Monday, December 28, 2009


I can't find my cord. I have looked everywhere. My wonderful, easy, cord that I attach to my camera and then attach to this laptop and then I upload my Christmas photos.


I have torn apart my house. I even looked in the bathroom drawers. Really? But I didn't know what else to do. Luckly, as luck would have it. I used my sisters at her house before I left so she has them already. She is going to email them to me tomorrow. I'm really excited about them b/c of the White Christmas we had in Edmond, OK. It was straight up Blizzard! was a State of Emergency in OK. They shut down the state highways and turnpikes. I have some wonderful pictures and video.

Alas...they must wait.

DEEEDEEEEDDDDEEEEEE (news noise) THIS JUST IN: Camera Cord Located at Belmont and Henderson Ave!

Yeah!!! I text my boyfriend to see if I had left it over there and I had. He just text me mid-blog. Oh' Joy! Skip, Skip. Wow, it really is the little things. Anyway - I will upload them tomorrow. AFTER I go to my awesome friend Kristin's house for some good girl time. I can't wait! I get the best ab workout with her. laughing.

Coming Soon: Christmas Blog, News Years Resolution Blog, and how I'm failing them Blog.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Age Renewal

I have broken down and down something I didn't think I would do until I was in my 40's.

I bought anti-age cream for my eyes. ::gulp::
Lately I noticed when I woke up in the morning, my eyes were puffy underneath and darker than usual. I did my research online, 'cause the internet is always correct, and it is due to poor circulation and lack of sleep. Duh! I barely got sleep the month of November. Alas, when I went to the store last night I strolled down the face cream aisle. Juuuuuuuuust Looking. I get Shape Magazine and had recongized the Garnier items on the shelve from their ads. So after about 5 mins of picking up boxes and reading all the details, I settled on 2 products.

Hopefully these products will get me back to feeling like I don't look like I was just punched in the face. Only time will tell I guess. I'll keep you posted on if they are worth their price tag.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White Rock What???

Sunday is the White Rock Marathon here in Dallas. It is a really popular, well known marathon. If you have ever tried to drive somewhere that Sunday morning, you have experienced being that lucky person that is stuck. You are stuck in your car for min. of 45 mins. That usually only happens to you once and then you Never.Do.That.Again.

This year I have taken a new approach to the race. I'm going to run in it.

Noooooo, I'm NOT doing a marathon. I reserve that for my awesome friend Ho-Dawg Christy who has run over 30 marathons. Love you Christy if you read this!!! She has even been a Boston qualifer. That was cool. Anyway, back to me. :) I am doing the 5 person relay at work for the marathon.

I am running 5 miles. This would be pretty cool except that I haven't run more than 3 miles in years. I know I will be able to do it, but it is still scary. What was I thinking??? There are about 4 teams I think at work and we all have matching jerseys. So if you are out and about watching the runners Sunday Morning, look for the blue Balfour Beatty Construction jersey runners. There will be about 20 of us out there running for Wellness.

Oh' I will be doing the leg that starts on the other side of the lake, E. Lawter, and ends in Lakewood if you want to come watch my out of shape body attempt to look like I know what I'm doing.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

5 days off work = unhappy Sunday

I can't stop thinking that I have to go back to work tomorrow. The past 5 days have been spent being lazy, eating waaaay to much food for my diet, and staring at the TV. At this point I actually slept in until 10am. That means that getting up at 6am tomorrow is going to be unpleasent and not welcoming at all. In fact....I'm already glaring at my cell phone. I know it's alarm is set to go off. Stupid Alarm.

However, I did get my whole house decorated for Christmas yesterday! Tree up and all. I have discovered I have to many holiday penguins. It is March of the Penguins in my living room and front room. Granted they are all wearing little stocking caps and scarfs. I just love how cute they look. Buuuuuuuuutttt, I have too many now. Borderline crazy penguin lady. Same with my ornaments. I have 4 types of ornaments:

1. childhood (love those)

2. trips

3. penguins

4. cats

The last one is what concered me a little. I have a lot of cat ornaments that over the past 7 years family/friends/coworkers have given me that either look like Ashe, has a picture of Ashe, or just some kind of "i love my cat" theme. This concerns me on 2 levels. 1. I DON'T WANT TO BE CRAZY CAT LADY. and 2. I almost lost my cat yesterday. Literally...almost lost him. He is a fiesty attack cat that doesn't really like anyone except people that are around him a lot. This list is short. Mom, Dad, Jill, Karen, and Preston. Everyone else pretty much thinks he is mean. But whatev. So...back to the story. My ornaments concerned me because when (and it will happen) Ashe is no longer with me, decorting the tree will be a little hard to do the first time. I never really thought it about it until today. As I was saying, I almost lost him yesterday. He jumped out my window. That's right. JUMPED OUT MY WINDOW. Still not sure how it all went down as I didn't hear anything until the breaking of the screen window and the blinds banging around. I do know it involved a stray cat that taunts Ashe on a weekly basis. It was scary!!

Anywho, while he was out running around like a kitty gangster on Josephine St. every thought went through my head. Putting up lost cat signs, seeing a car come by that doesn't see Ashe, someone shooting him!! Seriously. My mind was devestated at the idea that Ashe was gone forever.

But he is back and fine. So when I was hanging up those ornaments that I have had for the past 7 years that are a reminder of Ashe, it really made me think what I will do when that Christmas comes know. I just never thought about it before this year. It was a strange feeling.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gimme A Break!

It's Sunday night. 8:59pm, I'm watching the Cowboys game with Preston, although he just muted the TV and started play Boys from Oklahoma by CCR. When I think about Friday it seems so far away and I actually really like that. This weekend was Pa-Acked with things that physically make my body hurt.

Friday night I made a big bowl of spagehetti and a loaf of garlic bread. I needed to carb up old school style for my 5k the next morning. I might...might..have thrown in a glass of merlot for good measure. Saturday morning I woke up and was ready to go go. I left my window open and it was smelling fresh in my bedroom. I got dressed and was on my way. I went to met Preston and we stopped off at the Shell Station for a PowerBar and were in Plano, TX. We could already tell the run was going to be good as the weather was so refreshing and the path was winding through the woods. This was the first offical 5k I had run in over a year!! My goal was to just not stop. I didn't care if I was jogging as fast/slow as the power walkers, I wasn't going to walk. And I didn't!!! Preston, so sweet, stayed with me until the last mile and then he went on. I made it in 37 mins and some seconds. Personally....I was thrilled. I am about 3 years off of my days of doing 10 and 15ks, I want back. I miss that feeling and Saturday reminded me of that when I crossed the line and could feel the relief and satisfaction of success.

We hung around for about an hour and got our free bananas and beer. (odd, but if you are a runner you know the routine) Then it was back to Preston's place to pack. He was moving on Saturday from The Village to a place on Knox/Henderson. We packed as much as we could and waited until the movers got there. When they say they will be there between 2-4 everyone knows that is really 5. And of course, they showed up at 5pm. By 7pm Preston was moved in. Awww. Relief. Did I mention we were both still wearing our clothes from the 5k. Ewww.

Starving at this point as we were still holding on to that morning we checked out his new grocery store. Suprisingly nice! Dinner last night was roasted chicken, mac and cheese, chips, salsa, and some beer. We were both out by 10pm.

Today when I woke up I was Sa Sa ORE. Oh my goodness. My left calf felt so tight I was scared to walk. My knees sounded like a mini bag of popcorn when I bent them towards my chest in bed. My back cried to me when I tried to sit up. It was very clear I wasn't 25 anymore and this was the new body. But, it's ok. I can make it stronger, I have 3 months until I'm in Vegas and plan on making every minute count! Oh' anyway, so I was Sore. I called Preston and he was the same. Could hardly move. The first thought in our minds was the $4,000 chairs at Brookstone in NorthPark Mall. We had checked them out while waiting on some giftwrap last weekend. They are the best things ever!!! So we walked in this afternoon, sat down and just gave ourselves free 15 mins massages. The poor sales guy was telling us how they were on sale, blah blah. He asked if I was familar with the chair, without lying I said, "yes, I'm sore from a 5k and really love this chair but can't afford it so I just want to use it from a couple of mins." It felt so good!!!

So, here I am now Sunday night and had a full weekend but feel like it lasted about 4 days. I'm happy about that. I don't even count the 2 hours today I worked on Open Enrollment stuff. In my mind it was just a side note.

Thank you November 6-8th, 2009. You were hard on me, but made me feel and that made it real vs just sitting around the house thinking about what I had to do on Monday.

Friday, October 30, 2009


That is the number of views this video has been watched:

I are disappointed right? Nothing exciting. Just a video of an Ice Cream truck at White Rock Lake. Preston and I were having a picnic and that truck was so annoying it started to make us laugh so I had to capture the sound. It is a pointless video, but APPARENTLY a huge hit on YouTube.

I want to know who these 609 people are.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3am, Again

For as long has I can remember I wake up at 3am. Sometimes it's 3am on the dot. Sometimes it's like 3:10am. For a while it was 3:30'ish. It's not every night, but I would say at least 2-3 times out of the week. I wake up, roll over to look at the clock and tada!! 3am. I rememeber watching a movie once that talked about how it's like the "devils hour" or something silly like that, blah blah scary movie. But I still don't get why I do that! So after waking up at 2:55am last night and then again at 3:14am I decieded to google this theory. This is what I found:

"The hour of 3:00 a.m. has several significant meanings.In paranormal work, a lot of psychic phenomena tends to peak at this hour. We also divide the paranormal time from 6:00 p.m./9:00 p.m./12:00 a.m./3:00 a.m./6:00 a.m. There are also references to the Trinity regarding these segments of time.Many of my medic friends report that at 3:00 a.m. the volume of runs they make escalate at this hour. Also, a lot of people wait to pass at this hour. For those who are psychic mediums as myself, (and possibily yourself) waking up at the same time can have a significant meaning in that you are picking up on information from another source (person or spirit) and the hour may have some significance. My suggestion is that you keep a DREAM JOURNAL and record not only the times you wake up during the early hours of the morning, but also the dreams that come through for you. This will give you invaluable information to work from now and in the future."

