Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's always fun to get your Potential Junk Mail notice from Postini at work. You never know what is lurking out that you really were suppose to get. Maybe that person wasn't lying when they swooooooore they sent you the updates. This mornings notice made me laugh out loud. I mean, come on. How can you not be tempted to open and email with the subject line like this one:

7/29/09 11:30 AM
Subject: I'm dying here, you ass
Junk Filters

I didn't click on it obviously, I'm not stupid. But the subject line, "I'm dying here, you ass" is pretty funny. Maybe someday I will be able to send an email like that. Because we all know that if we are dying the first thing on our mind is to send an email out calling our friends asses.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Secrets of a Bachelorette in the Dark

Reality TV has taken over the networks. I haven't really watched the Bachelorette this season. Mainly b/c I got kind of bored it. For some reason it is more exciting to watch the Bachelor. I think women are just so dramatic on that show. Regardless, the season ending of the Bachelorette was on tonight. I suppose I should watch it. So I tried. Got bored and saw The Secrets of an American Teenager was one. So I watched that. No, it's not a reality TV show but, WOW, there is no way my parents would have let me watch that. It is about a group of teenagers that are all having sex! One girl had a baby at 15 and then her parents are getting a divorce but the mom found out she also is having a baby. However, it could her soon to be ex-husband or maybe her new boyfriend's baby. Not sure on that b/c the soon to be ex lied about getting "fixed". Oh' and don't forget the boyfriend of the 15 with the baby (not the father). His dad is engaged to a Hooker. There is just way to much going on in this show. Alas, I watched it from 7pm to 8pm when it was over. I then switched to the last hour of the Bachelorette.

Apparently ABC likes to remind the world that it is possible for someone to fall in love with more that one person at the same time. Here is this girl that pretty much has 3 guys asking for her hand in marriage and she can't deciede. Really?? Let's take that situation out of Hawaii and into a resturant here in Dallas. Do you really think the 3 guys would be fine that he was dating a girl that he loved sooooooooooo much and she also loved 2 others? No. Yes - I know that is the design of the show and yes I know they know all of this going into it so you can stop your comment about "sarah...that is the point of the show!". If you look back at all of the couples on the show I can really only thing of 1 couple that actually got married and made it. The odds aren't really good. They should call the show, "Exotic Dates - but just dating".

Which brings me to my next show I stumbled on. Dating in the Dark. It is exactly what it sounds like. A show about couples that meet, eat, and get to know each other in the dark. At the end of the show their looks are shown to the other person. They each have a choice after they see their appearance. They can 1. meet the person on the balcony for another date or 2. walk out the front door. This show is a insecure person's worst nightmare. Sure, they like you the first 3 days you are getting to know eachother in the dark but as soon as they see your looks....C-ya.

Don't worry, I will continue to watch all three of these educational, thought provoking shows. Especially Dating in the Dark. It's so stupid, I love it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

picture placement

I have a picture on my desk at work that I have found is in the perfect spot. It's not in a frame or all decorated. It is a a 4x5 (i measured) that is stuck in a little purple picture holder. The corners are slightly curled and writtten in blue ink on the back it says:

September 2008 - Rome, Italy

Allison, Ashley, Angela, & Me

The picture is the four of us standing infront of the Colosseum. That was one of the many good days that we were there. Sigh. Pretty sure it was right after that picture that we got the flyer for the Pub Crawl on the Spanish Steps. We went that night and had a WONDERFUL time. Anyway, my point is that I have that picture placed right below my monitor and right in front of my keyboard. I can't miss it. I bet I look at that photo about 20+ times a day just because it is in my line of sight. I sometimes wonder about the couple in the background to the left. Or the crowd of people above us looking out of the Colosseum arch. They kind of look like they are watching us! Here is the picture. Enjoy, print and place on your desk. Ha! Not really, but that would be funny.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scary Movie Tips

I watched the Haunting of Connecticut last night. I was really looking forward to, it was released on DVD yesterday. It wasn't bad. Had some good startling moments. I was able to sleep last night though, not scared. So this movie was based on actual events that took place in 1987. When a movie is based on actual events it always makes me wonder what part of it really happened and what part was added for the Scary movie role. I have compiled a list of things that either this family was that stupid and didn't see it coming or they were just added for the role of Scary movie.

1. When renting a house and you are told it was an old funeral home....don't rent it. Duh.
2. When moving into a house and you have to pry open a hidden cabinet only to find old pictures of dead people in frames, DON'T THROW THEM AWAY. Nicely put them back where you found them and slowly step away.
3. If you hear someone running upstairs and you call out for your child and they answer from the basement, you have a problem.
4. Don't play hide-n-seek and hide in the rusted metal laundry shoot that takes you down to the basement where the bodies from the funreal home were kept. You are 100% asking for it to get stuck.
5. If you go up in the attic and there is a old metal childs tricycle turn around and go back downstairs.
6. Don't ever investigate the noise under your bed at night! Come on People!
7. Don't play in the embalming room.
8. Those dreams you have about someone trying to get you.....they aren't dreams.
9. Of course the age old act of running UP the stairs when scared. When are people going to catch on you DON'T do that?

and the best....

