Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Report

What is up with the cheerleaders at the Olympics?  It's horrible!  I don't even know what they are wearing.  Who even are they!?!  So horrible.  It should never, NEVER, happen again.  As you can tell I am very passionate about this topic. 

On to other Olympic news, women's water polo is so violent.  We watched the USA vs Italy and it was crazy!  There were penalty's left and right.  The Italian coach even got a red card and kicked out.  I would not want to find myself in a pool with any of those "ladies".  USA or Italy. Yikes!  We then moved on to weight lifting.  Wowza.  Those "ladies" are lifting 300+ pounds above their heads.  We watched the Clean & Jerk finals.  It made my legs hurt watching.  I was scared they were going to buckle on them.  Scary to watch.  The USA did pretty well.  Several years ago Preston and I watched True Life on MTV that was highlighting people that wanted to make it to the Olympics.  Well lookey there!  It's Holly Marigold! She made it.  Way to go Holly.  She didn't medal, but she made top 10 which I think is pretty amazing.  And I like the fact that she could lift me above her head with one hand.  Makes me feel tiny.  Thanks Holly! 

We then moved on to women's Volleyball.  Turkey was playing and Preston blurted out in an odd volume of voice, "Turkish women are HOT!".  We both quickly turned to each other and just looked eye to eye.  Then laughed.  They are, the women from Turkey have a look about them that is very beautiful.  I remember being in Turkey back in 2008 and every person, man and women, I saw was so mesmerizing.  Their eyes are a clear blue with an olive color skin.  Just something about their smile, it makes you feel safe.  So strange.  I liked that trip.  Good job Turkey!

This next part speaks for it self.  Anybody would laugh at this.  There is a volleyball player with the last name Hooker.  She is really good at blocking, spiking, etc.  So when she did a really good move the sports announcer on TV couldn't help but say, "No one can stop the 6ft Hooker!"  There was a clear silence on the air and laughter in living rooms around the world.  I wish I could have seen his face as soon as the sentence came out of his mouth.  You know he didn't realize what he said until it was too late.  And I wish I could have seen his co-anchors face!!  Oh' that has been one of the best sports sayings in sports.

We have now switched to Rangers Baseball so I have no more Olympic news.  Over & Out.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I'm so excited!  We are going to Chicago!  I have to be there for work a Wednesday-Friday so Preston and I used our brains and thought, "Hey. What if you fly in on Thursday? Then we can spend Friday - Sunday in Chicago on a mini vacation."  TaDa! That is how a mini vacation is born.

Wednesday - Friday I'm staying at a swanky hotel downtown since it's you know, work and all.   After that is over I'm checking out and we are staying in a B&B in what I'm slowly learning is called the Lakeview part of Chicago.  So many adorable things about this place.  It is called The Old Chicago Inn.  Check it out!

The rooms do look small, but we are ok with that.  We plan on being out and about the majority of the time. One of the many things that made me pick this place is you can walk to Wrigley Field.  We plan on going to a Cubs game on Saturday so it is perfect.  I have Preston's old little league shirt that I plan on wearing because, yes, they were the Cubs.  It even has the name Sherrell on the back. yeah!

This trip isn't for another month so you will have to wait to see if I use my camera skillz like I said I would.  I plan on having silver bean pictures, "look at this pie!" pictures, navy pier pictures, get the picture. Ha! get it.

Ok - There you have it.  We're going to Chicago.