Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summertime Fun

Back and alive after camping and floating. We had a wonderful time. It was sooo hot though. We took turns getting in the car and enjoying the AC. Can't wait to do it again...only in the fall this time. Here are the pics:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Float On

I'm going Camping!!

There are about 12 of us from work that are going camping and floating this weekend. I haven't been camping since I was in the 1 digit age and I have never been floating. Everyone keeps saying how awesome it is. Fingers crossed I agree with them on Monday.

Last night Preston and I went to Dick's sporting store and purchased a tent, rope, canteen, bug spray, and waterproof box. It was so much fun! We decided to try out the tent assembly last night. The last thing we wanted is to look like we bought a tent the night before, psheee. Who does that? heheheh. We set it up in my backyard. It was so easy! part...I got super excited when I saw it had a doggie/cat door. For real! On the back side is a little tiny door just like the big one, only the size for a small dog or cat. It was perfect! Not that Ashe was going with us, but still! It was there. Preston doubted my story that it was for animals. He got the instructions and..uggggh. Sure enough, it is really for your cooler. You are suppose to sent your cooler up next to it so you can just reach out with out having to open the whole door.

I still like my animal door idea better and it will be that. I don't care what anyone says.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dallas Zoo

My sister, niece, and nephew came into town last weekend. They were here the 3-6. It was such a great time. I wish I could post all the photos, but we just don't have the time/space for that on here. On Saturday we got up early and went to the Dallas Zoo. It was predicted to be triple digits that day so we wanted a head start. It really wasn't that bad! The Zoo is very shaded and there was a nice breeze that brought the temperatures down. The best part is not anything I have pictures of. My sister got it on video though! There is a new exhibt called Giants of the Savannah. It is were all the elephants, lions, giraffes, etc are housed. It its like a little Africa. Well, for $5 you can buy what they called, "Giraffee Treats". It really is 3 leaves of Roman Lettuce. I bought some for Reese and we sent to the giraffees. Wow! It was so cool. I held Reese up and the giraffe at right out of her hand!! Literally ate out of her hand. She was smiling, I was smiling...we laughed. It was by far the best part.

Here are some pictures of the rest of the day.