Sunday, October 26, 2008

Christopher Robin's Swing by Disney

I painted my living room and dining room today. They share one wall and I had planned on painting just that one shared wall. However, after seeing something I didn't want to see today, I had tons of energy and frustrating to kill so I went for all 5 walls. Paint Paint Paint. I love it! Very happy I did it.

So here are the mishaps of my painting, you know there would have to be some. The first one was me just being me and bracing my hand on one wall to get to the other only to forget I had just painted that wall. Niiiiiiiiiiiice. The second one I have no idea how it happened. I went to go wash my hand of the tiny paint I just got on my nail. I learned the hard way months ago that if you wait until you are done to wash it doesn't just come off. Anyway, I went to the bathroom. Wash washing my hands and glanced in the mirror. The top of my head had Christopher Robin's Swing color all down the middle. How in the world??? ugh I just left that one, Pantene can take care of that.

Now the third was classic. I was painting and my cat who had been very good came and sat down next to the can. I watched him closesly wondering if I should move him. Nahhh. (famous last words) He looked at me, flipped his tail, and bagooosh. Grey cat tail right in the paint. It was like a cat tail paint brush. Without thinking I yelled, "Ashe No!" Startled he jumpled up and started running away. Great. I dropped my paint roller and went after him. Caught him in the kitchen. He ran past the tan sofa, through the dinining room with all the living room furniture stacked, over the piano bench without getting any paint on anything. Thank Goodness.

I then got to hold him down in the sink while trying to get the goop off. That was fun. Let me tell you. Needless to say, it was ok. Next weekend....the kitchen.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'm trying to watch The Hills online at lunch b/c I didn't watch it last night and it won't pull up! I'm so frustrated. I hit the refresh button but nothing happens. So irritating. Especially b/c all I want to do is watch how awful Spencer is to reassure me that Heidi is the supidest girl alive and not me.

Next on my list is a girl we will call her Christnoir. She called today to see if I had followed up with my clients about donations for a charity event in November. I'm sorry, I have been out of the country and then sick the month of September...that wasn't high on my list. Of course I didn't really say it like that. I did more of a, "i'm working on it" I got the reply back of, "if you can't do your part we will have to replace you." Really?? Can you replace a volunteer? Not sure on that one. Without a skip in my voice I smiled over the phone and said, "ok - I'll email you my updates" I'm not going to beg her not to, she won't replace me. Whatever! Empty Lies. So I got my list together and am looking forward to emailing her the updates.