Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Alexander Day

I know before I have posted about the book Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. It's about this boy that everything that can go wrong...does. I kind of feel like this was one of those days.

I get to work and I already have 3 Voicemails. Normally I don't have VM like that unless it is after 9am or Monday morning from the weekend. Before I can even call one of the VM back I get an email from the person. I am literally plugging in my Blackberry to my laptop when my phone rings. I answer it. It is the same person!! Sigh, one of those days. I let them know I just got there and I'm trying to log into my system. They waited, I answered them. Everyone is happy. But it sets the tone for the day. Next thing I know it's almost 11am and all I have had is a cup of coffee. Get for my diet, but bad for my mental stress. I feel weak. I try to wrap things up to a stopping point so I can go grab a little lender and water. Haahahahaha, nope. Things keep coming in. I give up and my co-worker Deb and I laugh, and joke with each other by saying, "Whhhhhhhhhhhhhat!?" when we need to ask questions regarding info. She makes me laugh. Shout Out Deb! She stopped by to see how I was doing after she had lunch and scared me. Literally. I was so focused on whateer I was doing (don't remember) that she touched my shoulder and I jumped.

It is almost 1pm. I have a meeting at 1pm and I'm starving. Blue Mesa catered lunch for another meeting and it was release so I grabbed some salad. My meeting at 1pm called to say they would be running late...a little bit of relief as I sat back in my chair. Oh' not for long! The rest of my afternoon went the same way.

By 5pm I was starting on a file that I realized I needed help with a VLookup. Everyone is gone, it is close to 5:30pm. I take a chance and call my boyfriend, on the 6th floor. He is still there. yes! I explain to him what I'm doing and he mentions he just packed up and is leaving...he will come upstairs to take a look. Preston stayed up there for at least 2o mins listening to what I was trying to get and him explaining how to get there. Once I understood what I needed to do he left and I continued finishing my work. We have these things at work called Above & Beyond that you can give to someone if you feel like they went Above & Beyond to help you with your work. However, I don't feel like one coming from me to my boyfriend of almost a year would get approved. So that was a bummer, b/c he really did help me!! I would have had to wait until tomorrow to finished unlike I did tonight and sent the data to our broker. :(

I then leave work and can't wait to take a shower. When I am closing the shampoo cap it sprays back into my face. Right. Into. My. Eyes. I yell out loud. I have never done this!! That really hurts. Hands full of shampoo and soap in the eyes. I don't know where the rest of this night is going, but it is going up! But as of now....

This is my Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.

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