Ok - that's great and all, but not helpfull. However, I found this article as well and I think I like this answer better:

"If you can fall asleep but wake up around 3 A.M. and can’t go back to sleep, this is called vata-type insomnia. Vatas benefit from oil, as they are also prone to dryness. Adding essential fatty acids to the diet can be helpful, as can oil-based massage. One could apply warm oil to the whole body followed by a warm shower in the morning. In the evening, a warm bath with soothing essential oils like lavender is calming. The classic regimen, however, is a warm foot bath followed by oiling and massaging the feet before bed. Try simply applying a little high-quality food-grade oil like sesame or almond oil to the feet and wear socks to bed. You may be surprised at how well you sleep!"

Sounds like I need an oil-based massage and then sleep with oil on my feed wrapped in socks. I will let you know how how it works.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fried Fair

I went to the Texas State Fair last night! I hadn't been in about 3 years so I was excited to get my Fletchers Corn Dog.

Before I left work I went to the Fair website,, to see if there was a special price for Tuesday or if there were any fun events going on that night that we needed to make sure we were in the right place at the right time. There was nothing of excitment. No special nights, but regular prices. I did however see that if you bought your ticket at Kroger you could get a DART/Fair combo for $16 (regular $19). That seemed good enough. I live about 2 blocks from the DART Green Line stop at Baylor. It would save money on parking and we could use the new Green Line. So right after work Preston and I went to Kroger to get our tickets and then when back to my place. By 6:30pm we were at the DART station. Right as we walked up, the train came so that was awesome with no wait. It wasn't too crowded so getting a seat was nice. Pretty sure the old couple in front of us was going to go see Mary Poppins at Fair Park. Cute. They were waaaay to dressed up for the Fair. No one checked for our tickets. Poo, we could have just bought regular tickets. Oh well. I notice some folks with Dr. Pepper cans. I didn't see anything on the website about it being can night. It better not be can night!!!
Sure enough. It's Dr. Pepper can night. Dang Nab it! But, I couldn't change it so on we went. First stop? Coupons. We each got 2 sheets of 12. Second stop? The Fletcher Corn Dog stand. Duh! I just loooove their corn dogs. for 12 coupons we could each get one corn dog and a beer. A fun treat on a Tuesday night. I smoothered mine in mustard and ketchup. We went and people watched by Big Tex as we ate. I was going to take pictures but, it was just to hard with a dog in one hand and a beer on the ground by my feet. I had this vision of my getting mustard on the camera and knocking over my drink before it even hit my lips. Plus Preston had that "i just want to eat my corn dog" look in his eye. So the camera went back into my purse.

We headed towards the Midway. The smells (some gross) and lights were coming up. It was getting dark outside. The best thing about going on a Tuesday is it is not crowded at all. Oprah had been there yesterday so it was a ghost town tonight. Here is a picture of the Midway, and Preston's head. hehehe.

To bad the lights for the words Super Midway weren't light up. But you can see the Ferris Wheel in the background. When the fair started it's ramp up of promos in August Preston told me that he promised me a Ferris Wheel ride. Yeah!! We walked towards the giant wheel of lights. I was so excited. I can't remember the last time I rode one. But guess what? The wheel is turning, but no one is getting on. Apparently there is not enough traffic to let people on. Sigh. It was like going to Wally World and the park being closed. We just stood there. Looking at the sign of 12 coupons I looked down at my sheet. Well - let's play! We went to some Midway games. However you have to have a Game Card that they scan. Wow, things are so different from the last time I was here. It's like Dave & Busters meets the Fair. Preston and I decieded on the Chicken in the Pot game. You know the one, you put the rubber chicken on the catapult and try to project it into the spinning pots in the middle. We got 6 chickens, 3 each. Many close calls, but no pots. The lady gives us each a bonus chicken. Score! Preston hits his, and misses, but close! I put mine up there, look at Preston and say, "this is it! i can feel it!!" I hit the catapult and it slow motion flews through the air. RIGHT INTO THE POT!! I did it! WooHoo! I have NEVER won something at the fair. Yeah. So here is my chicken.

His neck has this hard thing in it that you can bend it back and forth. Cute little guy. I'll save him forever...or until I realize that I still have that stuffed chicken from the fair. We played some more games and settled on the SkyTram instead of the Ferris Wheel. It was ok, but very stuffy and you couldn't really see much. But we tried. Then it was time for the Fried Foods. I have personally never had anything else at the fair besides a corn dog, cotton candy, or a candy apple. My childhood days were not filled with Turkey Legs, Funnel Cakes, or Nachos. Preston really wanted to try the Fried Peaches and Cream. The picture looked pretty interesting so we looked at the map and started walking. And walking, and walking. We walked back and forth on the "food lane" almost 3 times. We couldn't find it! We found the Fried Butter, Fried Cheesecake, Fried Smores, Fried Bacon, Fried Pork Chips, it just kept going on and on. Finally we went back to the booth of the Fried Bacon. Last year it had won with Texas Best for the bacon and this year it had won for its Fried Pork Chips. Fine. Let's try the Fried Pork Chips. Which are really just thinly sliced Pork Chops fried. We were the only ones around so the lady threw in 2 strips of the bacon. Thank you Fried Fair Lady!

We got our tubs of ranch and honey mustard and found a table to try them out. Greasy. That is all I can say. The Bacon actually was tasty. The pork chips, was ok. We each ate about 2 pieces each and threw the rest away. Preston's was feeling yucky right away. Just to much. It was almost 9pm and we were both ready to go. I still had tickets left over so we got 2 bottles of water and a bag of cotton candy, to go. My remaining tickets I gave to the lady next to me who was counting out her tickets for the Fried Cheesecake.

All and all I had a really good time. It was fun playing the games and searching for the fried Peaches and Cream. We never did find it, but I offically can say I have tried true fair food. I just wish I had gotten a picture of it, but my hands were to greasy to hold my camera. Here is my last picture as we waited for the DART train to come pick us up. My chicken and my cotton candy!!

OH' I almost forgot! We went and looked at the cars too. Here is my future car. Can't Wait!! I just have to wait until my current Jeep is a little bit older and no longer is able to get me around.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blazin Field Goal

I don't even know where to start.

Technically it is Sunday, however on Saturday I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with my boyfriend, his roommate, and her girlfriend for lunch/football. This was my first time at BW3 but not my first time to hear about the place. My friend Jason has told me many stories. Preston and I order 24 wings with 4 flavors. If you know the spice level the highest we got was Mango Habenero (sp?). It was NOT hot. I told the waitress and she brought out Wild. Which is the second to the hottest flavor. Again....not hot. So, the game started. Bring me the Blazins.

Blazins is the hottest at the place. It comes with a warning sticker. That Hot.

My wings come out with our waitress being followed by my wings. Being escorted by someone else. It was a production. You could smell the hotness. I was sweating before I even ate them. Preston and I made a rule. No blue cheese. No ranch. Just straight eat them. We dove in. I curled up my lips and avoided any touching of the sauce besides my teeth, fingers, and mouth. Not bad. Spicy? yes. Hot? yes. Death? no. Adam on Man vs. Food would be proud. I was happy, I could do this. Oh' I sweated, my eyes swelt, but I pushed on. We both ate our wings and liked them. It was only afterwards that I learned about the Blazin Challenge. 12 wings in 6 mins. Shawwww, I will do it!!! Just not tonight.

Jackie-O, our waitress, gave me the wings for free as the staff came out to see who was eating them and they thought I did a good job on eating them. When I go back for the challenge I will call ahead to make sure she is working.

If Leach would have taken the field goal Tech would have beat Houston and Preston wouldn't be throwing his Tech hat and playing Guitar Hero like it went out of style. I feel for you Tech. OSU felt the same way 2 weeks ago when Houston got 2 lucky touchdowns. Whatever...I Love College Football. I get anger, I pout, I yell, and I sit in silence. There is something about 60 degree weather and football. I just love it. Preston and I get in this little world and we both talk football Friday-Monday.

I'm worried about the Tech vs. OSU game as it might, pretty sure, be our first "don't talk to me" moment. One of us has to lose and it has been clear to me this season that we both love our schools. He bleeds Red....I bleed Orange. Go Pokes!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Catch Up!

I have some things to catch up on! I'll start with September 14th. I got in a car wreck. yeah. Nothing bad, but it was my first one. :( Luckly it was NOT my fault. I was on a one way street in the far left lane and the guy to my right decieded to turn left in front of me. Which of course made me hit him on the left side of his car. So the front of my car and the side of his. Personally I think it is very clear that he is at fault. And the insurance companies seem to agree. Just waiting on the "go" to get it fixed. See:
My car, the Jeep-

His car, the Mustang -

Very minor on mine at least. My brush guard saved me from have any more damage. But alas, it was still a, "are you SERIOUS" moment followed by an uuuuuuuugh. (photos by Kimberlee, my coworker/neighbor who happend to be behind me at the time, yeah)

So that was Monday......Tuesday I get to work and tell my boss that I need to take my car in for an estimate, etc. He tells me to just take the day off to get everything done. Thanks Man! I leave around 11ish and head on out. I'm still out running around, talking to insurance on both my car and my house (get to that soon) when my sister calls! She is on the way to the hospital. WHAT?? she isn't due to have her baby until October 7th. I'm not ready! I can't get to Edmond right now, I can't take off work, nooooo! But I'm excited too! Like my previous post said, Gage Alan was born that night at 5:38pm. I just loooove him so much.

