Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's cool to lay on the floor

I was riding up the elevator just now and there was another person in there with me. I did not know this fellow. I was slightly leaning on my left elbow against the wood paneling and my butt was kind of on the rail behind wedged in the corner. I was standing on just my left foot with my right foot crossed over. My right foot was hoovering over the floor. Nothing unusal. Just another ride up the floors. The stranger had his hands full of papers and was playing on his blackberry. No words were spoken.

The elevators in our building are crazy. People get stuck, they dont work, they jump you around to the point that you think the whole cart is going to fall. Sometimes you get in there, the door shuts and then nothing happens. You just sit there.

Anyway, the stranger gets off on the 7th floor and the doors shut. I'm just going up to 10 so it's not that far. Well, the elevator decieded that it was going to be Flight of the Navigator and jolted upwards. This caused my body to fling outward and down. See, I was really only on one foot and slightly leaning to my left. So when this happened I was rocked to my right and had no support to brace myself. Down I went. I hit my elbow, but I think I will get to keep it. I came out of the elevator holding/rubbing my elbow. I'm need to send flowers or ballons.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wrecking Balls

Last night was our last Kickball game. This season was so much fun!! We only won one game, but in our defense the majority of the games we had to forefeit because out of the 20+ people that signed up to play....only about 6 would really show up. AND we had to have 3 girls or else it was off. Sigh. Luckly the other team was cool about it and would still play just for fun. There were tons of laughs with all the games. Great catchs, near misses, and a few mistakes that you just have to shake it off.

I wish I had a picture of our team. I usually have my camera with me and the times I remembered wasn't a time we could take a picture.

So thank you to those 5 people that came out every game. Thank you for running around and laughing even though the other team just hit a homerun with the bases loaded and we are little ants trying to run after the yellow bouncy ball that has hidden in the field. It was totally worth the loss.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I know I sound negative, but.....

I debated how to approach this posting. The subject is eating at resturants. More importantly, eating with mixed company. When I say mixed I mean people that don't hang out on a personal level. I found myself in a situation today that really really frustrated me. Now, I know I'm guilty while sitting at a resturant with my friends and looking at the menu that I will say, "hmmm, should I be good and order something healthy? or be bad and go for the chicken strips?" I think we have all done this. What I DON'T like is when I'm sitting at the resturant and someone goes around to each person and ask what they are getting. When the person replies, "the fried catfish with mashed potatoes and gravy" the asker says, "oh wow! you're being bad!" I just think that's rude! There was one time we were sitting at a place with this said person and when the plates were placed down this person looked across the table at the other person's plate and said, "oh my gosh! that is HUGE. I could never eat that" Then don't!!!! Gosh, let people eat/order what they want!

Because of my past dealings with this person I knew today was going to be another one. Sure wasn't long before the comments flew. Here are some of my favorites:

"oh you are being bad. good thing you are getting exercise tonight"
"look at that plate at the table behind you"
"that sure is a lot of food!"
"i'm being good! see what I had?"
"are you getting that AND the side?"

and the best

"i can't believe you finshed all of that!"

I wanted to die. I wanted to turn to them and say, "will you stop judging other peoples eating habits!! It is uncomfortable, rude, and makes you look silly." But instead I just sat there and watched the person look down at their plate and say, "I was hungry."

There is my rant. I just think it is rude to comment on what people are eating. Unless of course you are actually having a mutal discussion about food. But don't tell people that what they are ordering is not heathly for them! You are not the poster child for healthy eating so you just look silly.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A tent and a bicycle would be nice

Just give me a tent and provide me with a Huffy (splatter painted hot pink please) and I'll be happy. Apparently my Thrusday just wasn't bad enough so the storm that rolled into Dallas leaked, somehow, into my house and took down a section of my ceiling. Isn't that Great!!! I love having plaster wet all over my stairs. It's AWESOME. I mean, water on the hardwood floors is really good for it. Not to mention how nice it is to have water stains all over the ceiling. Luckly I have Homeowners Insurance so I made a call to State Farm and filed my claim.

This morning I made more calls and then took my car back to the shop. It was making noises. Their words were, "I have good news and bad news. Bad news....your whole transmission needs to be rebuilt. Good don't have to pay anything." yeah!!! But now I'm out of a car until next Wednesday.

So if you have a tent or a bicycle that you aren't using please send them my way. thanks!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Look at that IDIOT!!

All night long I was woken up by the sound of thunder and lightning. Just when I would get back into my sleep the thunder would crack me awake. Of course Ashe was fine, not sure how. He ususally is all jumpy. I think he was exhausted from breaking things and pooing on the floor. Jerk.
So this morning I was getting ready for work and it started raining again. I looked out the window and it didn't look THAT bad. As if mocking me a loud crack rattled my dresser and the downpour came. Great. My raincoat is on my chair at work and my umbrella is tucked away in my backpack...also at work. You see, the problem I'm facing here is that Preston and I took the hard top off my Jeep this past week. One can't do this alone so it's not like I can go out to my garage and just throw the thing back on. Thank goodness that it is in a garage. I'm also going to "thank goodness" that we put on the bikini top. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here is a picture of a random Jeep showing what my Jeep looks like right now. Decked out in the same gear.

I waited and waited, hoping that it would die down. Finally I tucked my hair into my shirt, wrapped my winter pea coat tightly around me and was ready for my boat ride. You know, really wasn't that bad. I had the windows up and as long as I was driving the rain wasn't coming in on me. It was only bad at the stop lights. If the wind was blowing just right it would come in the back and hit me on the top of my head. The other bad part was there are drain holes in the floor board. Every time I would hit a puddle it would splash UP onto my pant leg.

I avoided eye contact with all drivers as I knew that I looked like the stupidest person on Haskell Ave. I mean if you live here in Dallas you know what the rain storm is doing right now. If you were going down the street and a Jeep Wrangler pulled up next to you with the top off and a female sitting in there wouldn't you think, "What a idiot!!"

Alas, I made it here. Dry. I still feel stupid.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

C8 vs A4

I just went to the vending machine at work go get Cheese-Its. They are C8. I looked around just for good measure and spotted Chili Cheese Fritos. Ooo! A4. Cheese -Its.....Chili Cheese Fritos...Cheese - Its...Chili Cheese. I choose Cheese - Its. However my finger pushed:

A4. Dang It!