Saturday, November 28, 2009

5 days off work = unhappy Sunday

I can't stop thinking that I have to go back to work tomorrow. The past 5 days have been spent being lazy, eating waaaay to much food for my diet, and staring at the TV. At this point I actually slept in until 10am. That means that getting up at 6am tomorrow is going to be unpleasent and not welcoming at all. In fact....I'm already glaring at my cell phone. I know it's alarm is set to go off. Stupid Alarm.

However, I did get my whole house decorated for Christmas yesterday! Tree up and all. I have discovered I have to many holiday penguins. It is March of the Penguins in my living room and front room. Granted they are all wearing little stocking caps and scarfs. I just love how cute they look. Buuuuuuuuutttt, I have too many now. Borderline crazy penguin lady. Same with my ornaments. I have 4 types of ornaments:

1. childhood (love those)

2. trips

3. penguins

4. cats

The last one is what concered me a little. I have a lot of cat ornaments that over the past 7 years family/friends/coworkers have given me that either look like Ashe, has a picture of Ashe, or just some kind of "i love my cat" theme. This concerns me on 2 levels. 1. I DON'T WANT TO BE CRAZY CAT LADY. and 2. I almost lost my cat yesterday. Literally...almost lost him. He is a fiesty attack cat that doesn't really like anyone except people that are around him a lot. This list is short. Mom, Dad, Jill, Karen, and Preston. Everyone else pretty much thinks he is mean. But whatev. So...back to the story. My ornaments concerned me because when (and it will happen) Ashe is no longer with me, decorting the tree will be a little hard to do the first time. I never really thought it about it until today. As I was saying, I almost lost him yesterday. He jumped out my window. That's right. JUMPED OUT MY WINDOW. Still not sure how it all went down as I didn't hear anything until the breaking of the screen window and the blinds banging around. I do know it involved a stray cat that taunts Ashe on a weekly basis. It was scary!!

Anywho, while he was out running around like a kitty gangster on Josephine St. every thought went through my head. Putting up lost cat signs, seeing a car come by that doesn't see Ashe, someone shooting him!! Seriously. My mind was devestated at the idea that Ashe was gone forever.

But he is back and fine. So when I was hanging up those ornaments that I have had for the past 7 years that are a reminder of Ashe, it really made me think what I will do when that Christmas comes know. I just never thought about it before this year. It was a strange feeling.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gimme A Break!

It's Sunday night. 8:59pm, I'm watching the Cowboys game with Preston, although he just muted the TV and started play Boys from Oklahoma by CCR. When I think about Friday it seems so far away and I actually really like that. This weekend was Pa-Acked with things that physically make my body hurt.

Friday night I made a big bowl of spagehetti and a loaf of garlic bread. I needed to carb up old school style for my 5k the next morning. I might...might..have thrown in a glass of merlot for good measure. Saturday morning I woke up and was ready to go go. I left my window open and it was smelling fresh in my bedroom. I got dressed and was on my way. I went to met Preston and we stopped off at the Shell Station for a PowerBar and were in Plano, TX. We could already tell the run was going to be good as the weather was so refreshing and the path was winding through the woods. This was the first offical 5k I had run in over a year!! My goal was to just not stop. I didn't care if I was jogging as fast/slow as the power walkers, I wasn't going to walk. And I didn't!!! Preston, so sweet, stayed with me until the last mile and then he went on. I made it in 37 mins and some seconds. Personally....I was thrilled. I am about 3 years off of my days of doing 10 and 15ks, I want back. I miss that feeling and Saturday reminded me of that when I crossed the line and could feel the relief and satisfaction of success.

We hung around for about an hour and got our free bananas and beer. (odd, but if you are a runner you know the routine) Then it was back to Preston's place to pack. He was moving on Saturday from The Village to a place on Knox/Henderson. We packed as much as we could and waited until the movers got there. When they say they will be there between 2-4 everyone knows that is really 5. And of course, they showed up at 5pm. By 7pm Preston was moved in. Awww. Relief. Did I mention we were both still wearing our clothes from the 5k. Ewww.

Starving at this point as we were still holding on to that morning we checked out his new grocery store. Suprisingly nice! Dinner last night was roasted chicken, mac and cheese, chips, salsa, and some beer. We were both out by 10pm.

Today when I woke up I was Sa Sa ORE. Oh my goodness. My left calf felt so tight I was scared to walk. My knees sounded like a mini bag of popcorn when I bent them towards my chest in bed. My back cried to me when I tried to sit up. It was very clear I wasn't 25 anymore and this was the new body. But, it's ok. I can make it stronger, I have 3 months until I'm in Vegas and plan on making every minute count! Oh' anyway, so I was Sore. I called Preston and he was the same. Could hardly move. The first thought in our minds was the $4,000 chairs at Brookstone in NorthPark Mall. We had checked them out while waiting on some giftwrap last weekend. They are the best things ever!!! So we walked in this afternoon, sat down and just gave ourselves free 15 mins massages. The poor sales guy was telling us how they were on sale, blah blah. He asked if I was familar with the chair, without lying I said, "yes, I'm sore from a 5k and really love this chair but can't afford it so I just want to use it from a couple of mins." It felt so good!!!

So, here I am now Sunday night and had a full weekend but feel like it lasted about 4 days. I'm happy about that. I don't even count the 2 hours today I worked on Open Enrollment stuff. In my mind it was just a side note.

Thank you November 6-8th, 2009. You were hard on me, but made me feel and that made it real vs just sitting around the house thinking about what I had to do on Monday.