Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Was So Much Fun!

It's been a long time since I can say a whole year was awesome.  Not that the prior years were bad, but I can't think of anything about 2014 that I didn't like.  2007 was the last time I felt like that.  Here is my year in review:


We kicked off New Years Day with brunch at our favorite place State & Allen with our friends the Hess' then just Preston and I went over to Nodding Donkey for the afternoon.  I remember this day as it turned out to be warm and I was wearing my new Christmas sweater.  We had so much fun hanging out together doing nothing.  I snapped my first selfie of 2014 at this fine establishment.

February was spent celebrating my birthday and our anniversary.  We went back to Vegas as we hadn't been in back in almost a year.  Vegas is our place. We treated ourselves on this vacation to several shows.  Although a Cir show was our favorite, we only have pictures from our 2nd favorite...Boyz II Men.

I almost forgot! Before we went to Vegas we both hit a milestone and goal we had set for our running.  I ran my 1st half marathon and Preston ran his 1st full marathon.
On our way back from Vegas, our flight to Dallas got canceled.  Because we had a connecting flight in Phoenix, this left us there for the night arriving back in Texas late the following evening.  The layover was awesome as we got to go to the Texas Rangers training camp and watch them play.
March was your classic month of hanging out with friends and celebrating St. Patrick's day! My BIL was in town so we joined him and his friends on Greenville Ave for the parade.  This picture was taking on a Saturday, that Monday....we found out I was pregnant!  At least I had one last party before I couldn't drink, right?!
Our good friends Derek and Kacie got married in April! Although they knew we were pregant, this was our first social gathering of me not drinking.  I was nervous as if people would notice.  I held a wine glass in my hands the whole night, haha. So silly looking back.
We traveled to Indiana for our other friends wedding, Kyle and Alysia! The whole weekend was so much fun with lots of memories made.  Again we had flight delays and didn't get back till late that night instead of 2pm.  However, this time we were with about 8 of our friends so it made the whole thing entertaining.  It was also our friend Summer's birthday that month.  She had an awesome party on boat at a local lake.  The weather was perfect that day.

We also ended up selling our townhome downtown that month and buying a lot to build a house in Northern Dallas. 
This was another big month for us.  We went to Europe for the first time together! Germany to be exact.  We also got to see George Strait in concert on his final tour.  It was so good and I also felt Dexter move for the first time during that concert!  I will never forget.
This was Preston's birthday month! We had a group dinner with about 15 of our friends and handed out scratch off cards to everyone telling them the gender of our little guy.  I also gave him a new Xbox which he was super happy to have.  One for upstairs and one for downstairs. I get the old one which I will mainly use for Netflix and Amazon Prime.
August was Dexter's first football game at AT&T stadium as well as his first OSU game.  Technically he had no idea he was there, but none the less we documented the event.

Our friend Kacie turned 30 this month! Earlier in the year when we picked Kacie and her husband up from the airport we went to dinner and had discussed a theme for her big party.  As much fun as our crazy ideas were, a Luau was the final plan.  A group of us also all pitched in and had her yard "flocked" as a celebration.  It was a fun month!

We took a trip to Austin this month as a one last get away! It was so relaxing.  We golfed, hiked, and had an afternoon at the spa.  Can't wait to go back with Dexter as it was a family friendly resort!



This was a big Oklahoma trip month and Baby Showers!  We went to OK for my 1st baby shower thrown by my 2 besties from High School.  Since we were in town, we also celebrated my mom's birthday with our annual lobster boil.  It was great because my Aunt and Uncle from CA were in town.  I love having everyone together! A couple of weeks later is was my 2nd baby shower in Texas thrown by 3 of my good friends here.  I liked the month of October....I felt very loved by the people in my life.


It's no surprise what happened this month! Sir Dexter Own was born!!  Best month EVER.



This month went by very very quickly.  A lot of time figuring out how to be parents.  It was so stressful, but fun.  One of my favorite parts of this month was taking Dexter to see Santa.  I am soooo excited about December's to come and photos of Santa.



 Man I loved 2014.  These are just some of the few awesome moments.  I'm looking forward to 2015.  January is off to a great start as we move into our new home this month.  Once we are in the house, I will feel complete and back to normal.  I can start getting everything back to order AND organized.

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