Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zippers in the Back

As I got dressed this morning I had to ask Preston to help zip up the back of my dress. He did...and asked me, "what did you do before I was here?". I told him I just didn't purchase dresses like this. The kind of dresses that zip all the way up the back and one can't reach them to zip up or down without help. That should have been my warning for the day.

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but we are in the middle of the tiny heat wave. It's like in the triple know...100, 107! When I got home I was BURNING UP. So hot. So sweaty. I was dying to get out of that dress. The dress that I was wearing that zipped up the back with the help of someone else. The dress that I never bought when I leaved alone. The dress..that I was wearing..that I wanted to take off...and no. one. was. home.

I tried! oh' I tried. I tried to pull it off over my head, but I think all women know that fearfull moment when trying on something in the dressing room and halfway on/off you realize it is too small and you are stuck with it over your head in a dark cave. Your elbows are hitting the sides of the dressing room wall and you are trying to not freak out or rip the outfit. (which sometimes happen and you just slowly walk away, doodoo, do)I quickly realized that option wasn't going to happen. I was sweating so badly at this point that the built in silky slip was stuck to my lower back.

I'm not sure how, but I edged the zipper down far enough that I could grasp it with my left hand while doing what I only imagine postion backwards. GOT IT! I quickly pull it off my shoulders and try to step out of it. Remember how I said the slip was sticking to my lower back? Well..the buck stopped there. Seriously!? This is not happening to me. Ugh, ok.

I would like to report that I got it off and it now sits in a pile on the piano bench. I don't think I will wear it again in this weather. There is a part of me that blames Preston for my dress nightmare.

Happy Zipper Down the Back Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When No One is Home

This past weekend was a serious of old school scary movies on channel MGM. The fest was called Death & Taxes. How cute. Sooooo...we DVR'd a bunch of them. One series was the Amityville collection. Neither one of us had seen them in awhile so why not. We have been watching them this week after dinner. Well tonight as we are watching one of them Preston made a very good point.

He asked, "so what does the evilness do when no one lives in this house? Does it just hang out until someone moves in?"

I thought about this for a while and then realized, although a fictional situation...what does it do? Who does it scare? No wonder it goes crazy when people move it. It is like a puppy that has had no one to play with for a very long time and now all of a sudden..FRIENDS! Toys! Objects in the house you can throw, curtains you can blow in the wind, and even better, People you can scare. So.Much.Fun.

It also made me think of that oh' so popular saying, If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a noise? So my saying today is, If a ghost is living in a empty house, is it still haunted? Doesn't it take someone living there to be haunted? Otherwise it is just a house that no one knows about it. Right? Am I making any sense? I think I might have had 1 too many Tag-a-longs after dinner.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Coming up for air!

What a busy past month I have had. I have been meaning to write and I just haven't had time! It's been crazy. I don't want to spend this whole time going over everything I have been doing, because that will just take FOREVER. So, I will just start from right now. I have 2 new things that are exciting right now:

1. Greek Yogurt
2. Walking

Ok, I know what you are thinking. "Really Sarah? that is the most exciting thing in your life right now?" Yes, friend (hi kristin) or random person (what up?) reading this, that is what I said. Greek yogurt and walking. Let me tell you about them.

My friend Jessica is in school for..well, now that I'm typing it I dont know the actual degree..but it's all Sports Medicine, Health, training, etc. This girl knows what she is talking about. So anyway, she told me some healthy alternative's for snacks and what not. One that really surprised me was greek yogurt. I just LOVE that stuff. And here is the best part. The plain works as a great replacement for sour cream!! I know the sour cream god's are in disbelief that I would even say such a thing. But it's true. I love sour cream and it makes me sad that it is so bad for you. I would easily eat half of a tub on any food. Which brings me back to the happiness of finding the healthy alternate such as Plain Greek Yogurt. Rejoice!! Now go make yourself a taco salad.

On to the next thing, walking! Our work is doing a Global Corporate Challenge of walking. It's start in May and goes to September. The goal? Walk 10,000 steps a day. 10,000 steps A DAY!! I wore a pedometer today to see how I held up to that. It is 8:30pm, I took the long way around the office, and went to the gym. I have only taken 8,191 steps. I have to come up with close to 2,000 more steps in order to succed in this mission. This challenge is going to change my life! I am going to have to really become more creative with my walking. Slightly excited...but nervous. I'll keep you posted on my progess.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Closing Time. Really?

This is just getting ridiculous.

Sure, it's 19 degrees outside. and sure! My Jeep Wrangler got stuck by the Stoneleigh as I left work. BUT...3 days of the office being closed? Not going to happen.

