vs. OSU game as it might, pretty sure, be our first "don't talk to me" moment. One of us has to lose and it has been clear to me this season that we both love our schools. He bleeds Red....I bleed Orange. Go Pokes!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Catch Up!

I have some things to catch up on! I'll start with September 14th. I got in a car wreck. yeah. Nothing bad, but it was my first one. :( Luckly it was NOT my fault. I was on a one way street in the far left lane and the guy to my right decieded to turn left in front of me. Which of course made me hit him on the left side of his car. So the front of my car and the side of his. Personally I think it is very clear that he is at fault. And the insurance companies seem to agree. Just waiting on the "go" to get it fixed. See:
My car, the Jeep-

His car, the Mustang -

Very minor on mine at least. My brush guard saved me from have any more damage. But alas, it was still a, "are you SERIOUS" moment followed by an uuuuuuuugh. (photos by Kimberlee, my coworker/neighbor who happend to be behind me at the time, yeah)

So that was Monday......Tuesday I get to work and tell my boss that I need to take my car in for an estimate, etc. He tells me to just take the day off to get everything done. Thanks Man! I leave around 11ish and head on out. I'm still out running around, talking to insurance on both my car and my house (get to that soon) when my sister calls! She is on the way to the hospital. WHAT?? she isn't due to have her baby until October 7th. I'm not ready! I can't get to Edmond right now, I can't take off work, nooooo! But I'm excited too! Like my previous post said, Gage Alan was born that night at 5:38pm. I just loooove him so much.

Moving on......

Long story short, it has been raining in Dallas for over a week now. My house doesn't like this so it gives up and lets water in on the roof and part of my ceiling started leaking on Sunday, the 13th. By Thursday, the 17th it just couldn't take it anymore and collaspses. Sigh. I call the insurance company back and let them know the once "leak" has not escaladed to a "fall". I have someone come out first thing on the 14th to get the estimate to my insurance. I go to Home Depot, get a tarp and cover the area so it will be STOP. So now we are onto Friday. I meet Gage! We had soooo much fun. Look how happy his sister Reese is. Such a wonderful trip, it was great. We went to what Reese calls Chicken Cow, aka Chik-fil-a, played baby girl with wooden veggies, and watched Gage sit. Can't wait to go back!!!

Did I mention that I realized on Tuesday that I had the keys to my sister's car in my coat pocket? Yeeeeeeah, that's kind of a problem. FedEx Please!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet Gage!

This is my nephew Gage! He was born on 9/15/2009 at 5:38pm in Edmond, OK. I can't wait to meet him!! I heard him cry on the phone yesterday, was so happy. It makes me sad that I wasn't there and I too cried about 5 times yesterday as I talked to my sister. It was 100% selfish cry, but I wanted to be there too!!!!

Now - it doesn't matter. He is here, and all tiny squish ball of a baby. My niece, his older sister, thinks he is cool. Maninly b/c he is like a doll only REAL. I don't think she understands the idea yet. But she is only 2 years old so give her time.

I'll post more pictures after this weekend when I meet my little guy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wish List

Here is a list of things that I need to do, but just haven't gotten around to doing them:

1. putting in a front flower bed
2. getting a screen door on my back porch
3. a new front door with windows
4. new windows w/ energy screens
5. area rug in front room
6. entertainment/bookshelve
7. new harddrive for laptop
8. new work shoes
9. curtians for guest bedroom
10. lamps
11. new clothes for work
12. new running shoes
(I'm laughing at the word "new" now. like i'm going to write "old running shoes")
13. hair cut
14. paint kitchen
15. paint bedroom
16. new shower door
17. backsplash in kitchen