Saturday, May 30, 2009

I blame Ashe

I have some awesome pictures of my mini vaca with Preston that I want to upload and write about but my cat is so sweetly sleeping on my legs. I haven't been home in 4 days and I just don't have the heart to wake him up. So pictures/stories will just have to wait. However...I had an AWESOME time!!

p.s. I did not find the basement in the Alamo, but did sign my name in the offical guest book.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zen Calendar

I got a check today in the mail for a COBRA payment. This person wrapped their check in the daily Zen Calendar they had torn off. 2 thoughts crossed my head:

1. Did they wrap it in this piece of paper b/c it was the only thing close?
2. Did they wrap it in this piece of paper b/c they are trying to send me a message.....

The Zen thought for the day was:

"One thing I remember
Spring came on forever
Spring came on forever"
said the Chinese nightingale.
Vachel Lindsay

Just like that. That is what it looked like. I don't know what to think of it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Workers Block

Similar to Writer's Block, I have Workers Block. The kind where I sit at my desk and stare at my computer for 2-3 mins at a time. I then shuffle around some papers on my desk that need to be filled out and processed. My eyes then go back to my computer and just stare. My motivation to complete projects is so low right now. I hate that. I enjoy work so much more when I'm going at it and checking things off my little white erase board. I don't know if it's the weather, the huge window that lets me look at the weather right behind my computer, the thougths of a 3 day weekend, or if I'm just straight up losing my work mojo.

I have noticed that unless I change up my duties (hehe, Chandler) I get really bored with my task. I have to have change. Even at home, I rearrange my furniture. Working out I'll be all about running, then spinning, then nothing, then back to running. I get bored.

Just now I stopped and watched a man in a yellow shirt stop and talk to a Red Jeep that is in the KERA parking lot across the way. I wonder what they are talking about? They ahve been out there awhile. But do you see what I mean??? I'm on the "oh something shiney" track. Can't Focus!

Sigh......any help on focus, get your work done, tricks?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Slick Shoes

I have on some fabulous wooden high heels today at work that have a splash of teal that matches my shirt. I barely wear them b/c they make me even taller than I currently am. I was in the breakroom and I reached for a plate on the otherside of the bar. The bottom of my shoes have no traction so the polished concert floor welcomed my glide and left me chest up on the bar with my face on the coffee container. Worst part is my hands were already reached out so when I tried to regain my balance with my feet I just kept slipping more and more.

I still like my shoes though.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Let Me Review Your Taco

If you drive down Peak Ave you will see a little place on your left called Taco Joint. It is at 911 N. Peak St. Dallas, TX 75204. I have driven by this place for awhile now and the parking lot is ALWAYS full! I mean Pa-ACKED. They have a sign out there and every morning it's a different saying. This morning it said:

Chuck Norris' blood smells like colonge

Crazy Taco Joint people. They make me smile. This morning I decieded to give it a shot and try a breakfast taco. Wow! It was really good and cheap! I highly recommond this joint. I had the egg and sausage breakfast taco with some spicy salsa on the side. They gave me free coffee because it was my first time in there. Nice Folks. Here is their story.

"These tacos were last tasted during the fight for the Alamo. It was then and there that the Taco Joint’s secret recipe was perfected. During the battle many of the brave men had nothing left but their courage and a couple of bullets. One of these brave men was the holder of a greatly guarded secret mantle were a recipe was written in blood by his ancestor. This mantle was for sure to be lost at the Alamo, so it was decided by everybody in the platoon that it was best to bury the secret mantle on the shores of the river that ran nearby. The spot was marked by a couple of bottles and rocks next to a huge tree. Only four men knew of its location, and of those only one survived that day. The story was passed through generations but never taken seriously, therefore it was gone forever.

One day on a tubing trip down the Guadalupe River, a rowdy group from Austin noticed a twinkling from the shores next to a large shady willow tree. In no hurry to reach the end of the river, the group paddled over to the side to explore the reflection, hoping against hope for buried treasure. As the fearless leader of the brave team approached the willow it became clear that the shiny object was an old bottle that predated the mass manufactured glassware of today. The cork closing it was worn flush with the top, but the seal seemed water tight. Within the bottle was a scrap of fabric, which seemed to have something written in a mixture of bad English and Spanish.

Clearly it was a recepie! He took this as a sign from above, and without further delay the adventurer took his recipe back up to Dallas to work on a translation. With a little help from friends in Big D, our hero proceeded to translate this message, though the process did take quite some time (2 years!). After doing all the research necessary, he was finally able to take his lost treasure... and ask for a loan. Finally, months later, with some help from his friends, the recipe was ready to be sold to the public. Nobody but our fearless hero and his business partners know what its secrets are. They call it "the flying taco". It is so good it makes you feel like you are in heaven flying around clouds of jalepeno ranch.

Now, if you think this is not true, just ask all of our hero’s friends in Austin, Texas. They were there. I was there. It's completely true. This taco recipe had been lost for years, and its finally it's available to the general public in the corner of some street in Dallas, where shady deals are made and great food is served. "

I 100% agree with the comment about "where shady deals are made". The part of town this joint is located is not the best. But man....I can't wait to go back for more.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Simple as Puddles

This is my niece. I love how happy she is just splashing in puddles. No other worries.