Thursday, April 5, 2012

I've Been Challenged

My trainer Jessica has given me a challenge. For over a year now she has watched me workout, lose some weight, gain some weight, and still be unhappy that I haven't lost the 20lbs I so want to lose. She says I need a goal. My wedding was once a goal. done. But not 20lbs. Then it was our cruise, was happy with that...but no 20lbs. I need a new goal!!

So with nothing but my never ending desire to lose the 20lbs I have gained in 12 years...she challenged me. She said, "let me take a photo of you once a week for 60 days. You have to blog about it and post the pictures and your measurements." My response, "Are you Cra Cra Jess?!" Then I thought about it. It would be totally a goal and I would be humliated if I failed. Now I don't really think I can do the whole 20lbs in 2 months, plus that's unheathly. BUT I CAN do 10lbs...maybe even 15lb!!

Starting tomorrow, April 6th, 2012...Jessica will take my photo. She will take a full body (clothed...shesh) picture and then one of just my face. Once a week I will blog about my week and my feelings...and post the picture. My goal by the end of 60 days is to have 2 square photo cubes.

1. All 8 photos (60 days, once a week) from start to finish of the full body shots
2. All 8 photos (60 days, once a week) from start to finish of my face

I told my husband that I am going to turn into a flipbook wife. He will be able to take the photos and watch me change. I think this is going to be a good challenge. I'm nervous, but I think this will be a good start. So, for those that still read this, wish me luck!!

I will take any support you can give me. Muah!

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