Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Stopping! Don't Worry About It.

I was driving to work today and as I approached a stop sign downtown this homeless man was about to cross. You would have thought I was speed racer with a "eeeeeeerrrrk" stop. He pointed at the sign, threw his arms up in the air and said, "that's a stop sign! that's a stop sign".
He walked across the crosswalk still very concerned. Jumping and acting all skittish like I was all of a sudden going to lunge my car in his direction.

He was still ranting as he got to the left side of the street. It was clear for me to pass. I had my window down and he turned around and again pointed to the stop sign yelling, "you are suppose to stop at those!"

I yelled back at him, "I'm Stopping! Don't Worry About it." and then took off. I really wanted to say, "I OWN this car, don't tell me how to drive".

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Happened to Your Hand???

Story #1

I was at Mardi Gras @ Fair Park and chilling back stage. Gary Allen was performing. After he got finished he came over to chat, see how I liked the show, etc. I gave him so pointers and he appreaciated my advice. I showed him the pictures I had taken and we exchanged contact info. We were all having a blast. Out of nowhere this girl walks up and breaks her beer bottle on the edge of the table and goes for Gary!!!! She is screaming that she is the only one for him. Ca-Razzzzzzy. So I did what anyone would do, I jumped in front of Gary and stuck my hand up just in time. The jagged beer bottle sank it's teeth into my hand instead of Gary's face. It hurt like all get out, but I had saved Gary's face. Everyone gathered around in cheers, EMT rushed to my side and started cleaning my wounds. The police dragged away crazy girl. I'm ok now, just have a sore hand. Gary sent me flowers today. Sweetheart.

Story #2

After Mardi Gras @Fair Park about 6 people came over to hang out at my house. One of the guys went outside to talk on his cell but left my door open. My cat ran out the front door and down the street. He was gone. I went looking, trying not to cry b/c i knew this wasnt going to be easy. It is never easy to get a indoor cat back inside when it is scared being outside. I found him and the Hell began. I got him and he was screaming/growling up a storm. I knew it was about to get ugly. I was so close to my door, he was done with me. He turned around and sank his 4 teeth right into the back of my hand. I threw him in the house, literally THREW him. My hand immediatly started dripping with blood. I have never seen myself with a wound like that. Blood was every where. My left hand was covered in blood and my right hand started to have a little pool of blood as I was trying not to get it every where. Luckly my friend is a EMT so he started working me. I went to my doctor today and he offically cleaned/bandaged it all up for me and sent me how with a bag of supplies and a Rx.

You pick which one is the real story. Tough.....I know.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Loving 2009

So far 2009 has been really fun.

I have being doing a couple of things differently than I have in the past and by gosh, I think it's working! Who Knew? My 29th birthday was by far the best birthday I have had since probably my 20th when my at the time boyfriend surprised me with a trip to CA. This year I did a pub crawl down Greenville Ave. I have only done one other crawl and it was in Rome, Italy. I like to brag about that one. My first Pub Crawl was in know. So it is hard to beat that and I never will. Nothing beats seeing the American's take 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the drinking contest. That would be Clancy 1st, Malloy 2nd, and myself 3rd. Awwww...Rome.

Anywho, I did the pub crawl with a new friend and had a blast!! She was so much fun and her friends were fun too. Plus we made new friends along the way. This weekend is the DFW Mardi Gras Texas Country concert that, of course, I'm looking forward to attending. Last year I was ill, but still went so this year I think I need to make up for it. Next weekend my parents are stopping back through Dallas after their cruise. I'm excited about them seeing my house all fixed up and just relaxing. March is the wonderful infamous St. Patty's day on Greenville. April...not May is Cinco De Mayo but more importantly is Karen's birthday Quatro de Mayo!!!

Whew, and don't even get me started on June. South of the Border Concert in Me-He-Coooooo!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Toliet Paper, Kleenex, and Soup

Those are 3 things you don't want to find yourself without after being home 2 days with the Flu. I had not had a shower in DAYS literally and I didn't care. That was the last thing that concerned me. Let me back up to Wednesday morning.

I woke up feeling a little achey and sore throat. I had gone out to a Starz game the night before so I wasn't sure if it was the leftovers from my late night o' fun or if i was coming down with something. My tummy didn't hurt and I didn't have a headache so I was leaning towards the possible "coming down with something" theory. I woke up later than usual so I pulled my hair into a ponytail and quickly got dressed. I didn't get sweaty or go to a smokey venue so I felt like taking a shower when I got home would ok. Little did I know. Around 9ish I started coughing and started feeling eck. I had on a cableknit sweater and was so cold. I put on my peacoat, turned on my spaceheater and all went downhill from there. By noon I was ready to go home. I couldn't get warm, my whole body hurt, and I felt like my face was going to explode. It was so odd. Due to work timing I couldn't leave. By 4pm I was on my way to the Doctors. I barely remember much after this. The drive to the doctors office a haze. I get there and sure enough I have a fever of 101, well...100.7, close enough. He gives me Rx for 3 medicines and tells me he wants me to get them tonight. I stop at the CVS on my way home, I'm on my last straw at this point. It's taking all the strenght I have left to keep me driving and concentrating on the road. I feel like I could pass out if I shut my eyes.

I walk in the CVS and it is filled with other people all waiting. I fight the tears back and stand in line. I am not even exagerating on this, but 45 mins later I am sitting STILL waiting and I start to cry. It is almost 6pm, I have a fever, I'm in a strange place, and the lady next to me is singing under her breath some whitney houston song. I was so miserable. One of the pharmacist notices me and ask me my name. Within 5 mins my prescriptions are ready and I'm walking out the door, not even hiding my tears. I walk in the door and I don't even turn on the lights. I head straight upstairs. Quickly change clothes, take my pills, and in bed I go. That was 2 days ago.

This morning is the first time I have felt better. I know I talked to people yesterday and did some work that needed to be done but it is all blurry. I remember when my fever broke though. It was one of those classic moments where all of a sudden I was soaked in sweat. Gross. I took a shower soon after I got up and realized I had no toliet paper, no kleenex, and no soup. I had to get out. It was the most exhausting trip ever.

So here I sit, 10:36pm on Friday night. Watching Friday the 13th on TV and looking forward to tomorrow. I hoping I will feel like putting on real clothes and brushing my hair.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

amazed, and not in a good way

I am absolutly amazed at how the presence of one person can change the WHOLE dynamic. Not just me, everyone agrees. It is not something that I am happy about because I like to think that I control my own feelings, actions, etc. But I can't help but get defensive, snotty, and annoyed in a heartbeat when that person is here. I don't like feeling that I'm under a microscope. Nothing is ever good and it's so frustrating.

Everything is just so twirlly and I don't like. I only like twirlly if you are in a pretty dress on a table or if you are trying to figure out where the front door is without waking anyone up. Ha! totally kidding.