Moving on......

Long story short, it has been raining in Dallas for over a week now. My house doesn't like this so it gives up and lets water in on the roof and part of my ceiling started leaking on Sunday, the 13th. By Thursday, the 17th it just couldn't take it anymore and collaspses. Sigh. I call the insurance company back and let them know the once "leak" has not escaladed to a "fall". I have someone come out first thing on the 14th to get the estimate to my insurance. I go to Home Depot, get a tarp and cover the area so it will be STOP. So now we are onto Friday. I meet Gage! We had soooo much fun. Look how happy his sister Reese is. Such a wonderful trip, it was great. We went to what Reese calls Chicken Cow, aka Chik-fil-a, played baby girl with wooden veggies, and watched Gage sit. Can't wait to go back!!!

Did I mention that I realized on Tuesday that I had the keys to my sister's car in my coat pocket? Yeeeeeeah, that's kind of a problem. FedEx Please!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet Gage!

This is my nephew Gage! He was born on 9/15/2009 at 5:38pm in Edmond, OK. I can't wait to meet him!! I heard him cry on the phone yesterday, was so happy. It makes me sad that I wasn't there and I too cried about 5 times yesterday as I talked to my sister. It was 100% selfish cry, but I wanted to be there too!!!!

Now - it doesn't matter. He is here, and all tiny squish ball of a baby. My niece, his older sister, thinks he is cool. Maninly b/c he is like a doll only REAL. I don't think she understands the idea yet. But she is only 2 years old so give her time.

I'll post more pictures after this weekend when I meet my little guy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wish List

Here is a list of things that I need to do, but just haven't gotten around to doing them:

1. putting in a front flower bed
2. getting a screen door on my back porch
3. a new front door with windows
4. new windows w/ energy screens
5. area rug in front room
6. entertainment/bookshelve
7. new harddrive for laptop
8. new work shoes
9. curtians for guest bedroom
10. lamps
11. new clothes for work
12. new running shoes
(I'm laughing at the word "new" now. like i'm going to write "old running shoes")
13. hair cut
14. paint kitchen
15. paint bedroom
16. new shower door
17. backsplash in kitchen

Friday, August 28, 2009


I got an IM from my friend Karen today at work and all it said was, "do you know what lylas means?" Without a doubt! Love You Like A Sister. Doesn't everyone know that? Yes, Karen knew that too, the topic had come up at her work and apparently no one she asked knew what it meant. We both thought that was common knowledge for any female between the age of 22-32 years old. It is how you ended allllll of your notes in grade school as well as yearbook signings. We then went into the classic:

"you are so fun and pretty. stay sweet!"

"keep in touch"

"have a great summer, see you next year"

"so glad we got to know eachother this year"

"don't ever change!"

Yearbooks were fun. It was always the last day of the year and we would all go out on the playground/field and play the last hours. It seemed like FOREVER out there. Like it was your last chance to see these people. I look back now and it was only 2 and half months tops that I wouldn't see them. So silly. We would all go out there with our yearbooks and you would muster up the courage to go have the cute boy you liked sign it. As soon as he did you would run back over to your girlfriends open the book and see what he wrote. "Sarah - Have a good Summer!" And then you compare, did he put an excalmation point on yours? Did he write the same thing? It was so much fun riding the school bus home on the last day of school. Saying goodbye to everyone as they got off at their stop. You would wave and yell out the window. It was the one time of the year the bus driver allowed us to stand up in the seats, lean out the window as we drove off. Of course he would say, "sit down back there" but he would say it with a smile and only once.

Karen and I deciede that there should be adult yearbooks! How awesome would those be?? I can only imagine the pictures that it would be filled with and who would write in the pages. The yearbook signing died up in High School until it came time for the Senior Books then we all went nuts again.

Anyway, it was a fun memory today.

LYLAS - Sarah

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Swear It Wasn't There

Two nights go I was home watching TV with Ashe when I decieded to get a glass of water. Normally I do not put ice in my water. Not b/c I don't like it or anything, just I don't care if it is there or not. Unless I'm super hot, then of course it's nice. But I usually will just put my Joe's cup under the faucet and filler' up.

On this parTICular night I wanted ice. I keep my ice pick in the freezer. It just makes more sense to me that it should stay there. When I need it, it is there. Since I don't use ice that much it just sits there and tends to stick together in little village ice houses. My top shelve has nothing on it but this said ice pick. I open my freezer reach for some ice and it is a solid mass that I can not fit in my Joe's cup so I look up to the shelve for my pick. And that is when it happened.....the ice pick was GONE.


I know I didn't move it. I put my hand up there and patted around as if it was just invisible and really was there. Right away my "love for scary movies" mind kicked into gear and I just knew someone was in my house, upstairs, in my closet, under my bed, just waiting to pick me to death. I closed the freezer and looked in my drawer that has all that stuff. It's not the silverware drawer, it's that other one. What do you call that? You know the one, it has the wooden spoons, random knifes that aren't in the block, big serving pieces, can opener, etc. Anywho I checked in there. Nothing. I went ahead and got my water and went back to my sofa. Thinking hard if I had moved it. I just loaded the dishwasher earlier that night so I know it was in there.

I text my friend Durbs to let her know my ice pick was missing just incase something did happened to me someone would know. I didn't get a response so I guess she didn't care. Thanks Durbs! I have yet to find my ice pick and am still alive. The only place I haven't looked for my killer is the attic. If that is were they are I'll let them stay, pretty hard to get up there and with this 100 + degree Texas weather I'm sure they are dead by now anyway.

So - this is my public annoucement that my ice pick has gone missing in my house. Although I wouldn't put it 100% past Ashe to have it, you never know.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I couldn't figure out what I wanted to wear to work today. I saw this dress in my closet that I really like, but rarely wear. It needed ironing, but why not. I'll wear it! I plugged in the iron and went back to blow dry my hair. Any girl with hair that goes beyond their shoulders knows that blow drying your hair can get hot and yucky. About half way through it your hair is dry on the outside but still damp underneath. Then you are starting to sweat b/c the hot air is blowing on you. Alas, you push on through until you are finish. Yuck. Afterwards I put hot curlers in my hair, only to make me more hot, but I gotta have my curl.

While I leave the curlers in I go to iron my dress. This takes about 6 mins. I'm just about cooled off and the fan blowing right on me helps. I lay my dress across my bed and proceed to take my curlers out in the bathroom. Oh' and not that it brings anything to the table, but I have KKITM playing in the background and my cat is sitting on the bed watching all of this. Anywho, I finish taking out my curlers, my hair is hot and I'm starting to get sweaty again. I take off my T-shirt (oo la la) and unzip the dress to put it on. Now - remember, I love this dress but rarely wear it. I remembered today why.

I pull the dress over my head and realize I didn't unzip it all the way. Pull it back off and unzip and then pull it back on. It slips right on, lovely. I reach around to zip it up and I'm only able to zip half way do to the fact that my arms just don't bend like that. I pull the dress up over my head a little so I can zip it. It is at this position that I realize my fatal flaw. This dress is only worn when there is someone else to zip it up for me. It is impossible for me to do it alone. I am now stuck with my arms half way out, the top of the dress is around my shoulders with my hair puffed out the very top all frizzed and curled. And Hot. I laugh a little and try to shimmy it down. It doesn't move. I'm starting to get hot here people. The lower part of me, a.k.a by rear end is just chilling out. I can't really see much b/c of the way my hair fell when I tried to pull the dress down. I try to move again to unzip but my hand can't reach the zipper now. DON'T PANIC. So what if they find me a week later dead on the bedroom floor with a dress up around my torso, naked, and my cat eating my arms.

I take a deep breath and reach out with my right arm. Awww, I was able to reach the zipper. I unzip the horrid fabric trap of death and throw it on the floor. Half expecting it to jump up and attack my face. Yes, that is way I rarely wear that dress. Unless someone is there to zip and unzip me....not going to happen.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bucket List

Got this from a co-worker...thought it would be fun:

Place an X by all the things you've done.

(X) Gone on a blind date
() Watched someone die
() Been to Canada )
() Been to Hawaii
(X ) Been to Europe
( ) Been to South America
( ) Been to Asia
() Australia
(X) Been on a plane
() Been on a helicopter
(X) Been on a Cruise
( ) Visited All 50 States
(X) Been lost in a neighborhood I knew
(x) Been on the opposite side of the country
() Gone to Washington , DC
(X) Swam in the ocean
(X) Cried yourself to sleep
(X) Played cops and robbers
() Recently colored with crayons
(X) Sang Karaoke
(XXX) Paid for a meal with coins only (on the way home from a bar!!)
(X) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
(X) Made prank phone calls
(X) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your
(X) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
(X) Danced in the rain
(X) Written a letter to Santa Claus
() Been kissed under the mistletoe - aw, this is sad. I can't believe I haven't.
() Watched the sunrise with someone
(X) Blown bubbles
(X) Gone ice-skating
(X) Been skinny dipping outdoors
(X) Gone to the movies
(X) Skipped school- college only, not High School
( ) Been to the top of the St. Louis Arch
(X) Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans
() Driven across the Union
( ) Been in a hot air balloon .
( ) Been sky diving
() Gone snowmobiling
() Lived in more than one country
(X) Lay down outside at night and admired the stars while listening to
the crickets
(X) Seen a falling star and made a wish
( ) Enjoyed the beauty of Old Faithful Geyser
() Seen the Statue of Liberty
() Gone to the top of Seattle Space Needle
() Traveled by train
() Traveled by motorcycle
(X) Been horseback riding
(X) Ridden on a San Francisco CABLE CAR
(X) Been to Disneyland --- and Disney World ... )
(X) Truly believe in the power of prayer
() Been in a rain forest
() Seen whales in the ocean
( ) Been to Niagara Falls
(X) Ridden on an elephant
() Swam with dolphins
( ) Been to the Olympics
( ) Walked on the Great Wall of China
() Saw and heard a glacier calf
( ) Been spinnaker flying
(X) Been water-skiing-
(x) Been snow-skiing ...
() Been to Westminster Abbey
( ) Been to the Louvre
(X ) Swam in the Mediterranean
(X) Been to a Major League Baseball game
(X) Been to a National Football League game

