Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Gym

Dear Gym,

I don't know why you aren't talking to me this week. It's not like I haven't tried to go see you! On Monday I admit that it was my own choice not to come see you. I had my bag packed, it was in my car. I even drove by and waved at you! I was just so tired from the day before that I don't think you would have really enjoyed my company. I would have been there on 20%. Tuesday was your fault. I was there! I was scanned in, handed a towel and everything. It was when I asked for a card to the Spin class that you gave me the cold shoulder. I think you over reacted about Monday if that was your point. Turning me away and saying the class was full was a little harsh. You know I only bring my bike shoes with me! And yes...I learned my lesson...I will pack tennis shoes from now on. Wednesday you know I never go, so I can only hope you didn't take that personally. But it is today I'm concerned about. You see I won't be going tomorrow b/c I have a Backyard Beach Party at work. We are leaving at 2pm to go...well...have a party! No one wants me on a bike after a couple hours of some beverages and hotdogs.

And then Saturday is spend with Julie on the Cinco de Mayo party that has been planned for a year only to be followed by Karen's Birthday dinner. Let's not forget Brunch Sunday with Julie and her husband. I suppose I could fit you tonight and then Saturday morning. But at this point I'm all of about this close (making the "this close" motion with my hands) to saying "Ahhh, I'll just start fresh on Monday. Sigh.

So that brings me back to today. Do I go? I'm wearing my glasses. I'm so torn, awwwww. Why is live so hard?

Derek...I'm going to have to call you back!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ha! Take that DMV!!!

I renewed my license....but never got it. I waited and waited. Still nothing. Some people suggested that I just didn't pay attention to my mail. Others said maybe someone stole it. I pay attention to my mail. There is no way I would have thrown it away. My mailbox is a lock unless it was an inside would someone have stolen it? I gave up last week and emailed the DMV with my concern and lake of legal driving status. It made me nervous! Well, I got a response today. I knew I did nothing wrong:


Dear Ms. Gibson,

Thank you for giving the Department the opportunity to respond to youremail regarding your Texas driver license. A review of our records indicates that you recently renewed/changed youraddress on your driver license. The driver license was mailed to youraddress on 03-05-2009. However, the driver license was returned to theDepartment by the post office on 03-25-2009. Since the address that you provided matches the address we have on file,a new license will be issued and mailed once the processing has beencompleted. Please allow approximately three to four weeks for thedelivery of the new driver license. If you are in need of a temporary permit to use until you receive yournew driver license in the mail, you may obtain one at any Texas driverlicense office. A list of driver license offices may be found on theDPS website at , Driver License Section, as wellas a list of acceptable documents for providing proof of identification. I hope this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contactme directly at the above email address or at (512)424-2000 Ext. 3407should you have additional questions or need further assistance.

Jon BrantleyAdministrative Asst. III
Customer Service BureauTXDPS Driver License Division

Saturday, April 18, 2009

When Feathers Fly, That's a Sign

Friday after work I had a long standing date with my friend Kristin. For over a month now we have been talking about watching Saw V at her cave of a living room, with the lights off and some wine. Due to the fact that we are both uber popular in this world it has been hard to find a night that worked for both of us. FINALLY we got it. After cleaning up my cats throw up and poo....he is sick, poor guy...I got in my Jeep and started north on 75. Around the Mockingbird mark I noticed a bird not flying so well. It flew very low across 75 and then looped arounded. As it looped back it took a dive. Right towards my windshield. There was nothing I could do. I had no where to go. So 70mph I let the suicidal bird end its life on the upper middle part of my windsheild. It made a nasty sound and luckly for me on many levels it missed the crack that runs from top to bottom in front of the drivers side. I gripped the steering wheel, closed my eyes, and turned my head to the left as it hit and bounced over the top. Unfortunately from past experiences I knew not to look in the rearview mirror to watch the body fall down. I started to glance out of instinct and saw a cloud of feathers. I quickly looked back at the road ahead of me and burst into tears.

I couldn't help it! I just killed a bird. I called my mom and she calmed me down and made me laugh, as always. She explained to me that it wasn't my fault. I didn't go out of my way to hit the bird and there was nothing I could do. And although I knew what she meant the words "God had that bird fly like that" really made me laugh after I got off the phone. I know she didn't mean that God has a little remote control with the animals and he was dive bombing my car, but it was funny. I still had about 15 more mins until I got to Kristin's so I was fine once I got there. However, when I rang the doorbell her husband yelled out, "Go Away!!!" I just love that family. Thank goodness Krisitn opened the door. Whew!

We decieded to order Chinese food. Just short of a coin toss, Kristin was the one who had call to place the order. For anyone who has ever called an Chinese place to order food they know how tasking that can be. I watched her face as she focused on the words spilling into her ear on the other side. Got the meals ordered and then she asked what drinks they had. I could tell a state of confusion was happing. She was lost and then she lite up, "Coke!! yes Coke!". That was the only thing she could understand. She wasn't sure if it was diet or what, but Coke was the only thing she understood and crossed our fingers that it really as what we were getting. A glass of wine later the food had was Coke. yes. We start setting the table and talking.

