Monday, October 5, 2015

Blue Apron Wine?!?

That's right, Blue Apron now delivers wine! It's paired with their meals.  So a genius idea! For just $70 a month you can get 6 bottles of wine.  3 Red and 3 White.  Delivered right to your door or in my case to work.  We won't have the delivery every month.  Probably once every 2-3 months.  But as soon as I found out about the option, we had to try it out. order came!  Here is my review so far.  I say "so far" because we haven't opened and tasted any of the wine.  Just unpacked it and put it away in its cozy home.

Let's start with the packaging. It comes in the signature Blue Apron box.  Only this one has wine glasses and bottle openers on the outside instead of food.  It also has very Special Delivery Instructions.  It requires an adult signature and is very specific on the Do not deliver to an intoxicated person. This made me do a burst of laughter as it reminded me of when we got married.  The sign on the wall in the court house for our marriage license said the same thing.  

Once you open the box, you can make it into a handle.  This feature is very helpful for carrying it to and from your car.  Kind of wish the food box came that way, but it would be waaaay to heavy.  Now for the opening of the box!  I was so excited.  Oooooooo, look at that.
When you first open the box, there is a envelope filled with 6 cards.  Each card has a full description of each bottle.  It tells you about the region for each wine and lots of other facts.  All the bottles for Blue Apron are from California. 
You turn the card over and it has even MORE information.  Including different types of food that would go well with the bottle.  My favorite part is it list 6 meals that are up and coming with Blue Apron that will pair well.  They aren't the next meals in a row, they are scattered over the next 4-5 weeks.  Next week we are making Pork Schnitzel and I already have my bottle picked out.

After I got over the joy of the cards, you remove a layer of cardboard and TaDa! 3 pretty whites are snuggled in their pods.  All safe and unbroken. 
I removed the bottles, another layer of cardboard and you have your reds!
You probably noticed I've been saying the word cardboard a lot.  That's because there is a lot of it.  Blue Apron has a recycling program with their boxes!  You print off the label and you can mail all of your months worth of cardboard and food packaging back to them.  I'm telling you, if I could work for this company, I'm starting to think I would.  The concept is just amazing. As a closing, here is a full picture of my order.  The bottles are 500ml.

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