Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What to do...what. to. do.

There was a time in my life that I once loved living alone.  I loved coming home from work and doing my own thing.  I would go run, come back, put some chicken in the oven while I took a shower, and then watch a good lifetime movie while eating dinner.  If it was fall I would make a batch of some comfort food, open a bottle of red wine and watch Harry Potter until I realized it was way to late for me to stay up on a work night.

Now.  As I sit in my living room at 8:36pm on a Wednesday I am bored out of my mind!  Preston won't be back until Friday.  As it normally goes when one of us goes out of town, Ashe is no where to be found.  He stands at the back door meowing for at least an hour waiting on the other person.  When he finally realizes they aren't coming home he eats his feelings and then disappears upstairs.  Annnnnd as soon as I finished typing that sentence he came down stairs and is now sitting on my lap. ::blink::  Oh well, I'm not going to complain.

So, back to me! I have pulled up a Netflix movie and it's really bad.  Like bad acting, bad story line, bad everything.  I literally have no idea what is going on, but I'm not going to turn it off.  What else do I have to do.  Oh' text messages just came in.  That was fun! got to talk to some people for awhile, yippee.

Ok - Random Thought Time:

1. Sometimes when Ashe is hitting me over and over again with this head and I get annoyed I remind myself that someday I will give anything to have him nudge me with his head for some petting.  So I stop and give him some love.

2. When I'm not trying to eat healthy, a salad always sounds good.  As soon as I tell myself I will eat good...I want State & Allen chicken strips with fries.  Life's a Challenge.

3. My job has taught me to live for today and not to think about the what ifs.

4. The new Sandra Bullock movie has reminded me of my fear of space.  I remember learning about space and how if the astronauts let go of the space ship the will float away forever.  That really had an impact on me as a kid.  This has been on my mind for weeks now and I have told several people about my thoughts on space.  No one seems to share the feeling except Preston.  He also finds space scary.

5. In the past 6 months several of the friends we hang out with on a regular basis have gotten engaged.  We think we finally have my group of married couple friends. cool.  We already do game night and stuff so that's a settled.  And the guys have golfed together, so all we need now is matching polos and some trips.

6. I know that not everyone is a facebook fan, but if you are on facebook then you can't really complain about it.  By creating a profile and accepting friendships, you accept and open the door for all things tagged and posted.  You are either a Lurker (Lurk-er): a person that doesn't post, but merely looks at everyone's profile to find out what they are doing. Or you are a Poster (Po-Ster): a person who likes to post their every move, bite to eat, and feelings.

7. I never used to be a nail person and then I discovered gel/shellac nails.  OMGoodness.  I get my nails done about every month and I love it.  Garden Spa in Uptown.  I'm sorry Marco if you are reading this.  I stopped going to your location because it was no longer on my way home.  I found a new way home and well....Q and Avy are really good!  Still friends?

8.  I really feel like I should have 10 things so this is getting harder for me to have random thoughts. Thinking, thinking...

9. Last night our neighbors behind our house were playing really loud music.  It was 1:17am.  I finally called the police.  Well first I called 311 (the service not the band) and they told me to call 911.  So I did.  The music stopped.  I wasn't the only person that called though.

10. Oh! I have my 10. Mushroom Sage Olive Oil.  The best thing in Portland.  On its way to Dallas and I will make you mushroom soup if you leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!

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