Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sailing in Texas?

Today we went sailing! Not like a small little sail boat, but also not a big sail boat that you would see in the American Cup.  It was the BigDCats Catamaran!  It's in Lewisville('ish), TX and sooooo much fun.  It was our good friend Summer's birthday party.  The whole deal was just amazing.  Blue Mesa catered brunch which included an omelet station, potatoes, sausage, breakfast quesdillas, etc. was BYOB.  You can't go wrong with that.  There was a large group of us, roughly 17'ish.  We piled into a sweet corner spot and were able to all sit together.  Everyone opened their coolers and we were off!  The sails had been cast and it was the perfect windy day to carry us out to sea!! or out to the lake.  Same thing, right? (just go with it)

Besides getting to be with my friends, the perfect weather and great food spread, my favorite part was that they set up a little putting green on the back of the boat.  They brought out a big bag of golf balls and a set of clubs.  It was driving range time!  I gave it a shot, but in my defense the water was choppy and it had been awhile.  I didn't hit it very far.  Preston on the other hand almost hit the floating target! It was as if he plays golf or something. Weird.  Enough writing, here are our pictures.  Happy Birthday Summer!  Thanks for the adventure.

Kacie and me
Natalie and Kacie (Allison caught in the background)
Derek and Preston (supporting the Mavs for game 7)
The Sails!
Omelet Station
Preston, Bill, and Derek checking out the golf clubs.
Preston hitting the golf ball.
Birthday Girl Summer!
Catching some rays.....
The Crew.
If you look closely, you can see Derek inside relaxing.
The whole crew!