10. When someone in 1987 says the word ectoplasma when talking about ghost I expect there to be someone that says, "like in Ghostbusters?". If this was based on actual events and they talked about ectoplasma that kid who was around 17 KNOWS the movie Ghostbusters. I really doubt they didn't discuss it back in 1987.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happiness that are my Friends!

I woke up this morning and I swear there was a blue bird on the edge of my bed. A deer and bunny in the hall. And when I was brushing my teeth, the birds put my hair in a ponytail for me so I could wash my face. Ok - nooooo, I'm not on drugs or drinking. It was just one of those mornings that when I woke up I realized that the rest of the week until Sunday was going to be so much fun!

Today is fun because I'm having a grade school pizza party at work. Not for grade schoolers, but grade school style. One of my favorite pizza places called me and offered to bring pizza for lunch to my friends/co-workers. Okay! So today is Pizza Party Day! It also happens to be Angela's Birthday. Happy Birthday Mrs. Bailey!!!

Tonight/Tomorrow is the release of the 6th Harry Potter movie. I got tricked into reading the Harry Potter books back in college one summer when I was home and my mom kept telling me to read it. Fine!! I was hooked! They really are a good/fast read. My super good friend Masami also loves the books. She can finish one in less than 12 hours!! We are going to go see the movie together. Not during the week, but this weekend. But the idea that the movie we have been waiting for comes out tonight/tomorrow is worth it. Yeah Wizards! wow...did I really just say that?

Thursday is...thinking...thinking...not sure. But that is my favorite day of the week so I love it. I'll spend the evening cleaning my house for Friday night. Maybe make myself a yummy dinner!

and then.....Friday at 2 o'clock hits. I leave work. Go home. My friends will be there soon. We will go to dinner, listen to music, and make our way to whatever they call it these days, "Superpages"? at fair park. At 7pm, Joey, Jon, Donnie, Danny, and Jordan will step on stage and entertain us for the 2nd time in 12 months. Last October we went and saw NKOTB at the American Airlines Center. Aaaaaaamazing. When we heard they were coming back it wasn't even a question if we were going to go again. Duh! They are so much fun to watch. That will wrap up my night.

Saturday's here: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON!!!! WHOOOOOO! Hope you're having fun in Mexico. without me. : I'm kidding. I really do hope you have a wonderful time in Mexico with your friends. I'll be kicking it with my girlfriends for a fun Saturday.

At some point on Saturday or Sunday I'm going to go to the movies with Masami.

So that is why I'm happy today. I have nothing but fun things with my friends to look forward to from here on out. Yeah!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Anchors Away and the Search for Nauti Girl

This was the most exciting 4th of July weekend in years. So much happened. Here is a breakdown of the highlights:

- I got stung by a Bumble Bee. Wendy pulled out the stinger, Thanks Wendy!
- Went to the Lake.
-Right as we get to the island with the other zillion boats, the boat dies.
- We hit an anchor that some JERK had left on the bottom of the lake. The rope got tangled around the engine.
-The little Tug Boat towed us back to the dock.
-Cody wore a life coat as a diaper.
-Preston stepped off the boat onto the dock and bit it HARD. was slightly funny. But not so funny when his leg wouldn't stop bleeding.
-No more water for Preston.
-Saturday morning Lucas and Carly get there.
-Carly, Preston, & I are sitting on the dock watching the boats when the best boat ever goes by. - It's name is Nauti Girl and it is the coolest thing ever!
-Time II Party wouldn't get out of Nauti Girl's way, almost saw a boat wreck.
-Boat starts working on Saturday. yeah!
-Search for Nauti Girl begins, we want to see it again.
-Get back to the party spot.
-See the classy girls with no bikini tops on.
-Leave party spot, go eat amazing Seafood.
-Sing the Everclear song on the boat ride back. over and over.
-Watch the fireworks over the lake.
- Get back to the hotel, shower and fall asleep to Kill Bill vol I
- Wake up in the middle of the night, whole bed is SOAKED. ( one wet the bed)
-There was 5 of us crammed together on 2 Queen beds.
- Someone wore their wet clothes to bed. hmmmmm
- I move to the floor.
- Preston wakes up and is also not happy about the wet bed.
- Sheets are stripped. Everyone is awake.
- Back to bed we all go.
- Sunday, get up and come back to Dallas.

Aww....Happy 4th of July.

oh' almost forgot! - Preston gets a tentaus shot on Monday.