1. Any nickname? any form of my last name Gibson
2. Mother's name? Jane
3. Favorite drink? Water
4. Body Piercing? 4
5. Birthplace? Tulsa, OK
6. Favorite vacation spot? Greece...sigh...i want to go back. Stat.
7. Favorite movie? I have about 8, all made in 1986-1993.
8. Favorite Holiday? Valentines Day/Birthday; one in the same
9. Favorite dessert? Cheese Plate
10. Favorite? Reese

Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's always fun to get your Potential Junk Mail notice from Postini at work. You never know what is lurking out that you really were suppose to get. Maybe that person wasn't lying when they swooooooore they sent you the updates. This mornings notice made me laugh out loud. I mean, come on. How can you not be tempted to open and email with the subject line like this one:

7/29/09 11:30 AM
Subject: I'm dying here, you ass
Junk Filters

I didn't click on it obviously, I'm not stupid. But the subject line, "I'm dying here, you ass" is pretty funny. Maybe someday I will be able to send an email like that. Because we all know that if we are dying the first thing on our mind is to send an email out calling our friends asses.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Secrets of a Bachelorette in the Dark

Reality TV has taken over the networks. I haven't really watched the Bachelorette this season. Mainly b/c I got kind of bored it. For some reason it is more exciting to watch the Bachelor. I think women are just so dramatic on that show. Regardless, the season ending of the Bachelorette was on tonight. I suppose I should watch it. So I tried. Got bored and saw The Secrets of an American Teenager was one. So I watched that. No, it's not a reality TV show but, WOW, there is no way my parents would have let me watch that. It is about a group of teenagers that are all having sex! One girl had a baby at 15 and then her parents are getting a divorce but the mom found out she also is having a baby. However, it could her soon to be ex-husband or maybe her new boyfriend's baby. Not sure on that b/c the soon to be ex lied about getting "fixed". Oh' and don't forget the boyfriend of the 15 with the baby (not the father). His dad is engaged to a Hooker. There is just way to much going on in this show. Alas, I watched it from 7pm to 8pm when it was over. I then switched to the last hour of the Bachelorette.

Apparently ABC likes to remind the world that it is possible for someone to fall in love with more that one person at the same time. Here is this girl that pretty much has 3 guys asking for her hand in marriage and she can't deciede. Really?? Let's take that situation out of Hawaii and into a resturant here in Dallas. Do you really think the 3 guys would be fine that he was dating a girl that he loved sooooooooooo much and she also loved 2 others? No. Yes - I know that is the design of the show and yes I know they know all of this going into it so you can stop your comment about "sarah...that is the point of the show!". If you look back at all of the couples on the show I can really only thing of 1 couple that actually got married and made it. The odds aren't really good. They should call the show, "Exotic Dates - but just dating".

Which brings me to my next show I stumbled on. Dating in the Dark. It is exactly what it sounds like. A show about couples that meet, eat, and get to know each other in the dark. At the end of the show their looks are shown to the other person. They each have a choice after they see their appearance. They can 1. meet the person on the balcony for another date or 2. walk out the front door. This show is a insecure person's worst nightmare. Sure, they like you the first 3 days you are getting to know eachother in the dark but as soon as they see your looks....C-ya.

Don't worry, I will continue to watch all three of these educational, thought provoking shows. Especially Dating in the Dark. It's so stupid, I love it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

picture placement

I have a picture on my desk at work that I have found is in the perfect spot. It's not in a frame or all decorated. It is a a 4x5 (i measured) that is stuck in a little purple picture holder. The corners are slightly curled and writtten in blue ink on the back it says:

September 2008 - Rome, Italy

Allison, Ashley, Angela, & Me

The picture is the four of us standing infront of the Colosseum. That was one of the many good days that we were there. Sigh. Pretty sure it was right after that picture that we got the flyer for the Pub Crawl on the Spanish Steps. We went that night and had a WONDERFUL time. Anyway, my point is that I have that picture placed right below my monitor and right in front of my keyboard. I can't miss it. I bet I look at that photo about 20+ times a day just because it is in my line of sight. I sometimes wonder about the couple in the background to the left. Or the crowd of people above us looking out of the Colosseum arch. They kind of look like they are watching us! Here is the picture. Enjoy, print and place on your desk. Ha! Not really, but that would be funny.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scary Movie Tips

I watched the Haunting of Connecticut last night. I was really looking forward to, it was released on DVD yesterday. It wasn't bad. Had some good startling moments. I was able to sleep last night though, not scared. So this movie was based on actual events that took place in 1987. When a movie is based on actual events it always makes me wonder what part of it really happened and what part was added for the Scary movie role. I have compiled a list of things that either this family was that stupid and didn't see it coming or they were just added for the role of Scary movie.

1. When renting a house and you are told it was an old funeral home....don't rent it. Duh.
2. When moving into a house and you have to pry open a hidden cabinet only to find old pictures of dead people in frames, DON'T THROW THEM AWAY. Nicely put them back where you found them and slowly step away.
3. If you hear someone running upstairs and you call out for your child and they answer from the basement, you have a problem.
4. Don't play hide-n-seek and hide in the rusted metal laundry shoot that takes you down to the basement where the bodies from the funreal home were kept. You are 100% asking for it to get stuck.
5. If you go up in the attic and there is a old metal childs tricycle turn around and go back downstairs.
6. Don't ever investigate the noise under your bed at night! Come on People!
7. Don't play in the embalming room.
8. Those dreams you have about someone trying to get you.....they aren't dreams.
9. Of course the age old act of running UP the stairs when scared. When are people going to catch on you DON'T do that?

and the best....

10. When someone in 1987 says the word ectoplasma when talking about ghost I expect there to be someone that says, "like in Ghostbusters?". If this was based on actual events and they talked about ectoplasma that kid who was around 17 KNOWS the movie Ghostbusters. I really doubt they didn't discuss it back in 1987.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happiness that are my Friends!

I woke up this morning and I swear there was a blue bird on the edge of my bed. A deer and bunny in the hall. And when I was brushing my teeth, the birds put my hair in a ponytail for me so I could wash my face. Ok - nooooo, I'm not on drugs or drinking. It was just one of those mornings that when I woke up I realized that the rest of the week until Sunday was going to be so much fun!

Today is fun because I'm having a grade school pizza party at work. Not for grade schoolers, but grade school style. One of my favorite pizza places called me and offered to bring pizza for lunch to my friends/co-workers. Okay! So today is Pizza Party Day! It also happens to be Angela's Birthday. Happy Birthday Mrs. Bailey!!!

Tonight/Tomorrow is the release of the 6th Harry Potter movie. I got tricked into reading the Harry Potter books back in college one summer when I was home and my mom kept telling me to read it. Fine!! I was hooked! They really are a good/fast read. My super good friend Masami also loves the books. She can finish one in less than 12 hours!! We are going to go see the movie together. Not during the week, but this weekend. But the idea that the movie we have been waiting for comes out tonight/tomorrow is worth it. Yeah Wizards! wow...did I really just say that?

Thursday is...thinking...thinking...not sure. But that is my favorite day of the week so I love it. I'll spend the evening cleaning my house for Friday night. Maybe make myself a yummy dinner!

and then.....Friday at 2 o'clock hits. I leave work. Go home. My friends will be there soon. We will go to dinner, listen to music, and make our way to whatever they call it these days, "Superpages"? at fair park. At 7pm, Joey, Jon, Donnie, Danny, and Jordan will step on stage and entertain us for the 2nd time in 12 months. Last October we went and saw NKOTB at the American Airlines Center. Aaaaaaamazing. When we heard they were coming back it wasn't even a question if we were going to go again. Duh! They are so much fun to watch. That will wrap up my night.

Saturday's here: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON!!!! WHOOOOOO! Hope you're having fun in Mexico. without me. : I'm kidding. I really do hope you have a wonderful time in Mexico with your friends. I'll be kicking it with my girlfriends for a fun Saturday.

At some point on Saturday or Sunday I'm going to go to the movies with Masami.

So that is why I'm happy today. I have nothing but fun things with my friends to look forward to from here on out. Yeah!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Anchors Away and the Search for Nauti Girl

This was the most exciting 4th of July weekend in years. So much happened. Here is a breakdown of the highlights:

- I got stung by a Bumble Bee. Wendy pulled out the stinger, Thanks Wendy!
- Went to the Lake.
-Right as we get to the island with the other zillion boats, the boat dies.
- We hit an anchor that some JERK had left on the bottom of the lake. The rope got tangled around the engine.
-The little Tug Boat towed us back to the dock.
-Cody wore a life coat as a diaper.
-Preston stepped off the boat onto the dock and bit it HARD. was slightly funny. But not so funny when his leg wouldn't stop bleeding.
-No more water for Preston.
-Saturday morning Lucas and Carly get there.
-Carly, Preston, & I are sitting on the dock watching the boats when the best boat ever goes by. - It's name is Nauti Girl and it is the coolest thing ever!
-Time II Party wouldn't get out of Nauti Girl's way, almost saw a boat wreck.
-Boat starts working on Saturday. yeah!
-Search for Nauti Girl begins, we want to see it again.
-Get back to the party spot.
-See the classy girls with no bikini tops on.
-Leave party spot, go eat amazing Seafood.
-Sing the Everclear song on the boat ride back. over and over.
-Watch the fireworks over the lake.
- Get back to the hotel, shower and fall asleep to Kill Bill vol I
- Wake up in the middle of the night, whole bed is SOAKED. ( one wet the bed)
-There was 5 of us crammed together on 2 Queen beds.
- Someone wore their wet clothes to bed. hmmmmm
- I move to the floor.
- Preston wakes up and is also not happy about the wet bed.
- Sheets are stripped. Everyone is awake.
- Back to bed we all go.
- Sunday, get up and come back to Dallas.

