Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first NFL team.

Growing up in the state of Oklahome we did not have an NFL or NBA team. When it came to sports you were either an OSU or OU fan. That was pretty much it. OKC now has an NBA team, but it really means nothing to me as I quickly became a Dallas Mavs fan 8 years ago when I went to my first game.

When it came to NFL football I watched it and don't get me wrong...I enjoyed it..but have yet to buy any thing that makes me a "fan" of an NFL team.

Until today. 4/22/2010 will go down in history as the day I offically became a Dallas Cowboys fan. It is bittersweet as my dear close bridesmaid of a friend is a die hard death hater of the Cowboys. She would marry Ben Rothes-don't know how to spell it-berger in a heartbeat despite his recent "stuff". The steelers run in her family and she bleeds yellow and black. But I am sorry Karen...I hope you understand.

Dez Bryant of the OSU Cowboys is now a Dallas Cowboy. I couldn't be happier. I jumped off the sofa and fist pumped in the air. Seriously, I have my first true fan of an NFL team. I would have been a fan of whatever the team was that Dez went to, I would have! But the fact that it is in my City AND he is still a Cowboy just is awesome.

Thank you Jerry. Thank you Dez. and Thank you Karen for talking to me still as I wear my Cowboys jersey next you in public.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What a Wonderful Saturday!

I woke up this morning at 10:36am today. I couldn't believe how late it was that this was my first stir. But at the same time I wasn't surprised. For the past 5 days Preston and I have been faithfully doing our Insanity workout videos. They are hard and we have falling on the whole in pain, but we get back up and keep going. My body NEEDED the rest. It felt good. It was/is a beautiful day in Dallas. Not sure of the high in temperature, but I heard a rumor on the radio that it was going to be in the 80's.

I went over to Preston's and he made a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon, apples, and bananas. oh' and Hazelnut coffee, one of my favorite flavors. We then made our way to Home Depot. Before we got there we stopped and I redemed my winning scratch-off game to get my $5. It was my first time to win so it was very exciting for me. The man behind the counter at 7-11 could tell how happy I was and played along. Smiling and saying, "here is your winning $5" while displaying my bill. Off to HD!

It was soooo packed! Apparently everyone else had the same idea we did for Saturday yard work. Luckly for us it was the day at Home Depot that Scott's yard products had a display set up. We chatted with the nice man who guided us to the products that would bring my back yard back to life. I walked away with a bag of weed killer/grass feeder, a fertilizer wagon thing, a hose, spray dilley whopper, a shovel, a rake, and 3 bags of Mexican Beach Rocks. Soooo excited!

We went back to my place and first thing Day 6 of Insanity. It was polymetric cardio something. Uggggg, it wore me out. But not enough to stop us from going out in the backyard. We jumped right to it. Long yard work story later, my garage is filled with 7 bags of dead grass and plants/bushes that just had to go. Along with a good sweep and clean of the items in the actual garage. I was so proud of out work. We only used the rake and the shovel of the items purchased, but we got a lot done! I took before pictures so once we are done I will post the whole project. By 5pm we were tired and hungry! Worked right through lunch!!

Tonight we are off for a well deserved "order what you want" dinner. Take that Shaun T!