Did you know that you can stab someone with a fork? You wouldn't think that something you put in your mouth for all food could draw blood but it can. Kristin extends her hand with the fork to hand it to me and in return I extend mine to retrieve it. The worlds were inline or something because at that exact moment with our casual reaching the tip of the fork sunk it's prong into my finger. It wasn't even a jab, it was so weak but something about our timing. It hurt like heck and Kristin pulled back in shock. We both were confused on what just happened. On my side my finger was throbbing. On her side she was disgusted as she felt it hit my finger and shake. with one hand around my finger I told her I was fine. She made the comment, "I just bloodied your hand, I need to get you a new fork". I said, "no you didn't!! it's not like I'm bleeding!!!" I opened my hand and OMG - there was blood in my hand and dripping from my finger. She Stabbed Me!

I went to wash it off and she went in search of a spiderman band-aid. We examined it and it didn't look like I need staples and I could keep my finger. Physical therapy....maybe. Too soon to tell. We got past the "accident" and went on to eat. Now Kristin loves soy sauce, I'm talking SOY SAUCE. She was holding an egg roll up, half eaten and pouring soy sauce inside. I don't even remembered what she said right before she took a bite, but we were having a serious conversation. In my head it is still slow motion. She took a bite and as she bit down a sea of black soy sauce EXPLODED all up the right side of her face. I'm not talking about like when you are eating a taco or burrito and things ooze out the end/side. It was like she bit an octopus! That is the only why I can describe it. It was so much soy and so black and so everywhere. Shot UP the side of her face and into her eye. I was in silent laughter right away. I didn't even laugh outloud. I was crying, and shaking. Krisitn had no idea what happened and was trying figure out what was on her face. She was startled of course and was rubbing her face with a napkin. half of the egg roll was still dangling out of her mouth. Soy sauce was on the table, face, eye, hair, plate, everywhere. Oh' I can still see it!!!

For the rest of the night in the middle of Saw V one of us would remember the stabbing or the soy attack and just start laughing, which in turn made the other laugh. Pretty sure we stopped and rewinded Saw V and Skeleton Key about 10 times b/c we missed stuff. Oh' and the sound! the sound the egg roll made when she bit down on it, I can still hear it. hahahhaha, Kristin described it as a hot black sea of soy coming towards her eye. That is all she remembers of the incident. Her face still hurts. LOL - hot black sea of soy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

8.0 - Whoa!

As if it hasn't been all over my facebook status for the past week and if you have talked to me lately you already know this BUT, last night was the first concert at 8.0's in Ft. Worth for 2009. Every Wednesday from about April to September the radio station The Ranch, puts on free (until this year) concerts. They feature artist that are considered Texas Country. It is outside and weather permitting, usually a really good time and a nice break to a work week. For the past 2 summers my friend Karen and I have gone every Wednesday. Well the Wednesday's that we could. So far the only things that have stopped us have been, weather, artist that we have NO interest in, H, or out of town.
Last night was the first night for 2009. We were excited to have something fun to look forward to during the week as well as see our friends that we have made over the years. It is usually the same people so as you can imagine, you get to know each other. Because it was the first one for 2009 we decieded to pull out all the stops. We don't normally do alllll of the highlighted events.
I picked Karen up from work and were on our way. Traffic wasn't that bad but I had just downloaded The Zac Brown Band album so we listened to that over and over to learn the songs. It was a straight shot to the nail salon. We had to get pedicures. This place is so good that we usually only go about once every 3 weeks. The 2 ladies talked us into getting the Milk & Honey pedicure vs the Sunkissed like we normally do. It was $10 more, but we were only doing it this time. Rest of the summer was Sunkissed. (ha) We got our complimentary glass of wine and chatted. It was nice to relax. Jenny B and Anna were very pleasent and did a really good job! About an hour later we left and went to da Chick. aka Chick-fil-a. Now to make a long story short....Karen can not walk in those pedi flip flops they give you while your nails are drying. Yet she tries! I have to give her that. We didn't even make it to the door from the car before her flop was parallel to her foot and one strap was broken. Gosh Darn It she worked that flop all the way. I don't know if you heard the rumors about the free tax day offer from Chick-fil-a, but when we got up to order we asked about it. The rumor was that if you save your reciept and bring it back in before April 30th you get the same order for free!! We asked and they said that they heard that too, but only as a rumor and that nothing had come from corp regarding the offer. Hmmmm...Karen and I made our may back to the car with our "to go" food. (Karen sans flip flops at this point) We realized they didn't give us our reciepts. Blast!! We weren't going to be those people so we just went on our way and let it go. But it was hard, I feel like they did that on purpose. Oh' well....let it go.
We quickly ate our awesome chick-fil-a and changed clothes. Our friend Cindy met us at Karen's house and off we went. The drive isn't that far. Plus we had lots to talk about again. Surprise. Parked for free in our regular garage, floor 5. Has to be the same floor. Now this year 8.0's has started a $2 charge. Whatever, but still. We got our dollar bills ready and I crossed my fingers that they would let me in with my expired since February 14, 2009 drivers license. I have ordered another one, but it has yet to arrive. The print out that I show stating I ordered another has also expired. Yeah! I made it in. I hope no one is using my idea to purchase illegal items. Yikes! Anywho, we soon meet up with our friends and for the first time EVER Karen and I try a "8.0's Blue Thing". This to me looks like a stupid drink. It's neon blue, yadda, yadda. But when someone else is buying it for you, you try it out. It wasn't really that bad, but I will never order one again. Regardless the music was GREAT. Saw our friends and caught up on what they have been up too, took pictures, and did the infamous fist pump with the iron fist that guards the trees on the patio.
If anyone ever wants to join us. We are there around 7:30ish on Wednesdays. Last night we didn't go to bed until 1am!! But that is so not normally what we do. This was just Opening Day. Normally we are home, in bed by 11pm. Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Art of a Fine Grilled Cheese

