Sunday, January 26, 2014

I miss my phone plug in.

When I started my new job I got a new phone.  I went from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5.  I was pretty excited, but then the idea of change came over me and I have been struggling ever since.  The first thing that became clear to me was my case.  I had to get a new phone case. Sigh.  I'm so lazy!  Something so simple shouldn't be that hard, but it was.  So I ordered the case and once I go it, the coloring was different than it was for the 4.  It still bugs me.

Then I realized that my songs weren't there so I had to do the whole transfer thing with with iTunes.  That is a beating.  If you have ever had to do this, you know that it takes at least a hour and you have to curse at your laptop at least twice before it works.  Then not everything transfers.

After that I had the sad moment of going to place my phone on our music speaker tower that we got from Brookstone only to discover that it would not accept an iPhone 5.  I can't play music on our tower that fills our home with tunes while cooking or entertaining guest.  I'm rolling my eyes at this point.

The last and final thing that has been a victim of this change is my blog.  Right here, as I type.  Before my phone switch I had a charger by my bed and a charger by the sofa.  When I would go to bed at night I would plug in my phone and let it charge over night.  I still do as I replaced my 4 charger with my 5 charger.  I only got one charger with my phone so there is nothing by my sofa.  This is where my laziness comes into play.

So, in order for me to download photos from my phone, I have to plug it into my laptop of course.  It was easy when I had the charger by the sofa as I could just detach and attach to my laptop.  Now I have to walk up stairs, unplug from the wall by my bed, walk back downstairs, plug into my laptop, download, then remember to bring it BACK upstairs with me before I go to bed.  I know what you are thinking.....and I know...I'M LAZY.  That sounds like so much work.

Because I haven't done any of that I haven't been able to use photos in my blog and as a result, I haven't blogged.  I have had plenty of thoughts to write about!  Some juice ones too, but without photos it just doesn't have the same impact.

This week I am going to get a 2nd plug in to keep by my sofa so I can continue to do this.

THIS JUST IN: We are going to Vegas in a couple of weeks.  Preston just asked me and I said yes. Ha! I love Sunday's.

Monday, January 6, 2014

What is it like to do a Fast & Cleanse?

After being on the cruise for a week and then the holiday's in general, I had gained about 5-8lbs.  So sad.  It didn't help that I have complete stopped running.  I went from running min of 3 miles 4 times a week to zero.  I blame the change in job as it no longer gave me the easy access to the Katy Trail.  I actually had to make an effort to go work out.  That is where I failed myself. I just shook my head as I timed that.  Really there is no excuse except that I am just making excuses.  Although, my orthopedic surgeon did tell me to stop running sooo, there is that.  Preston wants me to take up biking, which I like that idea.  Need the sun to stay up a little longer so I can go for a ride when I get home from work.  Ah! Sorry about that, I totally got off subject.

Ok - so because of my poor eating and lack of exercise, I thought a fast & cleanse was in order to get my body jump started.  I picked this one:

I did a lot of research and this one looked the best.  And by research I mean I checked out and read a lot of reviews.  In the past I have done The South Beach diet, The Cabbage Diet, The Lemon Cleanse, and the Wine Diet. (I only recommend the wine diet if you are 23 and really poor.  This just happens, you don't plan on it.)  Ok.  So since this one was only 5 days, I thought I would start on a Saturday just in case I had a bad reaction.  No one wants that at work.  I would like to make one point very clear.  This is NOT a "quick fix" or a weight loss solver.  Every time I have done one of these less than 2 weeks diets it was to cleanse my system and what I like to call Restart the System.  I feel like it gives me a clean slate.  Yes I typically drop about 8-10lbs, once 15lbs! But the majority of it is water weight and gives me a starting point.  I do not recommend doing this if you are trying to drop a dress size for an event that weekend.  It's not real and you are only fooling yourself.  Off my disclaimer soap box. 

Here is how it went down.  Saturday morning I opened the box and set out my items.  It includes the following: Fiber powder, Super Nutrition, Liver Cleanse, Craveless, and Colon Clear.  

Everything I read online said that the fiber powder mixed with water was horrible and to use juice.  I bought the blue machine by Naked.  It was pretty good and was more like a smoothly than juice.  Plus it was all sugar free and stuff.  I was sick of it by today, day 3.  

Ewwwwwwwwww! This is what it looks like before it is mixed. 
All Mixed!
Here's Breakfast, along with the smoothly fiber drink above.
It has been 3 days now and I have eaten food.  I ate raw vegetables and a salad with a bunch of raw vegetables.  I just couldn't not eat for 5 days.  It's really hard.  But I'm still taking the pills and only eating basically once a day.  I do feel better, am sleeping great, and don't feel as sluggish.  Although I think it isn't appropriate to go into details, I will say that yes...I'm being "cleansed".  I wish I could say I have stayed strong and really fasted, but I would be lying.  I encourage everyone to do a cleanse at least once a year.  Doesn't matter what kind you do or if you break the rules a little. (In my opinion) The point (again in my opinion) is to stop. reflect. rid your body of toxins. and move forward making the right choices!

My next exciting step is our building at work has installed a gym!  So in a couple of weeks I can just go downstairs after work to do my cardio.  Yeah! Or at lunch, or even before work.  The possibilities are endless.  

Picture Post!

I never got around to writing how my Christmas and New Year's went, so here is a quick picture post: