Thursday, October 11, 2012

Santa Fe 5k

Tonight I ran a 5k! It is on a new trail by our house called Santa Fe.  I'm not sure the "start/end", but it will take us from our house all the way to White Rock Lake which is pretty cool.  The starting line for the race was several miles from our house so we drove over to the park and got ready to run our best.  Within 10 minutes of us being there, we were off!  The first 1/2 mile I swear was 100% uphill.  It was probably only 1/4 of a mile, but my lungs thought it was 1/2 mile. The fun thing about this run that I didn't realize is part of it was my old running path from when I lived in Lakewood!  It was awesome to run on the streets that I did when I was doing 5+ miles a day.

I had borrowed Preston's iPhone running arm band so I could listen to music.  It worked out great except that I couldn't change the songs so I just had to listen to what came on it.  Apparently my shuffle setting decided to play every slow deep song on my play list.  That made it hard, but there was a highlight of my run!! The course took you down half way and then back like a hairpin so you passed people that were in front of you going in the opposite direction.  I moved my running over to the side facing the other side as I knew Preston was up ahead of me somewhere.  I was little over a mile when I spotted him up ahead.  It was so fun.  I could see that he could see me too and he put his hands up to wave.  It gave me a burst of energy which was what I needed.  We past each other with smiles and I was on my way to mile 2.

I would be lying to say I ran the whole way.  That is my goal though.  I would like to get back to being able to run a whole 5k without stopping.  When we got home we checked our time.  Preston got his personal best which was AWESOME.  For myself, I just am happy I finished!  The after party was pretty cool.  They had food trucks, music, and drinks from the Deep Ellum Brewery.  Below are some photos of our adventure!  Our next one starts to go camping!


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