Aww....Happy 4th of July.

oh' almost forgot! - Preston gets a tentaus shot on Monday.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's cool to lay on the floor

I was riding up the elevator just now and there was another person in there with me. I did not know this fellow. I was slightly leaning on my left elbow against the wood paneling and my butt was kind of on the rail behind wedged in the corner. I was standing on just my left foot with my right foot crossed over. My right foot was hoovering over the floor. Nothing unusal. Just another ride up the floors. The stranger had his hands full of papers and was playing on his blackberry. No words were spoken.

The elevators in our building are crazy. People get stuck, they dont work, they jump you around to the point that you think the whole cart is going to fall. Sometimes you get in there, the door shuts and then nothing happens. You just sit there.

Anyway, the stranger gets off on the 7th floor and the doors shut. I'm just going up to 10 so it's not that far. Well, the elevator decieded that it was going to be Flight of the Navigator and jolted upwards. This caused my body to fling outward and down. See, I was really only on one foot and slightly leaning to my left. So when this happened I was rocked to my right and had no support to brace myself. Down I went. I hit my elbow, but I think I will get to keep it. I came out of the elevator holding/rubbing my elbow. I'm need to send flowers or ballons.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wrecking Balls

Last night was our last Kickball game. This season was so much fun!! We only won one game, but in our defense the majority of the games we had to forefeit because out of the 20+ people that signed up to play....only about 6 would really show up. AND we had to have 3 girls or else it was off. Sigh. Luckly the other team was cool about it and would still play just for fun. There were tons of laughs with all the games. Great catchs, near misses, and a few mistakes that you just have to shake it off.

I wish I had a picture of our team. I usually have my camera with me and the times I remembered wasn't a time we could take a picture.

So thank you to those 5 people that came out every game. Thank you for running around and laughing even though the other team just hit a homerun with the bases loaded and we are little ants trying to run after the yellow bouncy ball that has hidden in the field. It was totally worth the loss.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I know I sound negative, but.....

I debated how to approach this posting. The subject is eating at resturants. More importantly, eating with mixed company. When I say mixed I mean people that don't hang out on a personal level. I found myself in a situation today that really really frustrated me. Now, I know I'm guilty while sitting at a resturant with my friends and looking at the menu that I will say, "hmmm, should I be good and order something healthy? or be bad and go for the chicken strips?" I think we have all done this. What I DON'T like is when I'm sitting at the resturant and someone goes around to each person and ask what they are getting. When the person replies, "the fried catfish with mashed potatoes and gravy" the asker says, "oh wow! you're being bad!" I just think that's rude! There was one time we were sitting at a place with this said person and when the plates were placed down this person looked across the table at the other person's plate and said, "oh my gosh! that is HUGE. I could never eat that" Then don't!!!! Gosh, let people eat/order what they want!

Because of my past dealings with this person I knew today was going to be another one. Sure wasn't long before the comments flew. Here are some of my favorites:

"oh you are being bad. good thing you are getting exercise tonight"
"look at that plate at the table behind you"
"that sure is a lot of food!"
"i'm being good! see what I had?"
"are you getting that AND the side?"

and the best

"i can't believe you finshed all of that!"

I wanted to die. I wanted to turn to them and say, "will you stop judging other peoples eating habits!! It is uncomfortable, rude, and makes you look silly." But instead I just sat there and watched the person look down at their plate and say, "I was hungry."

There is my rant. I just think it is rude to comment on what people are eating. Unless of course you are actually having a mutal discussion about food. But don't tell people that what they are ordering is not heathly for them! You are not the poster child for healthy eating so you just look silly.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A tent and a bicycle would be nice

Just give me a tent and provide me with a Huffy (splatter painted hot pink please) and I'll be happy. Apparently my Thrusday just wasn't bad enough so the storm that rolled into Dallas leaked, somehow, into my house and took down a section of my ceiling. Isn't that Great!!! I love having plaster wet all over my stairs. It's AWESOME. I mean, water on the hardwood floors is really good for it. Not to mention how nice it is to have water stains all over the ceiling. Luckly I have Homeowners Insurance so I made a call to State Farm and filed my claim.

This morning I made more calls and then took my car back to the shop. It was making noises. Their words were, "I have good news and bad news. Bad news....your whole transmission needs to be rebuilt. Good don't have to pay anything." yeah!!! But now I'm out of a car until next Wednesday.

So if you have a tent or a bicycle that you aren't using please send them my way. thanks!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Look at that IDIOT!!

All night long I was woken up by the sound of thunder and lightning. Just when I would get back into my sleep the thunder would crack me awake. Of course Ashe was fine, not sure how. He ususally is all jumpy. I think he was exhausted from breaking things and pooing on the floor. Jerk.
So this morning I was getting ready for work and it started raining again. I looked out the window and it didn't look THAT bad. As if mocking me a loud crack rattled my dresser and the downpour came. Great. My raincoat is on my chair at work and my umbrella is tucked away in my backpack...also at work. You see, the problem I'm facing here is that Preston and I took the hard top off my Jeep this past week. One can't do this alone so it's not like I can go out to my garage and just throw the thing back on. Thank goodness that it is in a garage. I'm also going to "thank goodness" that we put on the bikini top. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here is a picture of a random Jeep showing what my Jeep looks like right now. Decked out in the same gear.

I waited and waited, hoping that it would die down. Finally I tucked my hair into my shirt, wrapped my winter pea coat tightly around me and was ready for my boat ride. You know, really wasn't that bad. I had the windows up and as long as I was driving the rain wasn't coming in on me. It was only bad at the stop lights. If the wind was blowing just right it would come in the back and hit me on the top of my head. The other bad part was there are drain holes in the floor board. Every time I would hit a puddle it would splash UP onto my pant leg.

I avoided eye contact with all drivers as I knew that I looked like the stupidest person on Haskell Ave. I mean if you live here in Dallas you know what the rain storm is doing right now. If you were going down the street and a Jeep Wrangler pulled up next to you with the top off and a female sitting in there wouldn't you think, "What a idiot!!"

Alas, I made it here. Dry. I still feel stupid.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

C8 vs A4

I just went to the vending machine at work go get Cheese-Its. They are C8. I looked around just for good measure and spotted Chili Cheese Fritos. Ooo! A4. Cheese -Its.....Chili Cheese Fritos...Cheese - Its...Chili Cheese. I choose Cheese - Its. However my finger pushed:

A4. Dang It!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I blame Ashe

I have some awesome pictures of my mini vaca with Preston that I want to upload and write about but my cat is so sweetly sleeping on my legs. I haven't been home in 4 days and I just don't have the heart to wake him up. So pictures/stories will just have to wait. However...I had an AWESOME time!!

p.s. I did not find the basement in the Alamo, but did sign my name in the offical guest book.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zen Calendar

I got a check today in the mail for a COBRA payment. This person wrapped their check in the daily Zen Calendar they had torn off. 2 thoughts crossed my head:

1. Did they wrap it in this piece of paper b/c it was the only thing close?
2. Did they wrap it in this piece of paper b/c they are trying to send me a message.....

The Zen thought for the day was:

"One thing I remember
Spring came on forever
Spring came on forever"
said the Chinese nightingale.
Vachel Lindsay

Just like that. That is what it looked like. I don't know what to think of it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Workers Block

Similar to Writer's Block, I have Workers Block. The kind where I sit at my desk and stare at my computer for 2-3 mins at a time. I then shuffle around some papers on my desk that need to be filled out and processed. My eyes then go back to my computer and just stare. My motivation to complete projects is so low right now. I hate that. I enjoy work so much more when I'm going at it and checking things off my little white erase board. I don't know if it's the weather, the huge window that lets me look at the weather right behind my computer, the thougths of a 3 day weekend, or if I'm just straight up losing my work mojo.

I have noticed that unless I change up my duties (hehe, Chandler) I get really bored with my task. I have to have change. Even at home, I rearrange my furniture. Working out I'll be all about running, then spinning, then nothing, then back to running. I get bored.

Just now I stopped and watched a man in a yellow shirt stop and talk to a Red Jeep that is in the KERA parking lot across the way. I wonder what they are talking about? They ahve been out there awhile. But do you see what I mean??? I'm on the "oh something shiney" track. Can't Focus!

Sigh......any help on focus, get your work done, tricks?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Slick Shoes

I have on some fabulous wooden high heels today at work that have a splash of teal that matches my shirt. I barely wear them b/c they make me even taller than I currently am. I was in the breakroom and I reached for a plate on the otherside of the bar. The bottom of my shoes have no traction so the polished concert floor welcomed my glide and left me chest up on the bar with my face on the coffee container. Worst part is my hands were already reached out so when I tried to regain my balance with my feet I just kept slipping more and more.

