Friday, May 14, 2010

I really think Chick-fil-A is a fast food God!

Chick-fil-A is the best business in the world. They are amazing. There is nothing that will compare to their yummy sandwhiches, nuggets, or salads. It's all good. I am 100% sure they but some sort of drugs in their chicken batter that makes one addicted. Seriously. And then it is a time capsule release that opens on Sunday's and makes you crave it sooooo much. It is their plan.

I don't think they would be nearly as popular if they followed behind the other fast food places. Can you imagine a 24 hour Chick-fil-A? I think it would loose their luster. And have you ever been served at the Chick by someone that DIDN'T tell you to have a pleasent day? They are always so happy. The lines are crazy, kids are everywhere, but they serioulsy act like they are happy to be there and serve YOU. Which brings to me to my next question:

What would you do for Chick-fil-A?

Would dress up like a cow? You Bet!

Would you eat in a booth with a dirty little kid at the next table screaming while his sister threw her perfect nugget on the floor? For Sure, might even dive to save the nugget.

I found out today I would walk across multiple parking lots.

For my DFW friends you are probably aware of the Chick locations. They are few and far between and perfect. The most popular location in the World (pretty sure of it) is on the service road of Lovers and 75. It has 2 drive thru lines. While you are waiting in line they have people outside with headsets on that walk the line and take your order to make it go faster. The line just creeps along slowly, but smoothly. It can get soooo backed up sometimes that there are cars on the service road almost to the light waiting to turn into the parking lot itself. You never hear honking, there is no road rage. People politely let others merge, wave on people walking to their cars so they can pass, and it is just a happy drive thru.

So. Today as I get closer I see a sea of red tail lights. There is no way I'm getting 1. in the parking lot. and 2. in the drive thru. It is just a zoo!! Everyone had the same idea. Any other place I would just keep driving and get something different. But not when it is Chick-fil-A, I was still going to eat there.

I drove past the location and turned into Guitar City. Find a nice spot by the dumpster, fun, and began my trek. really wasn't far, but walked across the parking lot, grass, more parking lot, moving cars, and then I was there. Ahhhhhhhhhh (in a heavenly voice) the doors of Chick-fil-A. I was in and out in less than 5 mins. They are so fast!! I was so happy as I walked back to my car in Guitar City's parking lot. I past other patron's that I could tell were doing the same thing as they smiled at my bag of goodness.

Sigh...happy belly here.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"I followed her into the Loo" - Honey from Knotting Hill

I had an akward moment today at work. But I think it was only akward for me.

I walked into the restroom at work and there was someone washing their hands. We said our polite "hello." "hello.". I walked allllllllll the way to the very last stall, grabbed the door to open it (no, no one was in it. i know that is what you thought i was going to say). As I am opening the door to go in, the person at the sink starts talking to me.

"oh Sarah! I wanted to tell you...."

I am standing there. Hand on the door, one foot in the stall, and they proceed to try to have a work conversation with me about their benefits. Really? Can't this wait until we are out in the business world instead of the "business world". I was so uncomfortable. I mean, I was on my way into the STALL.

Converstations should never happen in Restrooms unless it is after 10pm, you are with a friend, and it involves some good gossip or secrets that you just HAVE to tell them right now and not at the table surrounded by the ones you speak of. Am I not correct on this one?

Does anyone else find bathroom convo at work akward?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I don't know if I'll have enough TIME

Wow things have gotten busy. I don't know how many times I have logged in to post a blog and then something shiney crossed my path and I logged out. I h ave yet to tell any updates! Here are the main ones:

1. Kitchen is FINALLY painted after almost 3 years of living in my house. Preston choose the color. It is called Mustard Seed and is excatly what it sounds like it would be. The color of a mustard seed. I'm really happy with it. Have to do 2nd coat this week.

2. Preston bought a grill and is keeping it at my place as he really doesn't have room on his apartment patio. I have no clue how to use it...but he has come over and cooked some yummy stuff. Bonus.

3. I have pretty much stopped doing my work-out. Not for lack of liking it! I really like it. It just is so hard to get home at like 8pm and want to workout. Espeically after being at work all day. I just can't do it. And then the Mavs playoff games didn't help. Or the company dinners at steakhouses. And don't forget the Rangers Baseball game with $1 dogs. Sigh. If I had no friends...this would be easier. I just can't tell them no.

4. Found a place to have the wedding reception. Don't have a date or a place to get married yet. But I know where the party will be!

5. I took the top off my Jeep for the summer! Yeah. It has been so much fun. I was caught in the rain once, but when the Jeep Bikini top on...I'm fine. That is a top for the Jeep, not for me. I have been enjoying driving it around Dallas. Of course, give me about 34 days and it will be close to 100 and I'll hate Texas.

That is all the updates I can think of off the top of my head. I wish I had more exciting stories. I don't.