Friday, July 16, 2010



It's pretty cool. It can play and you can sit in a room and just smile while you watch someone dance and not say a word. It can be so loud that you try to talk and then laugh as you realize that you can't understand but instead raise you hands and sing alone. People can walk around on busy streets with earphones jamming to their own idea and you know they see the cars, lights, and road rage differntly. The world is one big soundtrack.

I like to think about my best memories seeing my family and friends laugh, hug, and cry all set to music. It is like a Sundance Film that no one else will see but me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Ross is Always at the Airport"

I own all 10 seasons of Friends. I cried alone in the TV lounge of Mitchell Lofts when I was 23 and the last episode aired. I remeber calling my mom to tell her the importance of the season ending and how I used to watch the show with my "sisters" in the TV lounge at the GPhiB house.

Still in the fall I will put the dvds in and open the windows to let the cool air in the house. The cool air on a Saturday with Monica walking around with a Turkey on her head in the background is comforting.

Obviously I hope you have picked up on that I watch these shows a lot. I know that Ross told Emily at the airport that he loved her and she said thank you and got on the plane. I know that Ross came back from Japan with Julie only to have Rachel waiting to tell him she loved him, but ended up with a wounded on her head from failing. Luckly she had the flowers to stop the bleeding. And of course Ross had to race to stop Rachel from going to Paris.

My point is....Preston said something tonight I never thought of and yet it was so funny. "Ross is always at the airport". He totally is!!! How did I not see that?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I take it back.....

So it's not the worst 4th of July ever. Our engagment annoucment was in the paper today! Check it out:

Sherrell - Gibson

Jeffery D. & Jane E. Gibson of Bixby, Oklahoma, are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Sarah Jane Gibson of Dallas, to Preston Ray Sherrell of Dallas. The prospective bridegroom is the son of Ray & Julie Sherrell of Arlington. The wedding will be on May 14, 2011, at First United Methodist Church of Dallas. Published in the Dallas Morning News on 7/4/2010.
Yeah Us! Slightly cheesy...I know. But I remember as a kid always looking at the Sunday paper and reading the celebration page. I would look at the pictures and read every word about the couples. I loved having a glimpse into their weddings. It just seems so cool and real. I like how old fashion it is. Parents letting the community know their daughter is to be married to said family. I just love it. We chuckled at the picture because everyone else had these professional engagment pictures. We took our favorite picture from a Mavs game.

Worst 4th of July Ever

I can't eat the hot dogs, I can't eat the hamburgers. The miller light can't even be touched. I'm living off of soup.

Happy Birthday America - I would like to take back my RSVP to be here for your party.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Wise Words

I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. My dentist has been trying to have me do the deed for years!! But there was no need in my opinion. They were in, straight, fully there, and not in pain. They did nothing to me, why should I kick them out of my life? Well, they finally did something to me, one of them grew a cavity. I was so good flossing, brushing, etc...but not good enough. The dentist finally got me to agree, "trying to fill that cavity will be a waste of your money". It's all downhill from there.

So, for my Dallas friends, I made an appointment at Floss. I went to the location next to the Loon. I highly recommond the place. Not only do they accept Metlife Dental, they give you lifetime of Zoom whiteing. Bonus for the wedding! Anyway, I start to get nervous around noon yesterday. It was getting closer to 2pm. At 2pm i had to take a pill that would calm my nerves and then Preston would have to drive me to the place. My appointment was at 3pm. By 2:30 I was feeling fine. Woohoo!

Then...I'm in the chair. I have the gas going, I'm having weird thoughts about vegtables. I always think about veggies when I'm under the influence of morphine or gas. So strange. Anyway, Dr. Steffens starts to pull out one tooth and I'm not liking this. I don't say anything, just lay there. He is done with that one and moves on to the next one. Tears run down my check and he stops. "am I hurting you?" I reply, "no..not at just feels weird. i don't like it. i feel weird" I start crying. Who does that at 30 years old?? Embarrsing. He tells me he knows and he is sorry. He stops working on me and says he will give me a break to adjust after the first one. It can be kind of shocking to have 4 teeth ripped from your head. I'm pretty sure they turned up the gas.

I don't remember much after that. I remember walking out and seeing Preston and getting in the car, then I was on my sofa trying to watch my dvr of Pretty Little Liars. That didn't work! I slept until 6:44 this morning. (according to the email I got on my work phone that woke me up)

Today I'm feeling better as long as I don't walk around a lot and take my medicine. Feeling sleepy now. Peace Out - hello sofa.