I still like my shoes though.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Let Me Review Your Taco

If you drive down Peak Ave you will see a little place on your left called Taco Joint. It is at 911 N. Peak St. Dallas, TX 75204. I have driven by this place for awhile now and the parking lot is ALWAYS full! I mean Pa-ACKED. They have a sign out there and every morning it's a different saying. This morning it said:

Chuck Norris' blood smells like colonge

Crazy Taco Joint people. They make me smile. This morning I decieded to give it a shot and try a breakfast taco. Wow! It was really good and cheap! I highly recommond this joint. I had the egg and sausage breakfast taco with some spicy salsa on the side. They gave me free coffee because it was my first time in there. Nice Folks. Here is their story.

"These tacos were last tasted during the fight for the Alamo. It was then and there that the Taco Joint’s secret recipe was perfected. During the battle many of the brave men had nothing left but their courage and a couple of bullets. One of these brave men was the holder of a greatly guarded secret mantle were a recipe was written in blood by his ancestor. This mantle was for sure to be lost at the Alamo, so it was decided by everybody in the platoon that it was best to bury the secret mantle on the shores of the river that ran nearby. The spot was marked by a couple of bottles and rocks next to a huge tree. Only four men knew of its location, and of those only one survived that day. The story was passed through generations but never taken seriously, therefore it was gone forever.

One day on a tubing trip down the Guadalupe River, a rowdy group from Austin noticed a twinkling from the shores next to a large shady willow tree. In no hurry to reach the end of the river, the group paddled over to the side to explore the reflection, hoping against hope for buried treasure. As the fearless leader of the brave team approached the willow it became clear that the shiny object was an old bottle that predated the mass manufactured glassware of today. The cork closing it was worn flush with the top, but the seal seemed water tight. Within the bottle was a scrap of fabric, which seemed to have something written in a mixture of bad English and Spanish.

Clearly it was a recepie! He took this as a sign from above, and without further delay the adventurer took his recipe back up to Dallas to work on a translation. With a little help from friends in Big D, our hero proceeded to translate this message, though the process did take quite some time (2 years!). After doing all the research necessary, he was finally able to take his lost treasure... and ask for a loan. Finally, months later, with some help from his friends, the recipe was ready to be sold to the public. Nobody but our fearless hero and his business partners know what its secrets are. They call it "the flying taco". It is so good it makes you feel like you are in heaven flying around clouds of jalepeno ranch.

Now, if you think this is not true, just ask all of our hero’s friends in Austin, Texas. They were there. I was there. It's completely true. This taco recipe had been lost for years, and its finally it's available to the general public in the corner of some street in Dallas, where shady deals are made and great food is served. "

I 100% agree with the comment about "where shady deals are made". The part of town this joint is located is not the best. But man....I can't wait to go back for more.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Simple as Puddles

This is my niece. I love how happy she is just splashing in puddles. No other worries.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Gym

Dear Gym,

I don't know why you aren't talking to me this week. It's not like I haven't tried to go see you! On Monday I admit that it was my own choice not to come see you. I had my bag packed, it was in my car. I even drove by and waved at you! I was just so tired from the day before that I don't think you would have really enjoyed my company. I would have been there on 20%. Tuesday was your fault. I was there! I was scanned in, handed a towel and everything. It was when I asked for a card to the Spin class that you gave me the cold shoulder. I think you over reacted about Monday if that was your point. Turning me away and saying the class was full was a little harsh. You know I only bring my bike shoes with me! And yes...I learned my lesson...I will pack tennis shoes from now on. Wednesday you know I never go, so I can only hope you didn't take that personally. But it is today I'm concerned about. You see I won't be going tomorrow b/c I have a Backyard Beach Party at work. We are leaving at 2pm to go...well...have a party! No one wants me on a bike after a couple hours of some beverages and hotdogs.

And then Saturday is spend with Julie on the Cinco de Mayo party that has been planned for a year only to be followed by Karen's Birthday dinner. Let's not forget Brunch Sunday with Julie and her husband. I suppose I could fit you tonight and then Saturday morning. But at this point I'm all of about this close (making the "this close" motion with my hands) to saying "Ahhh, I'll just start fresh on Monday. Sigh.

So that brings me back to today. Do I go? I'm wearing my glasses. I'm so torn, awwwww. Why is live so hard?

Derek...I'm going to have to call you back!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ha! Take that DMV!!!

I renewed my license....but never got it. I waited and waited. Still nothing. Some people suggested that I just didn't pay attention to my mail. Others said maybe someone stole it. I pay attention to my mail. There is no way I would have thrown it away. My mailbox is a lock unless it was an inside would someone have stolen it? I gave up last week and emailed the DMV with my concern and lake of legal driving status. It made me nervous! Well, I got a response today. I knew I did nothing wrong:


Dear Ms. Gibson,

Thank you for giving the Department the opportunity to respond to youremail regarding your Texas driver license. A review of our records indicates that you recently renewed/changed youraddress on your driver license. The driver license was mailed to youraddress on 03-05-2009. However, the driver license was returned to theDepartment by the post office on 03-25-2009. Since the address that you provided matches the address we have on file,a new license will be issued and mailed once the processing has beencompleted. Please allow approximately three to four weeks for thedelivery of the new driver license. If you are in need of a temporary permit to use until you receive yournew driver license in the mail, you may obtain one at any Texas driverlicense office. A list of driver license offices may be found on theDPS website at , Driver License Section, as wellas a list of acceptable documents for providing proof of identification. I hope this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contactme directly at the above email address or at (512)424-2000 Ext. 3407should you have additional questions or need further assistance.

Jon BrantleyAdministrative Asst. III
Customer Service BureauTXDPS Driver License Division

Saturday, April 18, 2009

When Feathers Fly, That's a Sign

Friday after work I had a long standing date with my friend Kristin. For over a month now we have been talking about watching Saw V at her cave of a living room, with the lights off and some wine. Due to the fact that we are both uber popular in this world it has been hard to find a night that worked for both of us. FINALLY we got it. After cleaning up my cats throw up and poo....he is sick, poor guy...I got in my Jeep and started north on 75. Around the Mockingbird mark I noticed a bird not flying so well. It flew very low across 75 and then looped arounded. As it looped back it took a dive. Right towards my windshield. There was nothing I could do. I had no where to go. So 70mph I let the suicidal bird end its life on the upper middle part of my windsheild. It made a nasty sound and luckly for me on many levels it missed the crack that runs from top to bottom in front of the drivers side. I gripped the steering wheel, closed my eyes, and turned my head to the left as it hit and bounced over the top. Unfortunately from past experiences I knew not to look in the rearview mirror to watch the body fall down. I started to glance out of instinct and saw a cloud of feathers. I quickly looked back at the road ahead of me and burst into tears.

I couldn't help it! I just killed a bird. I called my mom and she calmed me down and made me laugh, as always. She explained to me that it wasn't my fault. I didn't go out of my way to hit the bird and there was nothing I could do. And although I knew what she meant the words "God had that bird fly like that" really made me laugh after I got off the phone. I know she didn't mean that God has a little remote control with the animals and he was dive bombing my car, but it was funny. I still had about 15 more mins until I got to Kristin's so I was fine once I got there. However, when I rang the doorbell her husband yelled out, "Go Away!!!" I just love that family. Thank goodness Krisitn opened the door. Whew!

We decieded to order Chinese food. Just short of a coin toss, Kristin was the one who had call to place the order. For anyone who has ever called an Chinese place to order food they know how tasking that can be. I watched her face as she focused on the words spilling into her ear on the other side. Got the meals ordered and then she asked what drinks they had. I could tell a state of confusion was happing. She was lost and then she lite up, "Coke!! yes Coke!". That was the only thing she could understand. She wasn't sure if it was diet or what, but Coke was the only thing she understood and crossed our fingers that it really as what we were getting. A glass of wine later the food had was Coke. yes. We start setting the table and talking.

Did you know that you can stab someone with a fork? You wouldn't think that something you put in your mouth for all food could draw blood but it can. Kristin extends her hand with the fork to hand it to me and in return I extend mine to retrieve it. The worlds were inline or something because at that exact moment with our casual reaching the tip of the fork sunk it's prong into my finger. It wasn't even a jab, it was so weak but something about our timing. It hurt like heck and Kristin pulled back in shock. We both were confused on what just happened. On my side my finger was throbbing. On her side she was disgusted as she felt it hit my finger and shake. with one hand around my finger I told her I was fine. She made the comment, "I just bloodied your hand, I need to get you a new fork". I said, "no you didn't!! it's not like I'm bleeding!!!" I opened my hand and OMG - there was blood in my hand and dripping from my finger. She Stabbed Me!

I went to wash it off and she went in search of a spiderman band-aid. We examined it and it didn't look like I need staples and I could keep my finger. Physical therapy....maybe. Too soon to tell. We got past the "accident" and went on to eat. Now Kristin loves soy sauce, I'm talking SOY SAUCE. She was holding an egg roll up, half eaten and pouring soy sauce inside. I don't even remembered what she said right before she took a bite, but we were having a serious conversation. In my head it is still slow motion. She took a bite and as she bit down a sea of black soy sauce EXPLODED all up the right side of her face. I'm not talking about like when you are eating a taco or burrito and things ooze out the end/side. It was like she bit an octopus! That is the only why I can describe it. It was so much soy and so black and so everywhere. Shot UP the side of her face and into her eye. I was in silent laughter right away. I didn't even laugh outloud. I was crying, and shaking. Krisitn had no idea what happened and was trying figure out what was on her face. She was startled of course and was rubbing her face with a napkin. half of the egg roll was still dangling out of her mouth. Soy sauce was on the table, face, eye, hair, plate, everywhere. Oh' I can still see it!!!

