Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Closing Time. Really?

This is just getting ridiculous.

Sure, it's 19 degrees outside. and sure! My Jeep Wrangler got stuck by the Stoneleigh as I left work. BUT...3 days of the office being closed? Not going to happen.

I'm going to work again tomorrow. I went for about 5 hours today and glad I did. I can't just sit at home when I only have to drive 2.8 miles to work. I don't have to drive on highways and I don't have to go over 35 according to the speed limit on a sunny day in June. I am just so bored sitting at home. I already cleaned my house and did laundry.

The funny thing is that at my old job the office closure rules followed DISD rule. If DISD was were we. Well apparently someone that it would be cool to add that to the company I work for now. Great and all for those 1 day'ers. But 3 days in a row of DISD being closed??? Really Dallas?? I'm going in.

Did I mention the Rolling Black Outs? I awoke this morning to my fire alarm beeping. Not because my precious bungalow was on fire, but because my power was out. Within 15mins the power was back on! Then about 30-45 mins later the power goes back out. So Annoying.

On my way home from work I stopped to tan. As I lay there for all of 2mins the whole building goes out. Great. Another rolling black out. I had to use my cell phone light to find my clothes. Seeing as many scary movies as I have in my life time...trying to find something in pitch black with just the glow of your creepy cell phone is not fun. I was just waiting for me to scan the floor and see the face out of the movie The Descent.

After a jaunt through Victory Park and a stop off at Deep Ellum, we are home again. Just found out that a lot of the Super Bowl parties that are a mile from where we live (downtown dallas) are discounting their tickets due to this crazy Texas weather. I'm logging off now so I can go purchase tickets to see some STARZ.

I think I just found the Silver Lining in my blog. Awesome.