Sunday, September 28, 2014

This Weekend Felt So Long

Friday seems so far away from today (Sunday).  I think it's because we packed in so much stuff!  Friday afternoon was our week 32 baby appointment.  Nothing new to report.  Baby is still doing it's thaaaang.  Growing and moving around.  Doctor said I looked perfect on paper and to continue doing what I'm doing.  We had a list of about 9 things we were going to ask him but left it at home on accident so that was a bummer.  Next appointment is at 34 weeks then we start going every week!

We got home a little after 5pm with dinner plans at 7pm with friends.  The restaurant we were meeting at was right down the street so we decided to go check out our house on the way.  See if they had any progress.  They did!  The dry wall was up and they have started bricking.  Having the dry wall up really made it easier to visualize the house.  Here are some of the pictures.  I'm not going to post them all, I took a lot.  I was excited!  Here are the basic rooms, no bedrooms or laundry, etc.

The Brick
This is the view when you walk in the front door.
This view is standing in the kitchen.  There is the island and then the family room with fireplace, etc.

Back of the house. I love all the windows.
Standing in the family room looking into the kitchen.

Looking out to the front door.

This is upstairs in the room we don't know what to call still. Bonus/Game/Media room.
Looking down the stairs.
Top of the stairs looking into the family room and kitchen.
I love it so far and very pleased with how it is coming along.  In the next couple of weeks they are going to finish the bricking and start working on the stone.  Then they will put in the hardwood floors! Ekkkk!  We then went on to dinner. After dinner we all went to see the movie The Maze Runner.  The girls had read the book so we were super excited about it.  The movie was at 9pm and we got there a little after 8:30 so we had some time to kill.  The theater we went to had an arcade by the concession stand.  While roaming around, the guys found cash on the floor! It didn't take long for them to start playing some games.

The movie was good, but it's so hard to put a book in film.  There are just so many emotions missing.  Still, I liked it.  The next morning we were up for our 3 baby class.  Baby Care Basics!
This class was from 9am -12:30pm.  It covered all the basic info like bathing, feeding, changing a diaper, how to swaddle, etc.  Once again we were happy we went as there were things we learned that we thought we knew, but clearly didn't.  They gave us dolls to practice the diaper and swaddling exercises as well as burping.  It was like Home Economic class all over again.  Our little guy was so well behaved. 

By 12:30pm we were pretty hungry.  Luckily for us there was another festival going on Dallas!  It was the Greek Food Festival.  We know some awesome people that are Greek and over the years have gotten the honor of attending some amazing family celebrations.  The Greeks know how to throw a party.  So off to the festival we went!

This Gyro was sooooo good.  Preston described the pita bread as a "cloud in his mouth". 

A new item this year was Feta Bites with orange marmalade.  They were good, but strong!

We ran into one of our friends and her daughter was performing so we watched that for awhile.  It was fun to see them all dressed up in their outfits and such.

Polished off the day with Baklava and Sesame Cookies!
I was pretty beat after all that sitting in class then walking around at the festival along with a belly full of food.  We went home and both fell asleep on the sofa watching the Texas A&M football game.  It was then time to get ready for Game Night!  Oh' I laughed so hard, such a good time.  I didn't win, but had fun playing it.  Our friends that hosted provided dinner, drinks, games, and prizes.  We are going to try to do it more often with rotating houses. 

This morning we slept in until Ashe woke us up to inform us that he was out of food and it needed to be corrected ASAP.  I ran up to Albertson's and picked up Starbuck's on the way.  It was right there, I couldn't help it.  My friend Summer came over soon afterwards for our annual Breakfast Lasagna.  We both enjoy pasta meals for breakfast so we try at least once a year to meet to partake in the best breakfast ever.  We also both have shirts that say, "Let's Go Wine Tasting on the Couch" which go very well with our breakfast.  Not pregnant Sarah would have joined in with the drinking of wine while eating lasagna at 10am like you would for dinner, naturally.  Texas Toast is our dessert.

 Summer also surprised us with some gifts! She will be out of town for our baby shower so she gave them to us today.  We are so grateful!  She gave us some diapers, our diaper bag, and an adorable hat and mittens that look like a football.  So perfect!  Thank you Summer and Bill, we love it!!

And Ashe loved the wrapping.....

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