For the rest of the night in the middle of Saw V one of us would remember the stabbing or the soy attack and just start laughing, which in turn made the other laugh. Pretty sure we stopped and rewinded Saw V and Skeleton Key about 10 times b/c we missed stuff. Oh' and the sound! the sound the egg roll made when she bit down on it, I can still hear it. hahahhaha, Kristin described it as a hot black sea of soy coming towards her eye. That is all she remembers of the incident. Her face still hurts. LOL - hot black sea of soy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

8.0 - Whoa!

As if it hasn't been all over my facebook status for the past week and if you have talked to me lately you already know this BUT, last night was the first concert at 8.0's in Ft. Worth for 2009. Every Wednesday from about April to September the radio station The Ranch, puts on free (until this year) concerts. They feature artist that are considered Texas Country. It is outside and weather permitting, usually a really good time and a nice break to a work week. For the past 2 summers my friend Karen and I have gone every Wednesday. Well the Wednesday's that we could. So far the only things that have stopped us have been, weather, artist that we have NO interest in, H, or out of town.
Last night was the first night for 2009. We were excited to have something fun to look forward to during the week as well as see our friends that we have made over the years. It is usually the same people so as you can imagine, you get to know each other. Because it was the first one for 2009 we decieded to pull out all the stops. We don't normally do alllll of the highlighted events.
I picked Karen up from work and were on our way. Traffic wasn't that bad but I had just downloaded The Zac Brown Band album so we listened to that over and over to learn the songs. It was a straight shot to the nail salon. We had to get pedicures. This place is so good that we usually only go about once every 3 weeks. The 2 ladies talked us into getting the Milk & Honey pedicure vs the Sunkissed like we normally do. It was $10 more, but we were only doing it this time. Rest of the summer was Sunkissed. (ha) We got our complimentary glass of wine and chatted. It was nice to relax. Jenny B and Anna were very pleasent and did a really good job! About an hour later we left and went to da Chick. aka Chick-fil-a. Now to make a long story short....Karen can not walk in those pedi flip flops they give you while your nails are drying. Yet she tries! I have to give her that. We didn't even make it to the door from the car before her flop was parallel to her foot and one strap was broken. Gosh Darn It she worked that flop all the way. I don't know if you heard the rumors about the free tax day offer from Chick-fil-a, but when we got up to order we asked about it. The rumor was that if you save your reciept and bring it back in before April 30th you get the same order for free!! We asked and they said that they heard that too, but only as a rumor and that nothing had come from corp regarding the offer. Hmmmm...Karen and I made our may back to the car with our "to go" food. (Karen sans flip flops at this point) We realized they didn't give us our reciepts. Blast!! We weren't going to be those people so we just went on our way and let it go. But it was hard, I feel like they did that on purpose. Oh' well....let it go.
We quickly ate our awesome chick-fil-a and changed clothes. Our friend Cindy met us at Karen's house and off we went. The drive isn't that far. Plus we had lots to talk about again. Surprise. Parked for free in our regular garage, floor 5. Has to be the same floor. Now this year 8.0's has started a $2 charge. Whatever, but still. We got our dollar bills ready and I crossed my fingers that they would let me in with my expired since February 14, 2009 drivers license. I have ordered another one, but it has yet to arrive. The print out that I show stating I ordered another has also expired. Yeah! I made it in. I hope no one is using my idea to purchase illegal items. Yikes! Anywho, we soon meet up with our friends and for the first time EVER Karen and I try a "8.0's Blue Thing". This to me looks like a stupid drink. It's neon blue, yadda, yadda. But when someone else is buying it for you, you try it out. It wasn't really that bad, but I will never order one again. Regardless the music was GREAT. Saw our friends and caught up on what they have been up too, took pictures, and did the infamous fist pump with the iron fist that guards the trees on the patio.
If anyone ever wants to join us. We are there around 7:30ish on Wednesdays. Last night we didn't go to bed until 1am!! But that is so not normally what we do. This was just Opening Day. Normally we are home, in bed by 11pm. Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Art of a Fine Grilled Cheese

I couldn't figure out what I wanted for dinner tonight. The more I allowed myself to do the pros and cons of a simple meal the later it got. I don't really enjoying eating and going to bed. It's one thing if it is 2am eating and going to bed, but 11pm eating and going to bed doesnt have the same feeling. Ok - so not 11pm but I still don't like eating dinner at 9pm.

I entertained the idea of chicken tacos. But I don't have sour cream, but then I do have Ranch Chipotle sauce that would work just as well...but then again...ugh. I also don't have tomatoes. So then I thought about spaghetti. But that's a lot of food and I don't want leftovers going into the weekend. That is when I settled on the GCS. Now lots of people make their grilled cheese different ways. Some people have told me they make it with velvetta. Others say pre-sliced, bless their hearts. I personally like to use chunk sharp chedder that I slice right off the block.

Step 1: heat up sandwhich maker

Step 2: butter outside of sliced bread (only on one side each)

Step 3: slice up sharp chedder, about 1/4 inch

Step 4: spread a lite...LITE...bed of mayo (light mayo for those who want the low fat) on one side of the bread.

Step 5: place cheese slices on the one side that has the mayo.

Step 6: no here is where it gets artful. take the other slice of bread and SMASH it on the other. you can make crash noises when you do this if you want. you know like "bequuuuuur". this will make the slices of cheese feel like they are humans in a Snuggie.

No one really wants a fluffy GCS, we all like the oozing of the cheese on the crisp slices of bread.

Step 7: place the sandwhich in the said sandwhich maker, close the lid. Set it and Forget it.! LOL - sorry couldn't resist. Set it for 5 mins.

And that is it! The perfect, in my opinion, Grilled Cheese Sandwhich. And so you know, it was very yummy and hit da spot. I paired it with a On Demand movie and topped it off with an apple. It was a crazy night in mi casa. If it was winter I might have added a cup of Toe-ma-Toe soup. There you have it. Feel free to try out this art and let me know what you think. Nothing beats a GSC. Well, my mom's friend chicken but that only happens on my birthday.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

...makes you bounce when you walk down the street.

Yesterday I went to the Rangers Opening Day at the Ballpark in Arlington. Now I'm not a HUGE baseball fan, but I love the atmosphere of a baseball game and all that comes with it. My friend Karen and set off from work around 11:30am and went to her house to change. Our idea of cute tank tops was squashed with the cold front so we zipped up or matching (not on purpose) hoodies and filled water bottles with Malibu. I was very sleepy from the past 2 days even though Sunday was a relaxing day of Man vs Food marathon and grilling some steaks. Mmmmm. As we sat in traffic Karen did her make-up and I reclined the chair to enjoy a cat nap. Meow! It was great. about 15 mins later I awoke and ready to go. Chair up, windows down, sunroof open, and the 16 year old kids doing eyebrow push-ups while speaking to us in Spanish. Come on Green Light. change. CHANGE!

We final got parked but only after picking up a friend in the median, me being asked if I was someone's wife by a parking attendent, and a voyage across a mini grand canyon. Of course we took the option to cut across a wooded path instead of the paved sidewalk. Eh - it spices up life. Instead of going straight to the game we stopped off for some breakfast tacos and beverages. Technically it was our breakfast. The short stop turned into us staying their until the top of the 7th. Into the game we went. It was sooooooo cold. Like the wind was slicing you with little icicles cold. Lucky for us we had been giving some Suite tickets so the whipping of the wind was quickly put on hold as we sat for the rest of the game. Time to go to the CONCERT! I'm sure the game was great.

Now we wanted a good watching spot so I went ahead to check it out and find my other friend Kristin while Karen stood in the loooooooooooong line for the restroom. Kristin and I are on our cells trying to find each other in a sea of madness. And then it happened. I see her at the bottom of the grassy slope. We raise our hands up and do the ever so popular girly yell. This is followed by our reinactment of a slow motion run towards each other. To us this was funny and we didn't care what we looked like. To us it was out of the movie that my life is, at least to me it is. It was then another task to find Karen! We finally found her and planted ourselves in the front room and were ready to dance/sing/whistle. I just loving Texas Country. It makes me smile. Here we are!

Needless to say we had a wonderful time! It was the perfect Monday afternoon. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if the weather was in the 80's. But you can't have everything so you have to take what you do have, embrace it, and let it linger.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I met President Obama

In my dream. Buwahahahhahaha.

I don't know what the deal is but, the past 2 nights, crazy dreams have been going on in my bedroom. To start off the thunderstorm from the depths of chaos was last night. It woke me up at 11:33pm (to be exact) and my window was wide open. I knew it was going to rain, but still wanted to sleep to the sound. I could see it was raining inside a little so I got up to get a towel and place it on my window sill. As I was placing the towel a HUGE clap of thunder and lighting that I swear was going to hit me lit up my whole room. I dropped the towel and did a little jigg as I jumped up and down moving my arms around like there was a spider. Turned to Ashe and of course he just looked at me like I was the idiot. But it startled me! Anywho, I replaced the towel and crawled back in bed. It is now cold and not as cozy as it was when I slipped out. I tucked myself in as best as I could. Stacked up pillows around me and added an extra blanket for comfort.

I FINALLY drift off to sleep and the rest of what I write is in dream world so you know how that is:

I am wearing a full men's suit. Like a secret agent style. I'm driving a sports car, which is odd, and am pulling up to the white house. As I pull up there is no where to park except the White House garage. 'Cause in dream world there is one. When I pull up all my dream friends that I don't know, but know make the "oooooooo" noises as I pull into the spot. As I pull in a do this slide to the side parking job like in Fast and the Furious. But it was in slow motion. I get out of the car and am standing in a corner on a slope of blankets. (still making sense to me at the time) I know that the president is about to come out and I'm trying to get myself together. I notice the American flag standing in the corner to my right. Of course as soon as I see it I hit it with my arm. So I'm juggling with the flag pole trying to keep it standing upright which it is not working b/c lets face it...I'm standing on a pile of sloping blankets. That is not an even surface. I hear them announce "The President of the United States". He is walking towards me, but he is dressed like Michael Jackson!!! Red jacket with gold trim, black pants, but no gloves. He is wearing sunglasses. He is getting closer and I'm still trying to get the flag to stand up. The president is right beside me now about to pass. I stand still and the flag falls over. He looks at me and continues walking. Just as he is about to pass he takes off his glasses and then it is Obama's face. He looks at me and extends his left hand to shake mine. Of course my left hand is full of my car key's and purse all of a sudden. I just pulled into the parking spot that somehow is no longer a garage. I switch my items and extend my left hand to his. He is already past me but we are still holding hands. (not like HOLDING hands, but still holding) His hand is limp, soft, and warm. It was strange and that part was slow motion. He is just looking at me as he walks away. Not a smile, but not a frown. Just a look.

