Thursday, July 23, 2009

picture placement

I have a picture on my desk at work that I have found is in the perfect spot. It's not in a frame or all decorated. It is a a 4x5 (i measured) that is stuck in a little purple picture holder. The corners are slightly curled and writtten in blue ink on the back it says:

September 2008 - Rome, Italy

Allison, Ashley, Angela, & Me

The picture is the four of us standing infront of the Colosseum. That was one of the many good days that we were there. Sigh. Pretty sure it was right after that picture that we got the flyer for the Pub Crawl on the Spanish Steps. We went that night and had a WONDERFUL time. Anyway, my point is that I have that picture placed right below my monitor and right in front of my keyboard. I can't miss it. I bet I look at that photo about 20+ times a day just because it is in my line of sight. I sometimes wonder about the couple in the background to the left. Or the crowd of people above us looking out of the Colosseum arch. They kind of look like they are watching us! Here is the picture. Enjoy, print and place on your desk. Ha! Not really, but that would be funny.


KRiSTiN said...

Haven't you seen enough scary movies to know that they WERE watching you? Come on. A group of sorority sisters/friends go on vacation in a foriegn country?!?! It's horror movie perfection.

me said...

LOL - I'm surprised I made it back!! How come I never notice when I am in a scary movie?