Monday, October 21, 2013

Χαρούμενα Γενέθλια

With a little help from Bing Translator, I know that Χαρούμενα Γενέθλια  is how you say Happy Birthday in Greek! At least I think that is what it means.  If it means something else or is offensive, opps.  I'm trusting the internet on this one.  Anyway, I celebrated the Birthday of 3 precious little Greek ladies.  My friend and co-worker has a 3 yr old and twin 1 yr olds and asked if I would come and take some photos!  But of course I would.

1. The girls are soooooo adorable.
2. She's my friend, duh
3. I have been to some previous events she has hosted and she does an AMAZING job.

So Saturday afternoon I headed over and the Greek Birthday party begin!  I won't post all of the pictures as they are her private photos.  But she has allowed me to share some. Just check out these little Άγγελοι.

E woke up from her nap and looked out into the back yard to see a Dora Bouncy House! Whaaaaaaaaaat?! Literally speechless. 

For the cake time with the twins is was very clear right away that one of them was all about the smash and eat while the other just wanted to try a little taste and then chill.  It was so fun!

I love this one.  Z is thinking, "ummm...cake? nah I'm good." and K is going at it!

The difference between the 2 cakes.  

Best. Cake. Ever. 

Birthday girl LOVED the bouncy house!
So that was my Saturday. My friend sent us home with tons of food so we have been eating well for the past couple of days. Tonight for dinner it was delicious chicken that we paired with some feta, rice, and dressing of olive oil & lemon juice. With all things Greek surrounding me the past couple of days it makes me want to go back there. Sigh. I will leave you with one of my favorite memory photos of my trip from 2008. (ok, so I couldn't pick just one)

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