That is all I remember from that dream. But I know I had another one last night that involved a gun. Just don't know the details. Hmmm...I wonder if it is a full moon soon or something. was a funny dream to me. Even in my sleep I'm knocking things over.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

Tuesday was my friend Kristin's birthday. We decieded Thursday that we would go have ONE drink for her "yeah I'm 28" mark. 5pm rolled around and we made our way to the Stoneleigh P. It was right by work and something easy. I decieded to drive so we could take one car. On Monday I was behind Kristin as she left work and heard her peal out at one turn and then jumped the curb on the next. Whoa! I have to admit that I laughed when she did that. Anywho, we found a table on the patio and settled in. It wasn't long before we started really looking at our surroundings.

The lady in the window rested her chin on her hand and was drinking in every word that the gentlemen across from her said. Kristin and I made up our own ideas of who they were and what they were talking about. His hands streched out as if he were describing a fish he had caught last Saturday and we bursted out in laughter as the lady continued to gaze in amazment. Oh' that was funny. I then was in the middle of some long story when I felt like someone was really close behind me. I could see Kristin looking a little distracted by something over my right shoulder. I casually turned to look and BAM! I kid you not. There was an older gentlemen sitting literally inches from my back. We made a L with our shoulder blades. The WHOLE patio was empty at this time but nooooooo, he wanted right by me. Aw. I felt like he was an FBI agent and we both were very aware of our conversation. Then after a restroom break Kristin came back with a humours story about the steel clade door that she went to push open only to smash her face into when it didn't move. Of course this was followed by me 30 mins later doing the exact same thing since I forgot and then trying to hold in my giggles as I entered the restroom. Who laughs to themselves in a public restroom?? me.

There then was the weirdo who kept circling our table with a Chick-fil-A cup randomly talking to either someone on his phone or to himself. It was odd. We just kind of ignored him.

Three glasses of wine later for me, two for Durbs, the evening was topped off with my outburst that caught the attention of a random guy walking by. I don't even remember what we were doing but I know we were on a tanget about something that was silly. I leaned forward in my best old man impression I said, "I'm a Perv!" It came out louder than I meant and the the guy walking by turned to look at me. Right away I raise my hands and say, "oh' no! not me!! I was just saying that. I'm not a perv!" ugggggggghhh. That was something he won't forget. The girl at the Stoneleigh who said to her other female friend in a creepy voice that she was a perv.

That was our que to leave. We got the tab and as we left the patio we noticed a kitty cat walking the fence. Again we discussed what it was doing/thinking. It stopped and licked his paw, "oh ow! that hurt" he stepped on something. Then he kept walking. We decieded that we need to do this more often. It's just a matter of figureing out how and when.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Friends Episode

It is probablly a good thing I don't have a laundry shoot in my house. However the possiblities of things I would drop down it are endless. Besides the obvious, you know I would put Ashe down there at least ONCE just for fun. Last night had I had one, I would have wrapped up my fire alarm in a towel and dropped it. Just like Pheobe did in Friends.

I was asleep, finally. A "beep" woke me up. I didn't jolt up, I just opened my eyes and laid there. Ashe didn't move so I wasn't sure if I really heard a noise or not. I was pushing back the thougth that is was my security alarm notifying me that someone was about to kill me. Just when I thought I made it up, I heard it again. BEEP. It was my fire alarm. The battery was dying. Blast. Of all the times. Picking up my phone I checked the time, 12:36am. Ok, Ok, I still have time to sleep. I get out of bed and go stand in the hallway. The bad thing about fire alarms is they are like silent buggers. They make a short beep and then are silent again. Standing in the hall I have one right above me, one to my left in the guest bedroom and one to my right in my bedroom. One would think it would be easy to figure out the beep but oh no. No My Friends. It was difficult.

I ended up taking all 3 off the wall, laying them down on the bed and staring at them. Waiting for them to make a noise. It was like that game at the fair where the little gophers pop out of a hole for you to hit them. I was doing that, but with my ear. Ha! just thought of me slamming my head on them. I didn't do that. I did however figure out the problem alarm. And of course I couldn't figure out how to open the battery thingy. So, I put it between 2 towels. Nope. Could still hear it. I wrestled with the back and finally got the battery out. I then remembered the Friends episode where Pheobe can't get it to stop beeping so she puts in the shoot. I instead, to be on the safe side, wrapped it up in some sheets and put in it my closet.

Seemed to do the trick. I slept well enough to oversleep this morning and lose my parking spot at work. :(

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reality Show?

I want a TV crew to follow me around and record my adventures so I can watch them the next day. I personally would TiVo my show.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lifetime Channel Visits Josephine St.

It hasn't rained in months here in Dallas. Today was the day it rained. I came home from work and dashed from my garage to my house. When I got inside I deceided I was going to be very productive. I first started by unloading the dishwasher. I was happy with my movement. I pulled out some frozen chicken tenders (unbreaded) and placed them on a plate to defrost.

I then started loading the dishwasher with the items in the sink. Lala Laaaala. Happy Wednesday, or is it Tuesday?! I reach under the sink to get the detergant and turn to the door on the dishwasher that is laying open like a mouth at the dentist. And there it is.....the nice little tiny detergant door all sealed up clutching the contents of last nights detergant that I placed there. Waiting. Waiting to be released and scrub at the dishes. The dishes that I JUST unloaded and put away in my cabinets, drawers, cupboards. I opened the trap door and the detergrant said hello with a snide glitter. I stood up and glared back at the goo. Without saying a word I turned around looked at my cabinets, drawers, and cupboards. I knew what lurked behind those wooden shields. I knew what I had just done. I did the only thing someone like me that had a work day like me would do. I put the detergant box back under the sink, left the trap door open with last nights goo still hanging out and shut the door. Pressed the pots/pans, high pressure, sanitize, heat dry buttons and walked out of the kitchen.

I then had the pleasure of hearing dripping water. I looked to my left and the spot that Pedro fixed last September was spitting water down onto the floor. Walking over I reach out my hand. I thought that maybe I was seeing things. Nope...water. I call Pedro and tell him I need him to come fix this once the rain stops. He says he will, yadda, yadda, blah, blah. We are off the phone. I don't feel satisfied that this is something he cares about. As I walked to the living room I remembered the house across the street was remolding. Peaking out the front window I see the white van still stationed. Yeah! I grab my umbrella and make my way towards the black hooded man digging in the back. "Excuse me." I say. "I need your help, do you fix leaks?" He turns around and gives me the up and down. "yes" is all he says. "can you come look at my problem?" He smiles...not creepy smile...more like sympathtic smile. We make our way to my house. He takes one look at my issue and speaks broken English about getting plastic out of the van.

Thoughts of the fact that there is a strange man in my house doesn't really cross my mind. We go upstairs to the balcony and he ask for a hammer and nails. Like a good person who watches horror movies all the time, I hand over my death weapons and stand with my back to him as he lays down plastic. All of this I think of AFTER he has done. I told my co-worker Kristin today that I wanted a Lifetime Dramatic Death....I almost had one!! Alas, he lays down the plastic on the floor to stop the leaking vs my face and we head back downstairs. We both stand there staring at the drip, watching it get less and less. Which is good! Yeah! He ask my name, "Sarah" I say. "And yours?" "Salvador" We go back to staring at water. It wasn't long before we are talking about our jobs, etc. I used the word Awesome in a sentence and he feels comfortable enough to ask me what that means. I don't want to laugh so I just smile and say, "very good". Soon after that I say the word Crap and same thing. "What is crap?" At this point I'm thinking to myself how much slang I use and how little he must understand what I'm saying. Without thinking of anything better to say I reply with, "it's another word for Shit. Not good" He laughs and I can tell he is a little embarrased that he basiclly just asked me what Shit means.

It was after that he asked if I lived alone. Again without thinking I say yes and he goes on about how he has worked on several houses on this street and a lot of people live alone here. He is surprised that we don't all have roommates. I don't really know what to say so I just say, "eh" and smile. The dripping seem to slow so we start talking about when it stops raining what needs to be done, when, etc. I expressed in a round about way I want it fixed but don't want to spend a lot. Say how this is the worst timing, which isn't a really is. My Mexico fund is slowing going away. He then ask me if I have a boyfriend. This time I think! I cock my head to the side and say yes. (liar liar pants on fire!) He then says that I should have him pay for it. I laugh on the outside, but am cursing myself on the inside. Which is better? To have Salvador think I live alone and single? or have Salvador think I live alone but have some male around? I later deciede that the later is safer. My alarm system is Fort Knox, but I'm not taking any risk. I hope my chances of a good repair deal aren't foiled b/c of some imaginary boyfriend that I need to remember I have.

So. Here I sit. In my livingroom. Salvador's van is still in front of my house. If something happens to me, his card is hidden under the cookie jar on top of the fridge...just incase. And if they DO make a Lifetime movie out of this, let it be known that I would like Tracey Gold to play me. Thank you.