I couldn't figure out what I wanted for dinner tonight. The more I allowed myself to do the pros and cons of a simple meal the later it got. I don't really enjoying eating and going to bed. It's one thing if it is 2am eating and going to bed, but 11pm eating and going to bed doesnt have the same feeling. Ok - so not 11pm but I still don't like eating dinner at 9pm.

I entertained the idea of chicken tacos. But I don't have sour cream, but then I do have Ranch Chipotle sauce that would work just as well...but then again...ugh. I also don't have tomatoes. So then I thought about spaghetti. But that's a lot of food and I don't want leftovers going into the weekend. That is when I settled on the GCS. Now lots of people make their grilled cheese different ways. Some people have told me they make it with velvetta. Others say pre-sliced, bless their hearts. I personally like to use chunk sharp chedder that I slice right off the block.

Step 1: heat up sandwhich maker

Step 2: butter outside of sliced bread (only on one side each)

Step 3: slice up sharp chedder, about 1/4 inch

Step 4: spread a lite...LITE...bed of mayo (light mayo for those who want the low fat) on one side of the bread.

Step 5: place cheese slices on the one side that has the mayo.

Step 6: no here is where it gets artful. take the other slice of bread and SMASH it on the other. you can make crash noises when you do this if you want. you know like "bequuuuuur". this will make the slices of cheese feel like they are humans in a Snuggie.

No one really wants a fluffy GCS, we all like the oozing of the cheese on the crisp slices of bread.

Step 7: place the sandwhich in the said sandwhich maker, close the lid. Set it and Forget it.! LOL - sorry couldn't resist. Set it for 5 mins.

And that is it! The perfect, in my opinion, Grilled Cheese Sandwhich. And so you know, it was very yummy and hit da spot. I paired it with a On Demand movie and topped it off with an apple. It was a crazy night in mi casa. If it was winter I might have added a cup of Toe-ma-Toe soup. There you have it. Feel free to try out this art and let me know what you think. Nothing beats a GSC. Well, my mom's friend chicken but that only happens on my birthday.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

...makes you bounce when you walk down the street.

Yesterday I went to the Rangers Opening Day at the Ballpark in Arlington. Now I'm not a HUGE baseball fan, but I love the atmosphere of a baseball game and all that comes with it. My friend Karen and set off from work around 11:30am and went to her house to change. Our idea of cute tank tops was squashed with the cold front so we zipped up or matching (not on purpose) hoodies and filled water bottles with Malibu. I was very sleepy from the past 2 days even though Sunday was a relaxing day of Man vs Food marathon and grilling some steaks. Mmmmm. As we sat in traffic Karen did her make-up and I reclined the chair to enjoy a cat nap. Meow! It was great. about 15 mins later I awoke and ready to go. Chair up, windows down, sunroof open, and the 16 year old kids doing eyebrow push-ups while speaking to us in Spanish. Come on Green Light. change. CHANGE!

We final got parked but only after picking up a friend in the median, me being asked if I was someone's wife by a parking attendent, and a voyage across a mini grand canyon. Of course we took the option to cut across a wooded path instead of the paved sidewalk. Eh - it spices up life. Instead of going straight to the game we stopped off for some breakfast tacos and beverages. Technically it was our breakfast. The short stop turned into us staying their until the top of the 7th. Into the game we went. It was sooooooo cold. Like the wind was slicing you with little icicles cold. Lucky for us we had been giving some Suite tickets so the whipping of the wind was quickly put on hold as we sat for the rest of the game. Time to go to the CONCERT! I'm sure the game was great.

Now we wanted a good watching spot so I went ahead to check it out and find my other friend Kristin while Karen stood in the loooooooooooong line for the restroom. Kristin and I are on our cells trying to find each other in a sea of madness. And then it happened. I see her at the bottom of the grassy slope. We raise our hands up and do the ever so popular girly yell. This is followed by our reinactment of a slow motion run towards each other. To us this was funny and we didn't care what we looked like. To us it was out of the movie that my life is, at least to me it is. It was then another task to find Karen! We finally found her and planted ourselves in the front room and were ready to dance/sing/whistle. I just loving Texas Country. It makes me smile. Here we are!

Needless to say we had a wonderful time! It was the perfect Monday afternoon. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if the weather was in the 80's. But you can't have everything so you have to take what you do have, embrace it, and let it linger.