Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Story. Fiction. Not True.

There once was a girl that was engaged. Her fiance and her spent a really long time picking out HIS wedding band. It was ok for him to know what it look like, in fact..she wanted him to pick it out. It was fun for them. After about 3 months of saving, she bought the ring. It was going to take 2 weeks before it arrived.

2 weeks later.

The girl was walking down the hall at work when a person, that often opens the mail, came up to her very happy and put a opened envelope in her hands. Then said in a excited tone, "sorry I opened it, didn't know what it was at's his ring! I had to look at it, so pretty"

That moment was forever lost that the girl will get to open her personal mail that is addressed to her. The moment she opens up 4 BOXES before she gets to the white envelope that now is shoved into her hands. She won't get to sit by herself and slowly open the mahogany box and look with her eyes at the platinum wedding band she saved up for to purchase for her future husband. Nope. Someone else opened all 4 boxes including the ring box and then told her what it was.

I don't think the girl will ever forgot that feeling standing in the hallway. I'm sure it makes her sick when she thinks about that moment. I bet she can't stop thinking about it and knows that it can't be changed.

I think she knows that it isn't that important and there are worse things that could have happened. But I guess she wanted to have that same joy that anyone has when they open a package that contains a gift they ordered. Although, this was the type of gift that she only planned on opening once.

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