Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Effort

I need to put forth more effort into writing on here. Even if it is just blah nothing. I need to exercise my creative stuff. See! The fact that I used the word "stuff" is depressing.

Here are some fun things in a nutshell. Hey Look! I'm in a nutshell.

-Tomorrow night is New Years Eve. I know it will be fun b/c my friend LF is there and she is such a great person to party with. We ususally are the girls that start the dancing. (note to self...don't pull a BBC Party act)

-I got a Wii and Guitar Hero for Christmas. I haven't stopped playing it yet. I stayed up until 1am just jamming. I LOVE playing Weezer on Medium. I find myself moving the guitar like a true Rock Star. I'm not even lying to you when I say what I'm about to type. When I was done with a song last night I turned to my cat and said outloud, "I know!! I had no idea this could be so much fun alone" Right after I said that is when I realized I would make a GREAT cat lady someday.

-My friend from Germany is in town and I haven't seen him in 2 years. I'm going to have dinner tonight and then drinks before I go to the airport tomorrow. But as Karen said, "don't get drunk". She knows me so well. Love You!

-Work was lonely today. Everyone is gone. Everyone = Cool People. If they're not gone for holiday vaca, they are gone b/c they popped out a kid. sigh.

In conclusion my friends, what you have read today is a promise to write at least 3 blogs a week for 2009. I would really like one a day, but come on. We all know I'm hungover to much. Oh' which brings me to my next promise.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Save $$ for the Holidays, My Style

Here is a simple guide on how to spend an evening in Dallas and barely pay for anything.*

*this might not work for you the first couple of times 100% like shown below. my friend Karen and i have been practicing this act for almost 2 years now.

Step 1: Pick the night of the year that has the sleeting and such bad ice that no one else is out. Oh' and be prepared to freeze.

Step 2: Make sure that your dollar bills don't work as well in a parking machine so that when you try to pay, the man behind you gets frustrated and says he will just put it on his card. Thank him and scurry off into the cold.

(this is the part where you start to freeze...walk carefully and lose feelings in your hands. Its ok, you get the feeling back)

Step 3: Do go to dinner...but don't order alcohol. I know, it may seem a little "odd" to some that it is an option. But just do it...trust me. It will work itself out later.

Step 4: Pay bill and venture back out into the North Pole to walk again to another venue. Now when you get the box office, make sure you get in the wrong line. You know the one. The line that doesn't move.

(you start freezing again)

Step 5: Once you get to the front of the line, make sure that when your friend from the band you are seeing said that they you put you on the list, that he really didn't. This will create tension for the other people behind you in line as well as let the rest of your legs go completely numb. Now...as the lady all toasty in the box office searches for your name slowly...take advantage of this moment and have one of you call your friend in Vegas to pull the, "dude! i thought we were on the list??"

Step 6: Excuse yourself from the line as phone calls are made. This will allow the people behind you to pay for their tickets.

(you now are waiting for the other manager that is in town to come down to the box office to fix things. this is when you stop chatting and just zone off. you are a frozen block of human flesh)

Step 7: Remember that you should check back at the box office and bump into eachother to allow movement. Make sure you go to the same lady so she can KNOW that you weren't trying to pull one over on her. Get you 4 free tickets for all 2 of you and go inside.

Step 8: You are now thawing off at your table and the watier has approached you. Smile, it's forced, but smile. Throw out a "Heeeeeey" and make some joke about how you would kill for a shot! and be sure to mention how "ugggggggh cold" you are. This will build your relationship with watier very quickly.

Step 9: Now when the watier comes back with your water to get your real order, be sure to ask right away, "what he likes best". This will make him have to talk to you and also think about what drink he is about to suggest. Let's face it..he recommends it and you don't like it...he buys it. Both of you order a seperate drink of the ones he suggested.

::this list isn't so simple anymore, oh well...i'm still going::

Step 10: When you get your drinks, take one drink and then switch. He will notice the change and wonder if he gave you the wrong ones. You joke that he did, then tell him no (laugh and touch his arm) and tell him you just switched drinks. This is also your time to ask if one of his other tables opens closer to the stage if he will move you guys. You want to be close to the show...but keep him as your waiter.

(you are moved to a new/closer table in 5 mins)

Step 11: Now this is were it gets fun. You ask the watier if he wants to play a game. This will peak his interest as well as take his mind off of working. It can be any game. Guess which artist we are here to see, guess my age (good one), guess if that couple across the aisle are "just friends" or banging. You know...games. And there has to be a prize. But let HIM pick the prize. Don't suggest anything...let him.

Step 12: Keep this up through out the night. You will soon find that when he has down town it is your table that he is coming to and sitting down to have his break. You know you are doing good when he starts coming up with his own games for you to play and drinks start appearing when you don't order them.

Step 13: The final step is to ask what his work schduele is on a regular basis b/c you would like to come back in again some time and would love to have him as your server. After he tells you, say you are ready for your tab.

Now if you followed all the steps and when you did detour, get back on track you should get the best response that Karen and I love to hear:

"ah..don't worry about it. You guys made my night more enjoyable. Thank You! Its on me"

Total for the whole night $9.04 I spend at dinner.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I woke up at 9:23am today. Pretty sure it was more like 9:19am though. I remember blinking my eyes twice as I opened them for the first time today. I was laying on my left side and facing the closet door. My shirt that I wore to work on Thursday was laying on the edge of the bed. "I thought I hung that up?" Guess I made the bed Thursday night with the shirt in the bed as I changed quickly after work for my Kickball game. I blinked a couple more times and let my eyes focus on my stripped sheets. That is when I rolled over and looked at my phone to see it was 9:23am.

I rolled out of bed and started the water for my shower. I'm always in a better mood when I'm so fresh and so clean clean. Tonight is our company party and not sure if I really want to go. I HAVE to go so I don't have a choice. My friend from kickball said he would go...haven't heard form him. My ex (no...not him) said he would go if I couldn't find anyone else, but not sure. He already has plans with our other 2 friends. I would be lying if I said I don't miss hanging out with them. the 4 of us hung out a lot. I miss that. Alas...I really don't want a pity friend date.

There is nothing else to do today except get ready for tonight which is....oh! I have to be there in 5 hours. I still don't know what i'm going to do or wear. I should be cleaning. Nah. I have a load in the washer that needs to be put in the dryer but that is soooooooooo far away at this point. Man I'm Lazy today.

I'm going to go see Roger on Monday at HOB with my friend Karen. Last year we went and that is how the whole thing got started with our crazy nights of groupie love. Here is a picture of last year!