Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1998 - 30 Years in 30 Days

On January 28, 1998 I got my acceptance letter to OSU. I was soooo happy. It was the only school I had applied to and it was were my Mom, Aunt, and Grandma had gone. I just wanted to be a Cowboy!
Our German Club did an exchange program with classes in German and my exchange student was Katrin. She was so sweet, but she thought it was odd that in America you couldn't have your boyfriend spend the night at your parents. Oh' Katrin, silly German. Here is several pictures from my Senior Book of their stay.

Next was Basketball Homecoming. That was fun, just like any homecoming. It's funny how in High School things seem sooooo important and then looking back it is nothing. Here I am in all my glory getting my crown and kiss from my friend Brad.

For Christmas in 1997 Santa had brought our whole family a cruise for Spring Break! I had never been on one, but my parents are avid crusiers. We went to San Juan, The Bahamas, and Haiti. It's strange for me now to look at my Haiti pictures knowing that what I saw/visited is gone. Scary! And the photo of the beach that is behind the other photo of the Spring Break sign...that is real. I took it in Haiti. This is another page from my Senior Book I made.

After that, there really wasn't much left in High School but to graduate. And we did. Wes and I were going to OSU while Miranda, Micah, and Lauren were going to TU.

That summer it was OUR turn to go to Europe for the exchange student program. We all packed up and spent a little over a month visiting Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria. Wow the memories of that. Lauren, Miranda, and I would leave at night and just walk around the towns, finding pubs and what not. We were for sure naive America Girls, but HEY...we are alive so it's ok.

Does anyone else remember this guy???!! He was on the same bus as us when we would do our tours and he was ALWAYS running behind. Literally. He would run to catch the bus in his fanny pack. Love Him.

I got back from my Eurpoe trip and worked a month at Woody's waiting tables in Jenks before it was time to go to college. I was not a good waitress. That was my one and only time to do that. While I was on my trip, my mom signed me up for RUSH. Ugggggggh, I so didn't want to be in a sorority. But she had done it, so had my aunt and grandma...blah, blah. "Just try it for me please" she said. If you don't like it you don't have to do it. So I went through RUSH. 7 days later......Loooooooooooved It!

I pledged Gamma Phi Beta at Oklahoma State University and made some of the best lifelong friends ever. The next 11 years are filled with trips, memories, hearbreak and all that good Lifetime Movie sorority crap. I feel super old that I was in college 11 years ago. Wow. Here are some of my first Party Pixs with the girls I hung out with 24/7. Angela, Katie, Sarah, and Allison. Or as I like to call them: Malloy, Katie-Kegs, ShuStar, and Clancy. 1998 was a very exciting and life changing year for me. It was the start of soooo much! I loved this year. Thank you 1998.


Celena said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. I'm impressed with all you can remember. What a fun way to welcome 30!

Sarah said...

Thanks Celena!!! I didn't think anyone was reading these, hahaha. That makes me happy.

It has been hard, but you would be surprised that once you start writing things, you remember them.

KRiSTiN said...

Woot Woot!! This was exciting! The ending (pledging G phi B) was, of course, my favorite part. ;)