Sunday, December 26, 2010

Us. (photos by Kristin)

Several weeks ago my dear friend/sorority sister from another chapter, took long over due engagment pictures of Preston and me. We got engaged on St. Patty's day but haven't had the time to set anything up. We also haven't the time to research any photog's in the Dallas area. I have noticed in the past 2+ years my friend Kristin has taken the best family pictures. So...we called her up and set a date.

The first time we took pictures it was good! Notice I said, "first time". Bless her heart...Kristin's camera got in a fight with the dashboard of her car and lost. Along with the loss of our pictures, were the loss of the pictures of her 2 year olds birthday party. I felt so sorry for her. So...we tried again on our pictures. WOW - it was better than the first time if you ask me. We (Preston and me) knew what we were doing now and it went fast and fun. Afterwards we took Kristin out to lunch, shared some wine, and laughed a lot.

So here are some of the pictures. 2 months to the day til our wedding!