I'm going to work again tomorrow. I went for about 5 hours today and glad I did. I can't just sit at home when I only have to drive 2.8 miles to work. I don't have to drive on highways and I don't have to go over 35 according to the speed limit on a sunny day in June. I am just so bored sitting at home. I already cleaned my house and did laundry.

The funny thing is that at my old job the office closure rules followed DISD rule. If DISD was were we. Well apparently someone that it would be cool to add that to the company I work for now. Great and all for those 1 day'ers. But 3 days in a row of DISD being closed??? Really Dallas?? I'm going in.

Did I mention the Rolling Black Outs? I awoke this morning to my fire alarm beeping. Not because my precious bungalow was on fire, but because my power was out. Within 15mins the power was back on! Then about 30-45 mins later the power goes back out. So Annoying.

On my way home from work I stopped to tan. As I lay there for all of 2mins the whole building goes out. Great. Another rolling black out. I had to use my cell phone light to find my clothes. Seeing as many scary movies as I have in my life time...trying to find something in pitch black with just the glow of your creepy cell phone is not fun. I was just waiting for me to scan the floor and see the face out of the movie The Descent.

After a jaunt through Victory Park and a stop off at Deep Ellum, we are home again. Just found out that a lot of the Super Bowl parties that are a mile from where we live (downtown dallas) are discounting their tickets due to this crazy Texas weather. I'm logging off now so I can go purchase tickets to see some STARZ.

I think I just found the Silver Lining in my blog. Awesome.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I can SEE!! and the after effects

Last week, my face looked like this:

I know there are a lot of things going on in this steller photo, but it is the glasses I want you to focus on. Yes, I'm wearing glasses. And I have since the 3rd grade. I wore glasses until about...9th grade I think? Wow, I just realized I don't remember when I got contacts. None the less...I have worn contacts ever since until 2010. This past summer my eyes started getting dry and itchy. They hurt when I put my contacts in. Quite frankly it wasn't worth it to me anymore so glasses was my new face.

After a lot of "ughs" and "i hate that i can't see!" comments, Preston talked me into going under the laser. I spoke with several friends whom have had the procedure and nothing but good news. One person had the procedure done 10 years ago and by the same doctor I was looking into going to. That was the stamp on the letter.

So this morning, I went into Dr. Boothe's office and had it done. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous. Scared a little and wasn't sure what to expect. I'm not going to go into details, but to be honest...I didnt like how any of it felt. It didn't hurt at all. 100% painless. But you feel pressure. And the pressure of stuff on your eyeball is unsettling to me. Here is what they did:

Now - I can SEE! Seriously, I can really see. It is 9:31pm and I am not wearing anything on my eyes and able to watch TV, look at this computer, and see all the way into the kitchen! I can see! It's amazing. I have to put drops in every 15 mins so that kind of hinders my night, but it's worth it.

It's strange how when good things happen you feel like doing all sorts of things! You are in such a GREAT mood, etc. In 50 days Preston and I will be getting married at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The days up to the wedding date we will both be staying at MGM but with friends. I have booked a room with my friend Lauren. Preston also has booked his room. However, our reservations at MGM have a check out day of the 26th. Meaning when we get married on the 26th we will not have anywhere to stay! Problem solved on this "after effects" Lasik day.

We got a suite at the Bellagio and I couldn't be more excited in my life!!! It overlooks the fountains and has plently of room for a tiger in the bathroom. Anyone that is staying in LV for our wedding after the in our room!! I.Can't.Wait. (Durbin, you REALLY need to work on your speech now.)

After that was done, I couldn't stop. We were so happy we wanted to dance. But we aren't good dancers, and there is only one way to get that fixed. We already ahve the Xbox 360, but not the kinect motion bar. Well..that just wasn't going to do. Thank you!

I am going to work on my dancing and my workouts! I can't wait to have my girlfriends over before we go to Vegas to dance away!!

Thank you Dr. Boothe!
Thank you Bellagio! (and Preston)
Thank you Me! (and
and last but not least....

Thank you Walmart Pharmacy for filling my Vicodin Rx for my eyes. You have made this day really enjoyable.

Turn Around.....

Back on December 29th, 3 of my friends and I rented the wonderful Karaoke Cab here in Dallas and spent 2 hours riding around and singing. it was pretty awesome. I can't wait to do it again. Just check out our pictures. I highly recommond this mode of transportation next time you are in the Big D! Fransico will take you anywhere!! Here is a bonus video clip. hehehhe