Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Can Save a Baby's Life!

We took another baby class last week.  Infant Safety and CPR!  It was 6-9pm class on a weeknight again so it was a long day.

This class was ok.  The instructors weren't very upbeat.  They had the attitude that we were wasting their Wednesday night.  So sorry we want to learn how to save our kid's life someday.  My Bad.  Regardless we made the best of it and opened our minds to learn.  They gave us little baby dummies to practice on.  We didn't name him, but saved his life several times!
In general we are happy we took the class and I do feel like I learned something.  I hope I never have to use what I learned, but none the less....I know what to do.  Friday night after work we went by the house to see if there had been any updates.  Oh boy there had!
The brick and stone are finished! I love it.  They still need to paint the trim and complete the awning over the front window.

Stairs have a railing and our starter step.
 I again was a little obsessed with the stairs.  They still need to be stained dark to match the floors.  The iron post are basic, no upgrades on those.  Our last house had the twirly iron which we really liked, but there aren't that many stairs in this house so we didn't feel like it was worth it.  Our last house you could see the railing go all the way up to the second floor as it curved around, so it was a pretty view.  Here...not so much.

Another view from the kitchen to the stairs.  Easier to see how much they are not a focal point.

 We received a report today from the builder that they are expecting the house to be complete mid to late December now so we gained about 2 weeks.  Super excited about that, but of course anything can change. 

Saturday Preston worked in the morning and then played golf and did a Brewery Tour with his friend until later that night.  I made myself busy by going shopping, returning some dresses, going to the grocery store and other things one must do on a Saturday.  The fun part was that I did a load of laundry.  But not just any laundry.  BABY LAUNDRY!  I didn't wash everything, but just some of the basics.  It all was so tiny.  I couldn't help but take some pictures.

A pile of little outfits!

Folding baby clothes is actually harder than I thought.  They are so tiny, you don't have much to hold onto.
Oh' I almost forgot, I decorated the house for Halloween.  And my decorate, I mean I put out my ceramic black cat candy holder and filed it will Skittles and Twix.  Which will still be full by the time we move.  We don't eat candy much.  Still have candy in our candy jar from last Christmas.  But our Halloween cat looks festive.

Rest of the weekend was pretty much uneventful.  Went out for dinner on Saturday night, watched football on Sunday, etc.  Monday was back to work. Blah.  I had almost forgotten that I had plans on Monday night until I was getting dressed.  There was a dinner that night with work.  My company donates a lot which is great!  It also means that we get to attended dinners and events of the different charities.  This particular one I was really excited about as I love to read.  Also the author Emily Giffin was one of the feature authors who was a speaker.  It was really awesome!!  I enjoyed it so much.  I took my friend who also likes to read as my guest.  We both went home with a free book!  I was excited that I got Emily's new book The One & Only.  I'll try to start it this week.

Preston is working late tonight so between me going to the dinner last night and him working late tonight, I haven't really seen him since Sunday night. ::sad face:: Of course we have seeeeeen each other, but not like a real conversation.  Tomorrow night is the fair so another busy night, but at least we will be going to that together!  Then Thursday is back to a regular night.  Only the majority of the night will be spent packing as we are headed to Oklahoma on Friday. 
It's going to be a wonderful visit with friends and family!  Can't wait to get back and blog about our adventures.   

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